Saturday, April 04, 2009

Continued Intense Abuse

More of yesterday's intense rage-ification provoking abuse, and all the more exciting for the assholes because of it being a laundry day today. Another excitement moment for them was starting a new jar of peasnut butter; back to their brown food fixation and that of plant oils, or any kind of oils, ingested or not. At least 40 rage provocations so far this morning; pulling items from my grasp, flicking peanut butter around, more crumb arrivals from nowhere, having me look at my watch but not read the time, fucking me out of selecting the correct coins for the laundry, fucking me out of the correct placement order for the sheets to put back on the bed (done it correctly for six years now, and then they decide to fuck me out of "knowing" today), and also creating extra mess when cleaning the kitchen floor. They also had me do vacuuming "owing" to a strange surge of red and navy blue dust bunnies, and lo, if there wasn't also a surge of silver-grey and white gangstalking vehicles (sedans) outside when I was near the window, exactly the same eruption of road traffic whenever I do vacuuming at the part time job at the car dealership. Funny how these traffic eruptions "happen" in identical circumstances in differing locations.

Anytime I do laundry a sudden "need" to clean erupts, and this is the only time I do floor, bathroom or kitchen cleaning. This has been the imposed habit for some six years, another never-before behavior modification. They had the ability to control motivation a long time ago, likely from the get go and didn't learn it from screwing me around in the developmental years. Just to think, they have the ability to make people motivated, and don't appear to be applying it to the chronically unemployed.

The assholes have been planting navy blue fluff and dust bunnies in many places of late; I get them on my feet when in the shower, on towels and in my shoes before putting them on. They seem to have locked onto this color of late, and it might be that my mattress, a futon style one, is also navy blue in color. And it isn't too much of a surprise that they also put on plenty of "wood stalking" as well, the bed being made of pine boards, and no composite wood products. The aforementioned "wood stalking" is when they present wood objects in my proximity in public; tractor trailer loads of 12" timbers, pallet trucks, pickups with a wood load or wood side stakes, gangstalking operatives packing wood objects and the like. It is one of the more benign stunts, but they are very consistent about needing me to see various wood products when outside.

Making lunch earlier was another intensive harassment session, harkening back the 2003 to 2006 days of intense fuckery that got me "evicted" three times in succession. That is, on two of three locations, there were no actual neighbors who would of complained, it was part of the game to move me on. Then that level of abuse suddenly stopped in 09-2006, allowing me to build up my cred as a renter. Funny how that goes, making me move through enraging me, and then it suddenly diminshed. Not only the provocations, but the range of which activities that were part of the harassment scope suddenly were fewer as well.

The intense harassment has slowed up tonight and they didn't grind me at the part time cleaning job earlier either. It is a car dealership that I do the cleaning, and they even let me get ambitious and allow more time to get to the jobs that weren't getting done. They know, and likely manage for, the jobs that don't get done owing to time constraints and then plant ideations about completing the job that don't materialize. Today, they had me do extra vacuuming, extra mopping and even sweeping, getting the loose ends tidied up. A relief, even if I worked an extra hour.

I still got some weirdness though; there was three greeters (putative car sales staff) who were at the front door when I arrived, and in keeping with the latest feint, were engaged with themselves and had their backs toward me, doing the ignoring me act. I have seen this so many times from many gangstalkers that it is plain tiresome. Setting me up to possibly say hello and greet them (if they were looking), but instead have them ignoring me in a staged exclusive confab. This is not new, it is just more of the same from different parties. Then, once inside the car dealership building, I go to the closet to get the vacuum cleaner to take it to the Service and Parts section to use first, ahead of the bossman's need for it. One of the greeters comes back to gangatalk, and then stares at me while I am lugging the vacuum cleaner around the new silver grey Miata that is parked close to the closet.

Then 10 minutes later, when cleaning the coffee bar in the Service area, two dude comes to the glass door and opens it to my surprise, and one asks if they are open, and I tell them no. Then the second dude in a navy blue toque commences to stare at me for three seconds or so, and asks me if I can answer his question about Mazda vehicles. I tell him that I am the janitor, and I don't know anything about Mazdas. Then they leave, and I lock the door. Totally bizarre, as the freaking door should of been locked by the Service staff, hours beforehand as anyone could of walked in and stolen the items on display.

I don't know what it is about door locking, but the perps are putting on all kinds of games. It was after closing time and a lone admin staff member is working late, and I was nearby cleaning the doors which are not locked. I ask him if I should lock them and he says no, he will be going in two minutes. A totally weird answer as he isn't part of the Sales staff, but does administrative work. No big deal, he has his reasons. I go to the other side of the building and clean the doors there, and again it is unlocked. I decide to lock it, even if the admin guy is still there and hasn't left, because it is a secondary entrance. I do other work for 15 more minutes, and then the admin guy pops by and says he has to check the doors for being locked. I don't tell him that I have already locked the one he was heading for, as he likely has to see for himself. All this mentioning and empahsis over locked or unlocked doors; totally bizarre.

