Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Rare Eight Hour Sleep

Normally my nightime sleep durations have been highly uncharacteristic; either too short, say, 5 to 6 hours or else too long, 10 to 11 hours. Normal is eight hours and that is what I had last night, albeit with some extra games. A first normal duration sleep since 2002; I have given up reading portent into such events, as this life is one of imposed FUD and fog. That's Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, and cognitive fog and higly managed.

Though it did take 30 minutes of alternate side head flipping which nearly always followed placing my fingers in my ears to quell the outside noises. It is so predictable that it is routine. Two disparate events always happening in a prescribed sequence. I was also awakened at some point to hear the arranged noise, and had the usual meat aerial games as well. The final last dream of the morning was about data modelling, something I used to do as a job before the overt harassment onset, one day short of a seven year anniversary. I never have such technical dream content even in all the years I was partaking in data analysis and data modelling. Even the intense days of selecting a CASE tool (Computer Aided Software Engineering, data model and then generate the database from it) in an adverse organization did I ever have this content lapse into my dreams. Anyhow, those days are long gone, and if I am allowed the initiative, which suddenly "failed" since 12-2008, I might be getting on with retraining in the fall of this year. So far, I have been kept in a dysthymic lull, totally uncharacteristic and imposed, and haven't got on with this in over four months. I can get susidized training and yet haven't done a thing about it, apart from an initial fact finding mission.

An afternoon and evening with ongoing motorcycle noise from outside. I get one about every four minutes, and I loathe the sound of Harley Davidsons and like motorcycles. I stll haven't heard from Lynne Moss Sharman yet, she of ACHES, and who recalls her abuse at the hands of Dr. Cameron in Montreal in the mid-1950's. Her story did enlighten me as to why the perps are so relentlessly gangstalking me with men with bald shaved heads, and also those with tatoos (men or women). In the former case, the victims had their heads shaved to facilitate the mind mashing games of Dr. Cameron, besotted with his "psychic driving:, essentially trashing one's brain to attempt to force relearning new behaviors, and all he succeeded in doing was to traumatize them. In the second instance, they put lines on the bald heads; delineating a centerline, or whatever, similar to a tattoo. Why the sickos decided to trash all my recollections of that era, 1956 to 1959 I don't really know, but they must of known I was still subconsciously traumatized, as they were starting their brown color games as early a five years old. At it seems that this is a barrier for the assholes' continued life rape objectives, hence all these stunts intended to simulate the conditions of that time. And too, the black vehicle treatment as well is becoming more apparent.

More hoarse mufflered vehicles that somehow get through my earmuffs, about every three minutes. It is fucking tiresome to say the least. All the while I was reading doomer interviews (Doomer #1, Doomer #2) at Project Camelot, two of them in fall 2008, and both wrong (so far) as to their apocolyptic predictions. Another interview was interesting in that they talked about the war in Iraq being arranged, especially the looting of the Bagdad museum. No wonder Donald Rumsfeld thought it was so funny at a subsequent press conference).

I did send them an email about six months ago, offering to be an interview subject, but apart from an auto reply message, I never did hear from Project Camelot. There is plenty interesting to read about, though the above Doomer interviews (first two links) are not the best. Watching in video is also availible for some interviews. So if you are a TI and want to be interviewed, send them a email and perhaps the issue will become a priority for them (Project Camelot interviewers). I have mentioned them in past blogs in 2008.

I stopped in at the local supermarket after my part time work at the cleaning job at the nearby car dealership. And lo, if the boss man wasn't there too, batting nearly 1.000 now of "happening" to be there when I stop by. The big "need" tonight was chocolate again, and it is becoming a major piss off that the perps demand it so they can play noise games while I eat it. And of late. they have also been applying saliva leaks, where it just appears on my chin and didn't leak from my mouth. Extra noise accompanies saliva leak cleanups, so far at breakfast.

Another stunt, now the fourth time in two months, is for the assholes to put milk on my foot while eating cereal at breakfast. There is no way it could fall from the spoon as I am leaning over the table to prevent just that, and my feet aren't visible as they are under the cuffs of my pants while seated at the table. So for the fourth time, they slap some on my foot, always the left one so far, and chill it down a little to give it more sensation. I suppose the only sane logic is that they want to test it on my skin, but want/need to do this elsewhere than my face, picking the furthest most availible skin, even if it is a totally blatant teleportation stunt.

