Thursday, April 16, 2009

No Yoga, But New Eyeglasses Back

A rare Thursday with no yoga. One could read that the perps wanted me contained today, and didn't want me to get the exercise, all in preparation for optimal gangstalking for the two block lengths to retrieve my eyeglasses, now in the second round of being sent away and modified to add cable temples. The first time they put them on too short and ignored the mark on the temples that told them where to place the join. This time, they got it right, even if they did add some extra metal in to make up for the missing 1.25" on either side. I am sure that having dissimilar metals on my eyeglasses makes for perp interest, but I really don't care. I just don't want them being moved all the time or flying off as they were

And it was a huge deal for the gangstalker community, as was each time I have gone to the opticians and picked up or dropped off my eyeglasses. No fedora dudes this time, but instead, a shade wearing Fuckwit lounging in this black vehicle at the curbside, and two women opposite, set up for me to walk between the two parties. Part of the perp attraction is the one way street outside; they can park in the opposite direction to normal. There was also a cluster of six disparate Fuckwits all walking in near file, and all at the same speed, quite hilarious sometimes. The big long groups in file seems to the their preferred ambulatory configuration of late, even if it looks totally stupid.

I had the ever doting blonde woman optician assisting me, and she did some bending of the temples which gave me plenty of eyeglasses off time for the staff to strut around in my out-of-focus vision. The babe with the funky stockings with a leaf-like design in them and the red checkerboard clunky shoes seemed to get plenty of strut time in, and she did have nice legs with her short skirt. Her name was Roxy.

At the opticians, the skulking E. Indian dude was in place, getting blonde face time in advance of her attending to me. I suppose he was some kind of brown skin test. Normally he furtively hangs about in the blonde woman's auric penumbra, and then scoots out of there inside of five minutes. But today, he hung in there, even if out of my view, he wasn't far away, some 8' behind me and staying seated at the fitting desk. Regular readers will know that the perps are obsessed over the color brown, and in particular, presenting brown skinned individuals in my proximity, and usually moving them out after a short (less thant 5 minute) exposure. I don't know what their issue is, though they did recently supply a general explanation to me that also ties in their "need" to have me eat 300g of chocolate each day in 3 sittings.

Their explanation as to the brown color interaction stems from the fact that a certain part of our body has some brown substance stored in it already, and is interacting with other organs, and of special interest, one's brain. And as they cannot figure out the specifics of the interaction, they have me eat brown foods, and add in brown chocolate feeding times as well. In this way they hope to get a full brain brown color interaction profile, as remotely determined, as they are too fucked up to show up in person and expedite this tryranny, and would rather harass the living fuck out of certain citizens they made long term bets on when children. One of them being me, and with blanked out years from age 2 to 5. I am not the only person they are harassing, but without intending to sound immodest, I seem to be one of the most actively harassed TI's. Or at least, as far as I know as they like to keep me in an information bubble, and arrange my news reading to be minimally apprised of what is gong on locally. There could well be other like victims in this town, and with the degree of focus on me, I would not be surprised the assholes don't have a number of others also being severely contained.

My story is consistent with many other TI's, and it couldn't all be possible to have the same harassment, even going back two hundred years. Some got wiped so they didn't recall any childhood abuse (me, seemingly), and others are way messed up with ongoing major traumatizations. Lynne Moss Sharman is not a TI in the sense of being knowingly harassed and gangstalked as an adult, but she went through a lot of hospitals and military camps as a child and recalls some of the doctors by name. I still haven't heard from her from my email requests, so I don't know what the deal is; email obstruction or her own choice.

And I got a recent narky comment that I rejected; all I ask is that the author be objective and evaluate the context as well, and come to your own determination. And if can't do that, you aren't getting published.

About four months ago one of the past Anonymous commenters, (one of four, some Anonymous commenters are very thoughtful), wanted to debate this, and he didn't go one round, he just went sideways in the first email and then faded out. (Or did I cut him off as he was getting too stupid?). I don't know what the deal is with yesterday's narky bullshit; if you are interested to read this blog, and not many are, then bring some intelligence to bear before you make another fatuous comment like the last one. Or at least, look at the pictures in some of my postings of the color coordinated vehicle arrangements and then shut the fuck up or else me tell how I might have arranged it. Again, this does not apply to the recent two Anonymous commenters who have been offering interesting perspectives and experiences.

And it is a day of continuing noise that is getting through my earmuffs; I have no idea as to how such faint sounds get through them. I take them off my head to determine the true loudness level, and the source noise is still faint. Mostly so far, it has been two cycle motorcycle noise, about one per four minutes, and we are nowhere near a biker's bar. I don't know why the perps are so keen on presenting motorcycles, as they often want me to see them as much as to hear their most horrific noise. I suspect that whatever adverse reactions I have to motorcycles got totally wiped from recall, to limit the traumtizations, save the ones they cannot yet fuck with, that being subconscious associations. Hence both noise and parading parked motorcycles for me to see.