It was four days ago when a negro gangstalker put on a bullshit stunt at the locked doors after opening hours when I was cleaning them. I still haven't figured out what the deal was over that, save presenting a negro through the safety glass, something they need to do for all the freaks, weirds and the Unfavored.

And what is it about toques of late? I wear a black one made of a thick acrylic like wool and it has become the fashion statement of the gangstalking community. Today's staring dude at the door (above) was wearing a navy blue colored one, though it looked to be the same kind as mine in terms of thickness and folded at the edge. I have had former office colleagues that bought the same color of jacket as I did, and acted rather contrite when I mentioned it to them. I suppose having the same garments makes for easier comparisons between gangstalkers and victims, which might mean even more copycatting fashion eruptions.

Picture time. Taken 03-20-2009, 1744h, 37sec. An eveningtime arranged vehicle session. All sedans; a silver grey sedan either side of the light metallic green vehicle between them, partially obscured by the intervening tree. A white vehicle at the rear of the parked file, presumably for additional greyscale variance.

Taken 03-20-2009, 1745h, 03sec. Same as above essentially, just more to the left and the excitement is the three deep maroon red vehicles parked in file at the lower left. As far as I can recall, I never saw anything like this until the overt harassment and color games began in 04-2002. Tell me if I have lost my "normal" detection abilities by being contained in an anomalous environment for close to seven years.

Taken 03-23-2009, 0728h, 58sec., at my parents' place. This is the roofing supplies delivery truck, getting ready to unload supplies on the roof. This big stack of 3/8" plywood was hoisted onto the roof and placed over top of us while at breakfast. Three of us, all for testing with the phenolic resins of plywood that seem to give the perps so much trouble, and hence, their obsession over plywood games. I suppose it wasn't good enough that I did many home repairs with such glues, as they would of been surveilling me then, if not even setting me up. Their house was re-roofed in three days, and the plywood was laid down on the boards that held the former cedar shake roof. And too, the ashphalt content of the new shingles will also be of intense perp interest, as they just love to have me walk through oil slicked on the streets. This picture is to support the storyline, and contains nothing anomalous or odd that I am aware of.

Taken 03-23-2009, 1105h, 06sec. Back at my place, and to show that the perps don't always believe in parking their vehicles in the parking lots they own. There is no job site nearby, and no known reason for the vehicles to be parked, save their exotic methods of wanting to compare vehicles parked over soil to those parked over adjacent ashphalt in differing orientations. As far as I can tell, there is nothing odd about the vehicle colors, though have a look and tell me if you find anything. There are plenty of vacant lots in this town, and I always wondered why, and it dawned on me (read, perp supplied notion) that the perps might own them and want to keep them as a barefield site for comparative purposes to proximate buildings. They have some lots near my parents' place, and have had them near other locations I have lived. There is also a strong association with proximate lots being developed near past residential and work locations. Also, they have undertaken bare lot drilling for no seeming reason on my commute walking route.

The all time adjacent lot development was in Seattle when they dug down 100' and put in an office tower next to the one I worked in. On 4th ave, and begun in 2000, finished in 2003. Like I have mentioned in the past, there are some intrinsic properties of the soil, rock and the earth itself at each residential geographic location that the perps seem to be attempting to quantify, and have not yet succeeded. This might also be reflected in their interest in petroleum products, which would surely retain the energetic properties of the geological environment from which it was extracted. And don't get me started on oil spills.

One other event tonight that brought on some anomalous activities was finally recieving my rebate check from a PC memory manufacturer. It was four months ago, and finally the check came, and when I picked up the mail a metallic globular plasma thing sat over the mail item (the only mail for the week), and then trailed me to the elevator, into my apartment, and finally faded out after five minutes. Normally these globular things are of a darker appearence, as this had the look of mercury being suspended in mid-air. Opening the mail also brought on extra noisestalking.

That covers the show today; the abuse finally lessening in the latter part of the day.


Anonymous said...

The one thing I did notice was the dude walking down the street, with his head turned to the side. I've seen them do this a lot in the past. They'd have their people walk down the street, all looking to one side, if not at the traffic on the street, then at the buildings themselves.

Maybe there is something intrinsic about the arrangement that is something I am supposed to notice? My perps know by now I post here, and I recognize the lime-green color of the truck and the red color of the Dodge truck next to it are colors they use on me. The blue of the Chrysler parked in the lot, as well as that particular model itself, are two things I see a lot, thought they aren't necessarily dependent on each other. I believe the makes themselves are significant (to me), namely the Ford and Dodge side-by-side. I get a lot of Dodge Ram stalking.

Anonymous said...