And I noticed when I entered the supermarket tonight I was getting the well known "banana stalking"; a ganstalker Fuckit standing in the store as I entered, holding a single banana at his side to emulate his dick. It was held just at his crotch level, and the symbolism was unmistakable. The Fuckwit later reprised his gangstalking at the checkout and then when in a van in motion when I had exited and was tranversing the parking lot, only 6' away. That he was a near skinhead was also interesting, as it seems to be that the perps are backing off on the bare bald look and giving their male Fuckwit gangstalkers a 1/4" of hair to tone down the reflectivity of their skinheads.

And when I set off to the part time job I had my own gangstalker at the ready at the elevators. The guy was in a brown sweater that was identical in color to the new floor mat of the elevator we took together. And he was waving a CD around, all very reflective and with light diffraction as well. Naturally he was hot on my tail when exiting the building, like most of my elevator gangstalking assholes. The floors of the elevators were done in a yellow tile about five months ago, and it looked real nice, but "for some reason" they decided to cover one up completely with a mid-brown carpet. And have I mentioned the number of times the perps arrange brown in front of yellow objects, or vice versa, starting with the toilet? There is at least one picture that has a yellow dolly on the roof of a mid-brown vehicle on this blog.

Once out on the street, this being 1715h, there were another 20 or so within 100'; some were on the shopping cart with garbage bags duty, some were in place to look totally fugly and many of them were dressed like me; black coat and blue jeans on. The bad hair dye jobs have also been apparent today; at least four on my sortie to the job and then back again via the supermarket. The perps very much like to get the bad hair dye acts to be backlit, with the sun or other lights coming from behind them, highlight the hair in some kind of iridescent way, and minimizing facial features.

I also got a three vagrant party honor welcome on my way to the supermarket. As soon as the rather odd negro sitting at the sidewalk bench doing his lean-forwards in a dark green anorak with the hood up, (totally absurd as it was warm then), at least two gangstalker parties got up and closed in on me. Nothing too severe like the fucking intense four-way swarms they put around me sometimes, but a decided movement none the less. This is similar to the stunt of a few days ago inside the supermarket when they put at least ten gangstalkers in a line along the deli counter and had the negro standing 4' outboard of the line and 6' from me. The negro had done the lead-ahead gangstalk on the way there to the deli section and then stood outside of this most Caucasian line of gangstalkers already in position. I don't know what the deal is with putting on negro gangstalkers, but I fucking hate being singled out by anyone or by any means, and it really doesn't matter who the fuck it is.

More web putzing and dealing with an increase of typo sabotage which hopefully you won't see here.

And I notice more of the male gangstalking assholes are wearing light to mid-brown colored clothing of late, and it isn't the exclusive preserve of blondes or other attractive women. Which suggests, in some arcane way, this represents some kind of progress for the perps. But as it has been to close to ten years before they let me dry my cutlery with a tea-towel, I am not expecting that this latest development in their brown color games to make any difference to this imposed incarceration.


Anonymous said...

Lucky you. Mine didn't allow me any sleep at all, and I believe it was part of their plan for yesterday evening. The combination of harassment and constantly skipped heartbeat games didn't allow me to fall asleep at all. So I just got up early as usual, and went to my class early to prepare for my 1 hour 15 min teaching assignment for today. It started at 11AM, but I got there plenty early (7 AM). Plenty of over preparing in concert with sleep deprivation. It seems they like to study 30+ hour sleep deprivation periods, followed by me getting a usual period of sleep afterwards. Maybe the skipped heartbeats were due to overexertion and general stress from the harassment? I do feel electrical activity during the palpitations sometimes.

It seems like they like to study sleep deprivation over long periods, to study how it affects my judgment and perception of everything. I've noticed they have at least one person talking to me for a long period during these sleep deprivation periods.

The skipped heartbeats aren't serious... I'm sure perps are causing them.

AJH said...

Answer to: Lucky you...

I don't always get a good sleep, but anytime I don't, I am not the worse for it; just as if it never happened. The perps can do heart palpitations, though as a rule, they don't. They will create a much faster heartbeat if physically challenged, and make the condition last for longer than normal.

Anonymous said...

Palpitations could also be due to the elevated stress level, too, and other factors indirectly, such as the lack of stress, poor nutrition, and dehydration. Mostly they can force a faster heartbeat, for a length of time.

AJH said...

Answer to: Palpitations could...

They can simulate any heart or somatic condition. I had anxiety attacks in my mid-30's, and they went away "all by themselves" two years later. Plus they plant paranoic ideations at the same time. Just a riot.

Anonymous said...

About the open-mouth stalkers: I've been noticing those for 2 years now. They like to have their mouths open, sometimes like they're imitating an opera singer holding a long note. Other times, just their mouths hanging open, looking kinda stupid. I used to get those driving in vehicles, driving at a slow pace, so I can see them with their open mouth as I passed them on the left. Could never figure that one out.