And a most interesting web site I found that began with Wide Lawns and the Chicken Feet story. There really seems to be regenerative properties to chicken feet; extracted as a broth, or the rare event of someone attempting to commercialize its healing properties. A interesting diversion that I thought I would pass on.

That snowballed into reading this on the Inert Gas Therapy page (parent page);

"Primary Energy: Inert-gas therapy is based on a concept that space is something not nothing as most scientists believe. This something is called ether, which permeates all of our three and also higher dimensional space. Through inter-dimensional vortexes and gradients in this all-pervasive ether, a primary energy ultimately becomes the source of all of our more familiar forces, such as electromagnetism, gravity, and nuclear forces, and, as indicated by Einstein’s E = mc2 equation, all mass that forms our physical reality. Because it is this primal energy in which the universe’s anti-entropic, creative forces, including our individual and collective consciousness, are mediated through, it is not confined to scientific speculation, but has profound eschatological, cosmological, and spiritual significance."

And another paragraph to add:

"All attributes of consciousness, such as your thoughts, attitudes, emotions, and perceptions, are stored in your energy fields. It is important to conceptually understand this because your belief systems determine whether you can productively access and direct the inherently neutral, inert-gas primary energy for healing purposes, including spinal cord regeneration."

I have no need for spinal cord regeneration of course, but I thought the unusal precepts behind it and the bold and readable assertions fitted the situation that the perps have me contained in. As mentioned many times before, I am being kept in a densified magnetic field (400x normal in late 2002), and it seems to be that this enhances the perp's abilities to measure these etheric fields at a distance. I get gravitation perturbation stunts and action-at-a-distance harassment all the time. And of course, my tormentors apply them to create mind-fucking stunts and the rest of their harassment agenda. And the more pissed off the victim is, the more stronger is their natural etheric fields. And that is what do they do all the time, piss me off, intensely.

Anyhow, I don't expect this to convert anyone to this line of etheric physical energetics thinking, but hopefully it will be a source for objective investigation.

I did my one hour part time cleaning job at the car dealership, and my new eyeglasses were also of significant interest to the plethora of gangstalking acts enroute. And plenty of staff gangstalkings, "needing" to come by me, twice for the big cheese when I had the vacuum cleaner in hand.

And more customers and family of the staff were lingering; one woman sitting on the couch in the Service area had me lined up; the only time I looked at her in the ten minutes she was there, she was looking at me. Later, when in the Sales area, a negro woman customer (seemingly) had me lined up and was staring at me just as I came into view. How in the fuck does someone "decide" to stare at me when they don't know (cannot hear) I am coming? A third staring preceded me arriving at the car dealership; a dufous was driving and turning a corner in front of me and took at least three seconds to look at me for crissakes. I have never seen drivers looking the wrong way when turning a corner before, but it all began in 2002.

And the Teabag Dude (mentioned yesterday) gangstalker at the car dealership who has a rather mysterious affiliation (car salesman, then a downstairs scooter salesman, often on concrete sitting or leaning jobs), had me covering in four locations in the building, all the time on his cell phone, and for once, getting his own tea bags, albeit postioning himself at my next cleaning task site. The guy was like glue; he kept on arriving where I intended to go in the next minute or so. I thought it was my Alzheimers's act father who uniquely posessed this ability, but it is not true any more. And all the worse that he wore a red colored jacket.

So perhaps the excitement of getting my new glasses back will die down tomorrow, but I am not optomistic. The perps seem to be in a more hype state these days, creating noise at every notion that comes to mind, the ones they don't plant that is. Or if I accept a planted thought as legitimately relevant, appropriate and useful, noisestalking suddenly erupts at those moments, nearly always.

That covers another unexciting day contained in a Potemkin Village. And while typing that, the horrid motorcycle noise started up again, heard through my earmuffs somehow.


Anonymous said...

In the past, it was always so difficult for me to be objective and scientific about everything. I was hit with the sudden realization that I was being targetted, with people saying strange things everywhere, and people I encountered seemed to be talking from a script, and required to be in certain positions. The whole situation was so surreal, it was frightening. My interpretation is that a lot of people were coordinating their conversations and actions somehow, and it seemed to have a revenge motive. I've had perps tell me I've been targetted for revenge, but I'm recognizing there were too many 'medically' related things going on with my harassment. When you said perps love planting false ideations, it all made sense. I guess they love to lead us down false paths, to see how long it takes to find the 'mistake' or fallacy, and if we can still arrive at the correct conclusion given the wrong facts at the outset.

One example is when they planted the thoughts that somehow my favorite colors were red and yellow, and that it would be great if the perps started showing them more often. I suspect these false notions were imposed on me to get me to be more receptive to the color harassment they had planned.

