Saturday, February 07, 2009

Not Allowed To Create Email

Forced typos to fix the previous forced typos and ad infiniteum. All about curtailing email creation and then upping the rage factor to ensure sufficient annoyance to abort the intent. There are about 20 to 50 aborted intentions per day, from the trivial up to the supreme imposed rage shows, and this was another one.

I had some fugly military dreams in the night, and into late morning before I got up, all timed to subsecond levels if the past is anything to go by. And imposed dream contents as well; there have been far too many dreams of this kind with greater vividness than ever before, and recalled like never before. Call that clinical if you like, but first ask who was it that started this life rape in the first place by invading my apartment in 04-2002, and who hasn't let up since, no matter their planted notions of intending to wrap up this stage of relentless abuse by month's end.

And too, the entire email front has been curtailed; I haven't had a non-spam email for over a week, and that is most curious. I don't know if it is getting blocked even, as even that possibility has been limited by a general decline in correspondence. Even online job applications aren't getting confirmed.

Last night's overhead pounding and rumbling continued when I was in bed, and this morning before I got up, and then afterward. It was substituted for by thumping stereo music that somehow made it through the hearing protection that is being worn more often. It seems that the assholes like to create noise just to ensure that I wear hearing protection for extended periods and then slowly increase the din that builds inside of them, and then finally punch through outside noises before causing me to take them off. Then, as if that fuckery wasn't enough, they then build up more noise from outside, slowly enough such that the earmuffs stay on. And this has been the routine for a few weeks now, and I suspect there are color games as part of the harassment/fuckery, though nothing that I can, or am allowed to more like, to notice. It is all too predictable and repetitive. (And for the record, the overhead floor/ceiling is 12" of concrete, and it really does question as to how so much concrete and steel can be made to rumble and shake even, and find me in any location in the apartment so to be directly overhead). Amazing technology, not to mention flagrant invasion off privacy, that quaint notion/delusion circumscribed in such tomes such as the Constitution, when it is violated every day as a matter of course by certain unknown agencies that like to torment victims for decades, if not following them covertly.

Now "newsed out", having read all my regular blogs and news sites. One interesting trend that might catch on is police supported "shunning". That means lobbying the proprietor's and workers in public places to refuse service to gang members. How they figure that out isn't clear, but it right up the perps' alley; public humiliation and targeted behaviors. And too, the perps would also want accidental shunning; the misidentification of targets, pissing someone off in public, and a final "sorry", as it was all a mistake.

The perps like mistakes; they constantly noisestalk me when scrubbing out their imposed handwritten errors, sometimes totally the wrong word and nonsensical syntax, another never-before behavior. The Sago mining disaster in W. Virginia in 2006 where they mixed up the survivors from the deceased in announcing the rescue results to the families had to have been perp sponsored in some way. They like to be able to compare the energetics of human thought to the real event versus that of the percieved real event, and expect some kind of difference to be detected and then quantified. What exactly I don't know, save some psychic energies related to the notion of aliveness and personal connection if this exists. And too, they have a morbid fascination with much more obituary notices coming to my attention than ever before.

Another low news day/posting. The diversion was bookmarking interesting self-published books by way of a print-on-demand publishing house that resides in this city. Trafford Books, and if you are a bookworm, it is interesting if you find a genre that you like, memoirs has over 2,000 books listed. I sense that my story content is getting minimized by another party, as this is the third such abbreviated posting in succession.

I got "greened" at the cleaners job tonight at the car dealership. A bright green dressed customer near the janitorial supply closet, then I extract the green nitrile disposable gloves with the brown vacuum cleaner and head to the Service garage to do my mop pail filling and getting my cleaning supplies ready. Then, when finished, with green gloves on I go back near the same closet and get two green microfiber glass cleaning cloths. So... green gloved hands, with brighter green cloths in them, turned out to be call to action by the Green Goons. First the green wearing customer was on her way out before I picked up the cloths, then when returning with the cloths first "salesman" walked through this narrow access area wearing green (pants, tie, shirt) doing the perp patented "lookaway" act (walking forward but looking elsewhere at nothing), and then a "split pair" were conversing around the corner and I was motioned to pass between them, and once through that, then the blonde saleswoman chomping on her chewing gum passed by just as I was to go through a narrow hallway to get back to the Service garage. Four gangstalking acts, all over me for wearing green gloves carrying green cloths in them. And the latter three of them occuring within 30' of walking track, and over and done in some 10 seconds or so. I don't get why they are so fucking preoccupied with setting up these dumbshit games and not declare their intents so to expedite this bizarre life-rape.

Anyhow, pondering the insanity of certain covert agencies and their wisdom in targeting me isn't going to solve anything. This topic gets endless vocalizing airtime in any given day, and I am sure that the complaint is one that they like to articulate in as many ways as possible, including this. Done for today, and onto more tomorrow.

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