I also get oil slick stalking (especially after a rain), and several people have made it a point to mention the word 'oil' in their conversations around me. Now I'm starting to understand why after you've mentioned it.

Anonymous said...

Another thing: I get people sneaking up on me and saying my name really loud to startle me. I get this all the time. Sometimes, someone walking past me will look like they aren't paying attention, and they all of sudden say my name fairly loud when I least expect it, to scare the crap out of me. There is something about the sneak-stalking/startle stunts they are trying to gauge.

AJH said...

Answer to: The one thing I did notice...

The looking sideways at nothing act is very common with me. My theory is that there is energy coming from our eyes and they don't want it to interact with ours (victim's) until they get a read on all the other energy interactions. In other words, they are using gaze aversion with a spinal twist, the latter also seems to aid the perp cause.
There are no other secrets in the photos, just my observations is all I got from them.
I get plenty of Audis for gangstalking, as they look so good, Volvos because I owned two for 20 years, and Mazdas because I work part time among new and old ones (dealership).

AJH said...

Answer to: I also get oil slick stalking...

The topic of oils and petroleum products in my gangstalking scenario is major. It does also make me wonder about oil spills and how they might not be the accidents they seem. Also, body oils and food sourced oils are a big topic; they have stolen some, and then years later had me take the same kind of oil again, doctor's "recommendation", har, har. Now, apart from olive oil for heating the tortillas in, all the oils I ingest are from food sources. And I see that my perp-abetting parents have the identical size and type of olive oil that I use, theirs being on the kitchen counter, and they have no history of buying olive oil.

AJH said...

Answer to: Another thing...

There is some intrinsic property about us TI's, and everyone by extension, [phone call as I typed that, hmmm...], about our names, and being called by one's name. I get so many "people" getting my name wrong, or who feign forgetfulness, and like stunts, and I don't know why the perps arrange this.
The sneaking up is another method they use to suddenly inject somebody into your proximity closer than normal. I had a negro dude hop out of a street parked cube van who managed to get suddenly close unexpectedly. Again, I see the perps attempting to separate normal distance dependent evaluations, and then with a sudden eruption, we have to process the information much faster than someone walking (or ridiculously running) toward us. Also, there would be a sudden energy interaction with a person, and the perps might also be attempting to differentiate energy from the person with and without a barrier between. Just my speculations.

Anonymous said...

One thing that is amazing is how far the perps have been able to spread their gangstalking influence. A lot of colleges and universities, many of which used to be respectable institutions of higher learning, are now stocked with people connected to perps and players. I have one or two students in my class whose only purpose, it seems, is to completely disrupt my class, while at the same time finding a way to skate through graduation. I have exactly two of these types, every year. Last year was a pretty good year -- there were no disruptions. I got a lot done. This year, it's the same as the rest of the years: a minimum of two guys egging the others on in the left rear corner of the room, intimidating the others, as well as myself. There has to be something about the left rear of the room, as that is always where the troublemakers sit. They've been doing this since 2004: left rear, disruptive conversations in the middle of class.

AJH said...

Answer to: One thing that is amazing...

I suspect they are increasing the size of their operations too. I am sure I was covered with perps when I went to college, graduating in 1979. But there wasn't any in-class disruptions, though I suspect a few of them actually became perps as I have seen them on gangstalking duty. They like disruption to say the least, and I suppose with the general increase in audacious stunts, having classroom disruption is one of their next steps. After all, chances are that they would sponsor stunts at high school, so it seems that they found a need to continue this bullshit at successor learning institutions.

The perps like asymmetry, and will often deface something to make a symmetrical object asymmetrical. This might relate to their left side seating of disruption agents, though I couldn't be sure.

Anonymous said...

There was one odd out of place individual who would sit at a table in the cafeteria at the small campus I attended back in 1987-88. He would have his briefcase, fancy expensive calculator, and talk about the engineering classes he took, and how he hated walking down the hill to the one building and slipping. I would spend a lot of time talking to him. Well, so did a few others. About 6 months later, one of the guys regularly talking to him found out he wasn't registered for any classes. Hmmm... he must've been one of those 'planted' people. OTOH, I've noticed perps have no trouble whatsoever getting regular college students involved.

One reason could be that back in those days, it was a hard sell getting 'regular' people involved; they must've had to pull from the 'outside'. Now, it seems they simply infiltrate into the general population in osmosis fashion. Maybe they still have guys planted from outside pretend like they're going to college.

One other experience was the two strange college girls making insulting remarks as they walked behind me once I transferred to the main campus in fall 1989. At this time, I had one 'friend' who was insanely persistent and abusive with me, and was always insulting and hitting me. At the time, I chalked it up to him being immature and hyper. Maybe those two events are coincidence. There's no way to tell for sure.

