Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Color of the Yoga Mat

Being Thursday, it is yoga day, and always a favorite perp sponsored event, all that spine flexing and twisting. Plus I get a little snippet on their methods as to who is placed where, and wearing what colors. And of course I get nonstop plasma and maser beams to watch flitting about the room, often projected from yoga mat edges in parallel, and beams projecting off the lights, as if it was a beam source as well.

But the perps pulled an unexpected surprise on me by having a negro woman as a yoga class member to start for the first time today, and lo, if she wasn't arranged to be right beside me. This was inside, in a dimly lit room, and here she was with freaking shades on! In any event, she was beside me in her navy blue with white striped stocking feet, and after about three minutes, and before any real poses began, she gets up, collects her coat and takes off for good. This should not be any surprise to me because of at least a year ago the perps were always pulling their negro gangstalkers off the bus in two or less stops. They wouldn't keep them on for more than a minute or two in my presence. And so it would seem this is the case, as well as building up a energetic interaction profile at yoga. There would of been residual energies left by her on the maroon colored mat, and it would seem that the perps need to get a handle on this before they have the woman come back for longer durations. That is my read on it, because they now will run negroes around me on the bus for 20 minutes or more, even in the seat behind me.

And the color of the yoga mats is always important, and today I got snookered into the purple one when I wanted the light violet one. They don't allow me to use the deep maroon color or the olive green (military) color. Anyhow, I get on my mat and start doing some warm ups and everyone sits in the chairs for whatever reason. Another class member comes in and is wearing a Tshirt the same color as my yoga mat. Then the instructor comes in and is again, wearing a same purple colored shirt under her black shirt. (A 4" band of the purple shirt is showing). No big deal, but it is an example of how things are so tightly coordinated as to colors, who wears them and the rest of the things they arrange around me.

The navy blue color seemed to be predominant at yoga today, coats and shirts, and it might be that I did a nut shave last night with a navy blue razor, always of noisestalking interest when applying it. I suspect there are many residual color interactions they are still attempting to quantify, and can pick these colors off me in some remotely applied way. I have yet to understand why they are so wrapped up with the color of everything I eat, wear, touch, and see, but it must be a daunting challenge, as it is closing in on seven years of this abusive fuckery this month. It could of all been done in months if they had cooperation, but they decided to make it more difficult by doing this remotely with all the bone-headed stunts that go on around me. I just don't get it.

I did the cleaning job tonight at the car dealership, an hour or so. No major bullshit, but I see that the plastic bag games have reached a new level of perversity by having one of the staff walking around just before departing with a yellow and white bag hanging from his mouth as if his hands were full and it was the only place to keep it. The never ending plastics games, and doing garbage duty is perp designed for maximal exposure to all kinds. There is the typical plastic bags plastic, then stiffer ones for the long wiper blade boxes, then the styrene kind (I think) for the paper coffee cup lids, styrofoam bumper fillers, ridgid plastics for internal autobody panels, and the list goes on, as well as one kind stored inside another and the rest of the combinations and permutations. And too, the perps have a real interest in butylated rubber, wiper blades and tires. I get plenty of wiper blades to pick up from garbage cans, as well as the more rigid plastic box in which they are packaged. I could go on about this topic, but I will refrain, and perhaps other TI's have similar stories as to perp follies on this topic.

And I see the perps pulled another rain before I set off to the car dealership for the part time job, same as yesterday. A real rain, and not one of those misty fairy rain events in which they specialize. That meant using the green umbrella, and they also like it very much when I leave it extended in the living area to dry out. It seems that the perps, after years of short and light rains, usually starting when I set off driving or walking somewhere, have advanced their rain exploitation such that they can put on more sustained rain and somehow leverage for greater gain. All those street cleaners too, emulating a localized water application, and even out on Sundays in the daytime, an unheard of level of civic earnestness, har, har.

I am getting some ferocious vision buggering irratdiation of this LCD display tonight, especially when I read this Wikipedia entry about another sick shrink, Dr. Sargent, one of the infamous Dr. Cameron's contemporaries. They were doing their respective brain trashing game on either side of the Atlantic, and were in close communication it seems. And there were likely being monitored by an agency that wasn't declaring itself as to the results. No word on him "treating" children, same for Cameron. I was living in Montreal as a two year old in 1956-7, the first time we lived there, and was the nadir of Dr. Cameron's reign of terror. All under the guise of research of course, and never mind the consent thing either. I wonder where he got that idea from. The perps like to put on Scottish accented Fuckwits, and also English accented ones. In the latter case both my parent have English accents so it is uncertain who the perps are attempting to simulate. In the case of Scottish accented Fuckwits I don't know anyone with such an accent, and given the number of times the perps direct me to his trail of human wreckage with the CIA as his benefactor, it might just mean that he is the source of the Scottish accent they are attempting to simulate, and thereby detect associated trauma in my subconscious memory. A mystery to be sure. And I am sure this is boring to regular readers.

Onto pictures, always more interesting that probing the long past which has somehow been deleted from recall.

Taken 03-15-2009, 1302h 58sec. A nice little two white vehicles and a red one hiding behind an unfoliated tree. And something similar on the left side on the street heading to the background.

Taken 03-15-2009, 1304h 07sec. A few minutes later, in the through lane, a lead brown minivan, and two blue vehicles behind it, and a white vehicle for reference I assume. On the lane at the bottom a blue-green sedan behind the tree. Three dissimilar blue colors, though about the same greyscale.