Today, I had one fuckwit in a vehicle, driving annoyingly slow on an unpassable 2-lane road -- one of their favorite tactics. I've noticed they had gangstalkers of various types: first, this jogger, with a long beard, like a mountain moonshiner. In contrast to his 'old' facial appearance, he had young-looking, athletic legs, like a teenager. This guy had to be at least in his 40's. I saw more gangstalkers standing in their yards, and the slow driver was apparently supposed to pace me slow enough that I would notice all the gangstalkers.

For whatever reason, when it rains, they love to have their fuckwits standing still in their yards, looking completely stupid, compounded by the fact that it was raining, making their act even more stupid. I thought was supposed to convey "Hey, look at me, I'm a stupid dumbass standing out in the rain!" They have many variations on this, such as the 'stop-motion' construction guy, appearing to open a side window on his truck cap, but was 'frozen' in that position for a long time. They like to do the frozen, stop-motion act too a lot, like a mannequin or something.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention: that 'jogger' had on a gaudy yellow crossing-guard type vest, apparently because I read your blog about the crossing guards. They have this emphasis on bright yellow colors a lot, like the student with the bright yellow watch and matching T-shirt. Then there is the bright yellow twine somebody placed on my desk, as well as the same color of electrical wire on a spool in the stockroom, all placed where I can see it. Sometimes they like to mix this with orange colors, and were kind enough to plant the thoughts that these two were my favorite colors, so I would get all the more enjoyment out of them.

Another favorite: having guys dressed up like construction road crew, wearing work gloves, going for a leisurely walk down the street. sometimes they have a hard hat. Maybe they were doing a Village People thing with this theme. They love doing this, probably to harass me with the notion that they thing my own leisurely walks are a form of blue-collar labor to me.

AJH said...

Answer to: About the open-mouth stalkers...

Yes, the open mouthers are funny; I call it guppy mouthing sometimes. My sense is that they are allowing an energy reading on their mouths, which of course only 1" or less from your brain, the place they remotely study. And as one's mouth is a highly dynamic place, they have a real problem with being able to remotely model its energetic interactions with one's brain, and the rest of you below it. Hence all the chocolate feeding/habit; this is to detect brown color interaction in the mouth as opposed to lower body locations that are also brown colored. (And interact with the rest of one's body, including the tongue and brain).

The stop motion thing is rare for me, but they sometimes do need to longer remote reading time and need to hold the pose.

And the onset of rain seems to be very important; they are looking to be able to use the rain to their advantage, but seem to need to bring it on slow as it changes so many energetic parameters at once. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to; Forgot to mention...

Dayglo colors are very interesting for the perps, as they get their brightness from constructive interference of light. See JK Harms work in my Link List. And I do get plenty of bright red with yellow, and I loathe the sight of it. Tonight (04-15-2009) they had a couple walking their two same sized children toward me. N. bound, one was in red, and the other in yellow. At the end of the next block, two adults, one in red, one in yellow, in file, 4' apart, much like the kids were.

I get the construction worker gangstalkers too! Funny; and they do like to have their hardhats in their hands, or sometimes on their heads, many differing colors. A variant of this is to have the concrete pouring laborers do their gangstalking by going past me on the street. I assume that there are some concrete to person energetic interactions they still want to determine. Both bone and concrete have limestone in them, and that might be what is foiling the perp's study to date.

Another big issue/study for the perps is plywood, and being able to figure out the effects/interactions of the phenolic resins. I have even had them messing with my dreams to bring this topic into mind. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Another thing to consider is that walking on concrete or other manmade surfaces stimulate the pain receptors differently. It's unatural for us humans to walk on such hard surfaces, and the bones in the feet are hitting the pavement harder, inducing more pain, and hence the associated potentials in that area of the brain are stronger. Maybe those potentials are interfering with their readings of those of other areas of the brain, such as emotions? They may be looking at these factors, too.

Also, walking on those hard surfaces jars the other bones as well, and the overall impact on the body is different on differing kinds of hard surfaces. For example, walking on the road seems to absorb more of my impact than the sidewalk. This would explain why they would want to have jaywalkers as well as sidewalk gangstalkers, so they can do a side-by-side comparison. I'm sure you've noticed the bag-carrying stalkers walking along the shoulder of the road as well. They love to have gangstalkers walking the shoulder along busy highways. I always wondered about that, as I have gotten a lot of that.

Also, I have been a little worried for a long time about the overall impact of all this remote monitoring on my overall health. I'm sure the things they are doing to light me up and get a reading are having a negative impact here and there.

