Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Alarm Testing Day

Instead of the faux fire alarms timed to be highly inconvenient, it is alarm testing today, and the noisescape being arranged for me to have my earmuffs on when the alarm went off in test mode. One can predict the fuckery, and that means it isn't clinical, even if there was a doubt.

And it is always interesting to scope what I am doing, and what has gone on today so far to put the story together from the perp's perspective. An on/off/on meeting again with the supposed local TI who had the amazing timing of phoning immediately following when I put my clothes on, (always a big fuckover/noisestalk moment). It would seem that changing my clothes might now be past the noisestalking phase, and onto phone call interruptions, light flashes, unbalancing me to hop around on one foot, and other simultaneous fuckery.

I finally disabused my seeming local TI that I am not interested in activism, especially with those who are taking on chemtrails, weather engineering, mind control, HAARP and the homeless in one swoop, and then attempting to educate the public. Fucking bizarre to say the least, and totally ignoring the basic complaint that I want to be left alone and not targetted in any way. It is that fucking simple, but try telling a sabotage agent/controlled TI that. Hopefully that was the end of the association, but I have my doubts. And don't ask what the homeless have to do with it, as I don't know, and don't want any part with this community, as much as the perps seem to promote this or even the mention of the term.

That said, I have no problem providing testimony at the appropriate place and circumstances, but I am not interested in constantly trying to contain scope creep among individuals who don't know what that means, or refuse to accept it, whatever the rationale.

And there were some interesting chemtrails out for our outside meeting, moving two parallel tracks that were miles long by 90 degrees was quite the trick. But the big deal was to give me some milky tea, without asking me what my preference was, and then have the very first gangstalker after I departed wearing a coat of the identical color to that of the tea. I never take milk in my tea and haven't for at least 4 decades, and I suppose this was the only way to get me to accept it, by not turning down hospitality. And it was quite the gangstalking force out on the two blocks back, and even some affrontive too-close Fuckwits cutting a corner in front of me and then the perps simultaneously jabbing me in the ass at the moment of most closest. And I suppose the outing was a big preparation in advance of me making lunch anew, from ingredients as this is when the fucking fire alarm went off again. They cannot get enough of me cutting cooked meat, flipping brown tortillas in the frypan, pouring olive oil into the frypan and other similar pedantic events. These must be exciting moments for the perps, hence the fire alarm sounding off in "test mode" today. The culmination of months of preparation no doubt.

Teleportation is official, it can now be done on a quantum level. The latest dicoveries at this link. I wonder why I bother, save to fend off the disbelievers who don't think it can happen.

And I got to do my Quicken update for last month, and it wasn't as bad as last month's rage-ification fuckover games. They only dithered me about 30 times instead of twice as much, and got me intensely pissed only once. Lucky me to have interlopers sabotaging me at every keystroke all because it is financial information, and they are all over me anytime this is germane. All my financial transactions are stalked at grocery stores, mailboxes and wherever else it happens, as are all methods, online, ATM, teller, mailed check, debit card etc. The noisescape was elevated for the hour it took, but nothing too annoying.

The perps like to time the Quicken data entry with other "special interest" times, e.g. dusk onset. And today, the Quicken activities followed tea and chocolate and then a crap afterward (no hassles). So, call it brown events follow on for today's Quicken activity. Like I say, all facets of the harassment seem to be related to all other facets, and that would include say, material objects like bread with more conceptual things like financial transaction logging. I still don't get it, but I suppose if I am ever allowed to get the right book and then be allowed to read it (not always possible), I might have an answer. The perps like very much for me to be interested in specific books enough to purchase them, and then demotivate me so I don't read them and have them sit around for years. Imagine how much I like that.

More strange things from the boss man at the cleaning job tonight; doing part of my finish-up duties but not all of them, and sending me to go a finish by myself, putting lights out, locking doors. And he had the Parts area recycle garbage bin in hand and let me go into Parts and lock it all up and then ask me if I forgot. Well duh, but more to the point, I got fucked out of dumping the Parts recycle gabage bin when I usually do it much earlier, and then also got fucked out of even recognizing it and that I should of grabbed it before I locked up Parts. This fuckery seems to be all about having me retrace my steps and messing with the lighting as I go around, a perp managed event of long standing. They just love to fuck with the lighting, even to the extent of making me fumble the light switches all to create a subsecond on/off cycle, or vice versa.

And another strange event at the car dealership was getting fucked out of remembering to close the cleaning closet door, then retracing my steps to see a couple in red anoraks knocking on the glass door 40' distant at nearly 1900h wanting in to the closed and locked car dealership. I didn't bother to attend to this bullshit, and when I departed, they had circled the car dealerhip and were in the lot. Of course the lighting was different, but who in the fuck dresses up in red anoraks to look at vehicles in the dark? And they had their kid with them, the de rigeur gangstalker accompaniment of late, the child in a olive green jacket with black insert panels. I suppose it was no fluke that I was wearing a olive green shirt.

I forgot to mention a new strange arrangement on my walking route this morning. I walked along a section of Fort street that is almost out of downtown, housing mostly offices and minor retail outfits. I took the same route back and at one business with a large display window they had the glaziers there, who had taken the window out and were going to replace it. There was nothing wrong with the window in the first place, as no business had a broken window. I can only assume it was for me to have a with glass, and without glass exposure to this particular business and their displays. I cannot recall what the business was; it might of been books or kid's toys. I have seen many broken glass jobs as a TI, and invariably they are fixing them when I come by, but never have I seen them replace a serviceable window. I get plenty of glazier vehicles also as part of the vehicular gangstalking, often without glass on thier side racks.

The perps have a particular interest in glass, and apart from vibrating it, say with kids knocking at it when I enter a store, I don't know quite what the perp attraction is. Suffice to say that anytime I am cleaning the glass doors at the car dealership, there is a huge onset of vehicular gangstalker outside, often 30 to 50 vehicles in a cluster in both directions. Not to mention ambulatory gangstalkers immediately outside the windows and doors adjacent to the street.

And a note to put this one to rest; the planted thoughts of imminent cessation of hostilities continues, and I won't mention it again until a new occurence, as it has now become an all-day and every-day event. In order to remove the tediousness of the topic, assume it is happening for the remainder of Febuary 2009, (this month), Feb. 26 being the Big Day, or more like, the year's nonevent for TI World. They said they would diminish the harassment over the month, though that has yet to be determined. A little lighter harassment this week, the above Quicken month-end entry being an example. The jury is still out on this one.

Time to call this done for the day, and post it, and ponder what sleep intrusions will be scripted tonight.

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