Taken 03-15-2009, 1317h 38sec. One white vehicle has been replaced by a black vehicle at the right-most end of the parked file, and a way funky copper colored vehicle has been added to the lead of the same parked file. A silver-grey reference color vehicle is stopped in the through lane beside the copper colored vehicle. The perps have a real thing for copper, and copper color, even if it looks fucking terrible as a vehicle color. I sometimes wonder about Levi jeans and other brands with the copper studs in them and pondering if they serve the perps' purposes for whatever reason. On the street on the left side, fully revealed now, a brown vehicle is at the closest end of the parked file of vehicles, and loosely resembles that of the same colored vehicles on the foreground street.

On 03-16-2009 I was waiting in the parked vehicle because the meter was buggered while my mother went alone into the LD store to return the razor blades she bought that would not fit my father's razor. Considering the endless stunts and feints over shaving, razors, replacement blades and the rest of it on any given day of the week, this was the perps plan; have her alone in a distance dependent scenario, transport the black plastic mounted razor blades back to the store that I frequent. Meanwhile, the freakshow unfolds around me while in the vehicle.

Taken 03-16-2009 0929h 51 sec. Nothing too incriminating; an example of the frequent redi-mix trucks that come to drive by me, and two dudes working on their equipment to the left, some kind of unrelated concrete business. Don't ask me why these vehicles that are trailering "happen" to park in my proximity, as this would be one more example. I suppose the perps are attempting to measure me for some kind of interaction with concrete of the redi-mix and that of the trailered equipment ahead, and having two Fuckwit criminals pissing around also might be part of the gangstalking scene.

Taken 03-16-2009, 0930h 03sec. Here is 60' of local plywood walkway over asphalt road surface the thoughtful perps built as part of a building renovation. I walked this one today on my way to the car dealership to work, and lo, if most of the local noise wasn't turned down and the instant I stepped off, it was back to full-on enhanced road traffic noise. The perps have been working very hard of late to expose me to plywoods, and their phenolic resins, and I suppose having me walk on it was a big deal for the assholes. Nicely arranged dayglo orange painted plywood is bounded by two white vehicles, but again, not too incriminating.

Taken 03-16-2009, 0930h 11sec. Two black colored vehicle parked and one white one leading them; not too incriminating. Just a brief tour, and at least one Fuckwit, not pictured, standing around with his coffee cup, looking totally stupid IMHO. Then a pair of dudes, also not pictured, were jaywalking immediately in front of the vehicle; it is amazing how so many dudes in this town link up, never mind the "happenchance" on-street meetings that are also arranged in my proximity. Feel the perp love.

That is a wrap, and I apologize if the above sequence of pictures are on the banal side; this is when video is needed, to capture the dynamic element of it, one oddity after another. And the notion of taking video with my still picture camera just didn't "happen" either. Funny how that goes.


Anonymous said...

For some reason, they have this intense interest in putting on the gangstalking show in car dealership parking lots. On my way to lunch yesterday, I saw two guys, dressed in jeans, facing each other with their arms folded, their guts hanging over their jeans. They were trying to make it obvious they were 'ready' for me, and it had an air about it that it was intended to get me 'warmed up' for some big fat asshole I would see later at the place I ate lunch at. This fat old-looking fuck with a scraggly, 5-o'clock shadow came in after this young, 'hot' lady, college-aged almost, was ordering. He then gave the girl a hug, like he knew her or something, and was wearing this hideous red wool-type sweatshirt. The girl had this smirk on her face, like it was a cue for me to get even more pissed off than when I did when I saw those two assholes standing in the parking lot facing each other, looking like 'statues'.

I used to see this type of scene a lot back in 2006: they'd have a bald guy, and a guy with hair, just standing there facing each other. Then there'd be this girl standing there between them, acting like she's trying to choose between the two. They loved to have two gangstalkers standing there, doing nothing, facing each there, sometimes placed in my path so that I'd be forced to walk between them.

AJH said...

Answer to: For some reason...

I call the gangstalkers who stand unmoving "sentries". Obviously acting a some kind of environmental bellweather while the TI victim, passes by. I have never had two of them facing each other though, that is exceptional. The babe between them might be the scenario of what I call "aura shadow" or "aura penumbra". Somehow, have a Favored demographic group member (the babe) behind or in front of the Unfavored (dudes with large guts), confers some kind of benefit for the perps to analyze one's reactions to each. Not a convincing explanation, but the perps are so consistent with this set up, there must be something to this blending of the auras/energetic fields. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I think the idea behind the two men facing each other, is that one is supposed to be the 'mirror image' of the other. It goes along with their psy-ops (psychological operations), and is probably part of the gaslighting tactics they employ. IOW, it's supposed to look like a guy looking at a reflection of himself in the mirror.

AJH said...

Answer to: I think the idea...

I don't agree with your explanation as it isn't sufficiently clear. I have no end of ambulatory perps/gangstalkers wanting to pass me on my right side, and not the left if one adhered to normal Righthand driving rules as a pedestrian. In having two males facing each other (and looking totally stupid in the process), one presents their left side, the other their right side. There is some intrinsic difference that the perps are attempting to detect, likely in interaction with you, or parts of you.

The Scary Beard gangstalker I get sometimes was did a three side gangstalking in the elevator a few weeks ago. First he gets in and presents his left side to me, then he turns 90 degrees and presents his back, and then turns again and presents his right side. All in the elevator while going down, and equal time for each of his three presentations.

Often, one gets these situations in close proximity, in this case less than 12" when in an elevator. If this is successful, however the perps measure it, it is only the beginning of further research, as they want to be able to detect what they found from further away when wearing different colors of clothes, having eaten different foods (more color variation) and in more locations. This is likely what their distance dependent gangstalking/testing is likely about. I know these are just more speculations, but there are some very clear iterative patterns that the perps engage in.
Thanks for the comments.