The one critical mistake I made was misinterpreting the presense of unfavored gangstalkers as their way of 'getting revenge' on me. Maybe that's the incorrect notion they want me to have. One person hinted I was being 'used' for medical research. A true perp told me the perp tricks and stunts are designed to look like revenge tactics by coordinated groups. I spent so much time lashing out at them, I didn't see what their true motive was.

And as I was writing this, my letters were coming out in caps with shift lock OFF, and lowercase with the shift lock ON, exactly opposite as it should be. Luckily, after doing some backspacing and toggling the CAPS LOCK key a few times, I got my upper/lowercase behavior to be correct. It could be my DV8000 laptop, which does suffer from intermittent 'inversion' upper/lower case problems on occasion. Also, I get the infinitely repeating key problem as well, which could be the dv8000 quirk, or something the perps do to fuck up my postings.

Anonymous said...

I had an interesting conversation with one of my students. He didn't really seem that interested in physics, but somehow 'knew' that string theory was "load of bullcrap". I'm not sure how he "knew" this, because it doesn't seem like an area he would be interested in. Either he was talking bullocks, or he has access to some 'info' that the rest of us don't. In light of this, it makes me wonder how many scientific 'theories' such as this string theory are just mere made up bullshit to mislead and misdirect the public? To me, it sounded interesting, but maybe it really is possible for perps to have scientists invent phony theories? I haven't yet gotten a book on String Theory. To me, it sounded interesting and plausible, but there's got to be something about this theory if one of my students somehow out of thin air 'knew' it was yet more scientific bullshit. Or maybe it was to plant more confusion. To me, I don't see how particles with mass can be tiny vibrating strings. It sounds a little too mathematical and theoretical. I knew particles can vibrate like strings, but don't see how strings can vibrate a certain way, and thus create mass because of n-dimensional vibrations. I've always believed in multiverses, but colliding 'branes' doesn't sound very realistic to me. I guess I'll have to get the book by Brian Greene and find out for myself what is so special about these theories. :-) The problem is that nobody has actually observed these 'strings'.

AJH said...

Answer to: In the past...

Interesting, the concept of revenge has been planted to cast you as a guilty party when you are not. I have never got the revenge motive planted on me, because they likely know it doesn't make any sense to me. I haven't done anything illegal, and not even a speeding ticket in 40 years of driving. The overarching contruct as to why I am a TI is that it is all about nonconsensual human experimentation, and I am a subject, and have been since birth. Mind you, the experimentation involves physics concepts and attendant technologies that are beyond conventional, as are the objectives. In conventional terms, no one could understand why innocent victims are being gangstalked, and yet there is some kind of outcome that is dependent on clothing colors, orientation and cardiality, direction and speed of travel, the ground surface material etc. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: I had an interesting conversation...

I think any broad conventional theory is off the mark as far as explaining the perps' access to technologies and their infliction upon selected victims. And that includes Relativity. String theory just doesn't add up when one considers what the perps are doing. They can manipulate very small objects (crumbs) from a distance, and defy conventional theories on gravity at a whim. They can operationally mess with the appearence of light and shade anytime, any place. I suggest the Electric Universe as a place to start. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

This looks like an interesting read here:

One of the customer reviews linked to it. I'll also check out some of those other books the customers mentioned in their reviews. Awesome.


AJH said...

Answer to: This looks like an interesting read...

It does, titled "The Big Bang Never Happened". Interesting that it is written by a plasma scientist. T. Tl Brown, listed in my link list, called space, the "omniplasma continuum". He wrote the paper "How to Control Gravity", also listed in my link list. Based on the perp's behavior, it does seem there is a plasmic medium which they exploit and assay by remote means. Wherever I walk or conduct business, they cannot get enough gangstalkers to cover where I have been, seeming to be detecting energies that are still resident to the location I was at. So for example, a purchasing decision must leave some kind of plasmic signature at the location it was made at. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I'll definitely give those books a look. I think there is just too much unexplained phenomena out there with present theories: dark energy and dark matter sound too much like kludges to explain the unexplained. Those theories are too inelegant, IMO.

AJH said...

Answer to: I'll definitely give those books a look...

As far as I know, "dark matter" was a determination, and isn't so much a theory, but it has acceptance in the cosmological realm. Its just that applying it to us Earthlings gets to be controversial, possibly due to the fact that the magnetosphere protects us from the cosmic rays that permeate space.

Anonymous said...

"all I ask is that the author be objective and evaluate the context as well, and come to your own determination."

what makes you think i'm not being objective? i have come to my own "determination" and i'm sorry that you are offended that it doesn't match your irrational view.

you think you see patters in colors and types of cars parked on the street around view towers? give me a break. there is NOTHING special or unusual about your pictures. that you see a pattern in them is, in my view, a symptom of your mental illness.