Sunday, February 22, 2009

Intense Abuse

At breakfast and at lunch the sickos have been hammering me with escalated unreality games and highly annoying pranks to send the rage-ification level to about the most sustained levels yet. In the interim, and while online, the assholes have backed off. Obviously the food and movement foils them in some way, and their percieved "need" to crank up the rage levels to full bore while engaged in activity outside of web surfing at my desk with the earmuffs on to limit the environmental noise from being too bothersome. Though when they want to get noise through the earmuffs they will.

The rage-fication games have included new levels of conventional reality perversion; having things move by themselves immediately ahead or after I contact them, and at least a second apart so there isn't any mistake as to the fake-outs making it seem if there was any causal. The extra noise games of placing things down or picking them up is another; extra noise while active and extra noise before or after the activity. Again, totally obvious. So they must be gaining some kind of progress while web surfing with earmuffs on and then want to translate those gains to when I am standing up and over at the kitchen or table, only 7' away at the most. And also they are applying more vision impairments, curtailing my field of view. It would seem that the perps have lapsed into more beserkness today.

They still keep planting the ideation of ceasing hostilities soon, but who cares, as they are totally fucking nuts and second by second of dealing with this imposed hell is the reality, not some bullshit stunt they promise when the six year history is that they never happen as advertised. As far as I know, there hasn't been any other like changes for others in the TI community, this seems to be a made-for-me vituperousness that is unrelenting, even when making the bed before breakfast.

I have been getting blatant plasma beams in front of this LCD or beside it this afternoon, and they are even timed to the instant I see there is a typo. At least 14" long, 1/2" wide and two seconds or so, and bright. No more of these subtle fleeting flashes in my peripherial vision, but front and center and even arranged as a counterpoint to what is on this display. One violet horizontal band in the LCD display was alternated with a same length green plasma band over top of it, and then the green plasma band was arranged to be over the display, not in front of it. A decided escalation of these fucking games today, and they haven't relented much since I got up.

As this is a Sunday, a visit to the perp-abetting parents is scripted and I wonder what will transpire there; escalated fuckery or backing off lest it become topical and undeniable. Can't have the latter condition has been my experience, but I shall see. No doubt my father's unerring ability to walk, or even stand, in front of the TV immediately before or after using the remote control will be exercised all the more. Not a bad act for someone who puts on the dementia bullshit and then blows his cover at least once per visit. And Monday, the day I return, will no doubt be highly agitated, as that is where they seem to obtain the most gains and then attempt to identify them here in my apartment or when I am going out. The head pressing sensations that immediately follow putting on my toque when headed for outside seem to be less, suggesting that they don't need to do that each time I head outside of my apartment, which is where it comes on.

I am off to sick central shortly, that being the parent's place that will doubtless spawn a new round of heightened fuckery for the entire week. The joys of being among Fuckwits, Fuckups and Assholes again.

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