They have workers in fast food places asking me what I am drinking. I've suspected for a while now that the perps might be putting a harmless chemical in there, spiked with tiny gold nanoparticles, non-toxic, but which allows them to get better readings of blood flow and nerve readings. Hence, this may be their 'need' for asking what it is I eat and drink when I order. I really think there are non-toxic 'poisons' which can allow them to monitor us better, and it isn't like your traditional 'poisoning' that gangstalking victims often complain about.

And they love doing scent harassment as well. For example, the smells of plastic burning, sometimes it's leaves, or especially the strong smell of fabric softener and hairspray follows me wherever I go.

AJH said...

Answer to: Another thing to consider...

I am sure the process of our energetic interaction while walking is extremely complex, hence the wheelchairs and other props to change the ambulatory dynamics. Your mention of the impact of feet on ground surfaces is interesting; that might be why they prevented me from running after 2003 by sapping all my energy and motivation while doing so, making the exercise a pointless endeavor. They eliminated this variable while studying me, now seven years long since they first strted this overt campaign.

Absorption of impact might be what they are so fussed about. And of course different surfaces have different energetic properties, which would include soil color, soil fungi and any other fauna.

The Plastic Bag (carrying) People is a big part of my gangstalkers; my take on it is that there are ingested plastics in all of us (even polar bears), and that this creates problems for the perps to remotely evaluate our energies. So... they have their gangstalker Fuckwits packing endless combinations of groceries around in a common polyethelene plastic.

I have given up on the health concerns largely, as nothing I do makes any difference. I get the fat sucked out of my hands to better reveal the veins and arteries (for them), and I never lose any weight even when I cut my food intake by half. But for every TI this is different, and you should chart your own course as to health concerns.

And too, I have given up on what they might be putting in my food, or even more directly, in my circulation system. I am very sure they can access my organs and bodily fluids directly anytime they want, so what it the use of possible spiking of food? Again, chart your own course on this one.

The perps like victims to vocalize at certain moments, and just before paying money, always a big perp event as we have discussed, they want you to vocalize. In my case, it is clear that I am 99.99% scripted with advance supporting checkout instructions to the cashiers, that my answer is no surprise to them.

The smells are a constant source of manipulation as their sensing is a direct route to the olafactory sensing brain region, and select parts of it, depending on what kind of smell it is. Chemical smells may also be arranged for evaluation of their interaction with the same chemical pollutants in us. I once got the burning plastic games from my neighbors, though not much now.
Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

The energy sapping that you mention is interesting; when walking, I do feel like something acting on my head. It's like being zapped with a negative energy beam.

I'll feel a number of these blasts, usually no more than 5 of them at various times, which last a second or less, at various points when I'm starting my walk. Usually, they occur at the beginning. They almost never do anything in the middle or end of my walk. They used to post a gangstalker along any of key positions along the road, who would ask me how many miles I'd walked so far. I'm not sure why they'd need to have a human ask me. I suppose they already knew, but want to see if my own estimation is correct, and to see how it compares to their own calculations. Also, it serves to have conversation with a human, something they seem to need at various times during my walk. I have noticed that they do try to get me to vocalize, with a yell or whatever, by having a bunch of them in a car talk to me with their windows down while passing me.

I used to experience other unexplained phenomena, such as my body and hands initially feeling unbearably cold (on a -10 to -15 degrees Celsius night), and then at some point, I'd start to feel warm, almost too warm for how cold it was outside. It could be my body adjusting, but they seem to have some electrical beam directed at my nervous system that causes heating of tissue. I suspect that was one of the cruder methods they used. Now, they seem to be able to make me sweat and get hot or cold at will. People who are victimized by hauntings will tell you the same thing, which makes me think they weren't really experiencing hauntings, but perps doing remote experimentation. I suppose they could do this in the 70's, although they are better at manipulating hot/cold sensations these days.

My first encounter with negative energy causing coldness was when I was reading the Amityville Horror back in the late 70's. I'm sure there was something going on there, probably just a made up story to sell the book. But the mention of 'hallucinations' and invisible negative energy bodies intrigued me.

AJH said...

Answer to: The energy sapping...

I find there are two major types of energy sapping. The blatant imposition of tiredness and perception of extra effort to deter one from exercise in my case. And then there is the more stealth kind that begins when one has changed venues, from say, an residence to walking to another location. I get the latter kind at the first intersection where there is a strange "floaty" feeling coming over me. (Usurption of temporal lobes energy). The latter is common, but as far as training me out of doing exercise, that passed long ago. Thanks sor the comments.