Then in 1991, I had a lot more incidents with roomates: one was particularly strange, and was trying to 'help me'. He talked me into letting him give me this strange, godaweful haircut which looked embarrasing as well. Then he was trying to be my personal psychologist, trying to get all kinds of info from me, and to 'help' me overcome my 'worries'. He also tried to get me to take tranquilizers and smoke pot with him on a few occasions.

At the end of the semester, all of a sudden, he got very cold towards me, as though he had no interest in continuing our 'friendship', and it's interesting to note he would be graduating and moving far away at this time.

Then there were college students saying certain things in their conversations, which kind of disguised their insults (still 1991). Or so I thought. I think I could be imagining things. But perps to this day hide insults towards me and things they want me to hear (which would piss me off of course) in their conversations around me.

In summer of 1993, I was a grad student. I would have these fits, and start yelling at my dad that "they aren't getting ME!!!". And he said, "Whoa, you're a real wacko buddy." And my parents were hinting that I needed at least a small measure of psychiatric help.

Now, when I look back, there could be an explanation: maybe this was going on back then, but never realized what was happening. Or, maybe my perps from the present were somehow able to influence my mind, and other people in the past. I've noticed they seem to have conquered time travel to some degree.

Anonymous said...

Asymmetry: I've noticed that, too. Sometimes they like to have gangstalkers walk in front of me that have one leg noticably out of proportion in size with respect to the other leg. Some thing with arms, hands, and feet. They used to love to have people wearing sandals so I could see their bare feet, and how the ratio of hand/foot size compared. For some reason this is important to them.

They also like to have women wearing sandals, so I can see how big or small their feet are, or some 'feature' about their feet I'm supposed to notice. They sometimes do this in the winter and early spring, too. Same with hands: they love to have people showing the backs of their hands. I guess they are after the 'aging' effect of the skin. On rare occasions they will have them show their underside of their hands to me. Same with feet/toes.

Also, they like to get people with differing qualities of skin tone: some with lots and lots of freckles (undesirable), or moles. Sometimes, they will have a man in his 70's with lots of moles/freckles/age spots plainly visible on the top of his head. Of course, in all situations, they prefer the 'undesirables' to resemble me as closely as possible, and the 'favorables' resemble people I don't like very much. I suppose this is yet another rage tactic.

They like to gave mother/daughter couples that are difficult to tell apart (as in they look about the same age). Or they have older people with young-looking skin/features, and very young people with old-looking skin/features.

AJH said...

Answer to: There was one odd out of place individual...

I don't have a firm idea on how much infiltration there is by perp personnel at colleges, then. My entire forestry class must of been in on it, and a few were friends that I liked. Since graduation, not much interaction, so I suppose many of them ended up in jobs as part of their reward, depending on their involvement. Some haven't had such a prosperous time, and it makes me wonder if they weren't getting screwed after they thought they were fully compensated and done with harassment/experimentation abetting.

The sudden and unexpected "chill" of someone going strange for no apparent reason is sure giveaway in retrospect. I have had a few of those, at work, and my ex went weird on me in 1990 and never changed. I suspect that she must of been "supported" by mind control targeting for the previous ten years to be upbeat, and then had it removed to become a total asshole overnight at a very vulnerable time.

AJH said...

Answer to: Asymmetry: I've noticed that, too...

Tom Bearden, as difficult to read as he is, does mention assymetries often in his writings about scalar energetics.

A sunny day here today (04-06-2008) means sandals, including my overt tails on me today. The feet are a huge area of interest for the perps, as well as footwear. They will often expose footwear, and even have well dressed babes packing shoes in hand on the bus just to heighten the absurdity (or desperation perhaps) of their ongoing games. Hanging tied shoes by their laces from overhead wiring is another one, all to have thousands of vehicles passing underneath someone's footwear. The yoga teacher mentions the "energy jetting straight out of your heel" when in class, so I assume that this is true, albeint not the traditional electromagnetic energies, but chi energies that underpins the practice of acupuncture.

The hand waving and pointing is a big deal for the perps, and has been since the overt harassment onset in 04-2002. When you look at an acupuncture chart and see the multitude of "chi energy" meridians terminating in the fingers it makes perfect sense. Also, the perps do have a big interest in showing hands and this might have a different reason. In 01-2009 I visited a vocational testing counsellor who had, among other disabilities, deformed hands, and she kept showing them off to me, and then I would avoid looking at them by moving my gaze to her head. And lo, if she didn't start moving her hands to her head, defeating my aim of visual avoidance. Again, I don't know what the perps' purpose is in this, save energetic interactions of head chakras (energy centers) with those of the hands. Although deformed hands were especially alarming for me to see, and it might have something to do with long ago traumatizations they wish to stimulate.

The facial and skin coloring is a big deal for the perps these days; I get constant changes to the web pages that I regularly visit to see variations within a page, between them and often the same individual. Thanks for the comments.