Monday, February 23, 2009

Intense Monday

I am back from a stayover at my parent's place, the perp abetting assholes that brought this didpicable state of affairs to me, and the entire city of shills and related sickos. My father was doing his dementia act again, and spending most of his time aligned behind my mother sitting uncomfortably on the couch with his head turned. His regular chair has a far better view of the TV, but this "aural penumbra loitering" as I call it must be important. I just think it is pathetic, one more magnitude's worth, as either the dementia or the dementia act, whichever it is, is the first order of comtemptable, and then posing, pacin, peekaboo games and the rest of these stalking behaviors are the next set of pathetic. The penumbric loitering is a more recent development, and he spent a few hours in this mode while watching TV last night. IT was the usual fare; news with the two blondes, 60 Minutes, Doc Martin, Rebus and then CBC Sunday Night. Not all bad, and elements of perp content in some of them, and then there was the later pixellation and frame freeze games the assholes were pulling. This was when 60 Minutes was on, and they would garble the signal to insert random pixels in it, screw up people's faces and freeze the video while the audio continued. In addition, they continually desynchronized the audio and video by a second or less for most of the evening just to play more fucking games.

There were some brief forays to watch the Academy Awards, and that stupid montage for Movie of the Year that Speilberg presented had to be the worst abomination going. I haven't seen any movies this year on account of my mindkeepers, and then to intersplice then with past snippets of Oscar winning movies without any notice of change or relevance was straight out of perp training; what movie am I watching, who is talking to who, what relevance is this to what I just saw and like sensations of discontinuity.

While watching TV last night in the living room I couldn't but notice that there were no end of maser and plasma games going on. Rippling metallic and bright point sources of light, beams across the room, and various other obviousness that the fuckers were at work. At one point they pulled my glasses down and when I pushed them back on my nose the assholes took the "opportunity" to then skew the TV in my vision, flipping it off the horizontal and vertical by almost 45 degrees in a stroboscopic presentation. It was quite bizarre, and all the more so as they seem to need an excuse when they can do this anytime. I don't get it, as who are they attempting to fool? It never happened before, and now it does, and if they are so highly invasive as it seems, then who else is watching to ensure they have half of an excuse to perturb my vision?

But they did let me get to sleep without the usual hour of loud mufflered vehicles trailing off into the night, the typical noise profile they like me to hear almost anywhere.

Other fuckery today has been to impose intense rage-ified "responses", controlled by them, for sending me to the wrong cupboard for the teapot, and then impeding the removal of the teabag from the sachet. They are beserk over tea making, especially when the tea is steeping and changing color, and this time then went totally beserk to make sure I flew off the handle instantly and screamed at their sick minded fuckery all to ensure I was truly enraged. No complaints from the neighbors, or fake neighbors that would be, as I haven't been convinced there is anyone on this floor for sure, and that would be the same as my last four residence locations.

I got an E. Indian woman coming around to ask about the cable service a short time ago; I can only assume she was there to present herself as some kind of prop in the ongoing perp racial games. She didn't look too comfortable about doing her schtick, though there was nothing that I said that would of caused that reaction. Past experience has told me that even small emotional nuances are important for the sickos, and I suppose it all went according to plan, like usual.

As mentioned in past blogs, Mondays are high harassment days, and my theory is that they learn certain things about me in terms of remotely assayed energetic interactions, especially while watching TV, a CRT model (magnetic radiation), and they wish to be able to detect them here when back at my apartment and then later when I head to the car dealership to do my one hour cleaning job.

Thankfully the harassment bullshit settled down after the above mentioned round. And they laid off me for the most part when doing the cleaning job tonight, save the wrong-end-of-the-plastic-bag games which have been their specialized focus for the last two weeks. I got the cell-phoning greeter in the long black coat just outside the front entrance instead of inside as I arrived at the car dealership, site of the cleaning job. Then the manager, who has been conspicuously absent for the last two weeks was near the closet for the cleaning supplies in a brown coat, talking to the greeter dude. I haven't quite figured out what that vignette was about; was it a comparative presentation as to who has the most odious aura, or was it one conferring the aura to the other, presumably from the more familiar manager to the newcomer dude in his long black coat. No idea, but even the most fragmentary two second long sighting is highly arranged. The blonde saleswoman said hello to me in the hallway, so perhaps that was part of the setup for the aforementioned vignette.

And I see in the shop at this Mazda dealership that they put a big honking silver-grey Cadillac in one of the bays. I cannot imagine why is was there in a business sense. I also got a white GM van in the car lot before I entered the building with someone inside it doing something furtive. I cannot get over the number of times the perps want to make themselves look obvious by having someone sit in their vehicle, seeming to be doing nothing except looking around. They even stationed a taxi and driver outside the apartment building in this same scenario, though more plausible, even if it is the first time that I have seen a taxi there. Even some of my work colleagues in 1999 to 2000 when I was driving to work in Everett would be doing the same thing at lunch time; sittiing in their vehicles that "happened" to be near mine, all for me to see this particular setup.

Another vignette the perps are spooking me over, or more like, controlling my reaction to be aversive, even if just visually, is displaying large black colored vehicles, as if some kind of unmarked government vehicle. I wonder why they are doing this; setting them up, and then spooking me? It seems so fucking amateur, like overacting almost. Regular readers might discern that if I was subject to various military and clinical tests, if not abuse, such as the Indian Lake Project, then such props such as large black vehicles with black tinted glass just might be the perps attempting to stimulate some long forgotten subconscious aversions. Could be, which would be an extension of the freakshow of the Unfavored, and serve to underscore the military aspect of their gangstalker presentation games. The dumbshit arm flinging walk of the perps is still playing, and has led me to ponder if it is to partially replicate marching soldiers. Gangstalkers are sometimes arranging themselves in two ranks, side by side, again, as seeming emulation of soldiers in formation.

I got to do extra vacuuming tonight as the boss man claimed to have a pinched nerve in his back. Which could be true, as the perps like this specialty very much as I have quite a few and no idea as to how they happened. Even mid-day onset pinched nerves from no apparent cause. At any rate, I did the extra vacuuming and noted there was a huge stream of traffic going by outside while I was vacuuming the upstairs. The downstairs vacuuming has been long gangstalked with large clusters of passing vehicles, so it is likely the assholes want to correlate their main floor vehicle cluster game outcomes to that of the same activity, but upstairs and in a different orientation. More games, and more speculation, but always very consistent and progressive along the various tasks they find most favorable; vacuuming, bending over, twisting, coiling wire, etc. These can be categorized as spinal stretching, arrangement of metals, and manipulation of plastic objects.

And true to form, after work I stopped in at the local supermarket, and even with the boss man getting a substantial head start with his scooter, he "ended up" at the same location as I did, next to the tortillas. If my recollection is correct, this is three Mondays in succession where he "happened" to be at the same place after work, and with a 10 minute head start each time.

A new TI site, Aussie Targetted Weblog, has the details of what it is like to be actively messed with. Have a read at the link; I don't miss these highly invasive stunts like they pulled for all of 2002 when they first went into overt harassment on me, but it seems like they haven't given up and "need" to harass someone from the Southern Hemisphere.

Another site has only a rudimentary posting, introducing gangstalking, but has 169 comments as of this writing, and many are TI's telling their story. Unbelievable, and yet it is happening everywhere.

Time to call this one done and hope that the Monday harassment won't extend to keeping me up for hours as it has done in the past.

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