Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chill Down

I am getting some of the applied temperature treatment, my arms are being chilled down some, something that erupted at the perp silly time, after eating a meal. And that means, much the same food I eat every day for lunch and dinner, albeit nutricious tapenade based tortillas with chopped chicken and melted cheese on top.

The more calmer harassment of late was changed first thing this morning to be more annoying, and they lapsed into one of their standby jerkarounds when applying peanut butter and jam to toast. They had laid off this for at least a week and continued the fuckery, having resumed it yesterday. I suppose this was a big drive to crank me up prior to my appointment with my vocational counsellor. As always, they succeed, and had six gangstalkers on me in the elevator and lobby when outbound. For 1000h in the city, this is a lot of attention it seemed to me. The street based gangstalkers were fewer I noticed.

Back to blogging after revelling in the presentation of some online Boeing 747 history. Neither show mentioned that its development in the late 1960's racked the company, and layoffs were very much part of the Puget Sound region. Not unlike current economic circumstances unfortuneately, though I don't think the Boeing 787 development is responsible.

I did my car dealership cleaning job tonight, and got beset with extra duties and requests via notes left behind. Naturally other "stuff" came up; missing supplies, missing hose that meant the mop pail couldn't be filled, and it had to sit around for some 20 minutes before it could be filled with a blue colored hose. These small things like color of hose make big differences to the perps. The timing was such that I didn't do any Sales area mopping tonight, only my boss. I suspect that I will be slowly introduced into this new scenario over the next week, as trivial as it seems.

Here is an interesting science article about measuring infrared beams around one's head. This must be the reason the perps script my father to pass by immediately before or after the TV remote control with the infrared beam for channel changing is activated. They can't get enough of remote control games. If only Ti's looked so happy, which they don't, not if there are normal.

More of Karla Anderson, an audio feed from a CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) concert. I just think she is in magnificent form, which regular readers will remember from a past posting.

This one is done for today; a hellish morning before my employment appointment at 1000h, and then the perps settled down afterward on all fronts. What a relief, as it seemed they were back to their usual vituperative ways.

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