Friday, February 06, 2009

Barf Guiding

Not my barf thankfully, as everything is reasonably OK healthwise. Last night while walking to the car dealership for my cleaning job, I was "steered" to walk over the top of a sizeable barf splat on the sidewalk. There were at least two groups of seeming gangstalkers waiting at the pedestrian traffic control and I went between them, and lo, if that wasn't where the barf splat was arranged, but I was allowed to step over it and not in it thankfully.

And of course it was still there when I came back the same side of the intersection, "forgetting" about this particular booby trap. Funny how that happens, when risk assessment and harassment avoidance is my entire life out in public.

That was one splat, and doesn't compare to the all-time barf stalking they put on two years ago which multiple piles on the street for some three blocks, and then seeing the native Indian perpetrator clutching his gut at a bus seat. The barf was all white then, and so it was reversed in part last night as it was a light brown colo, though no culprit. And regular readers will know that they arranged for me to drink the same colored tea two days ago, and that the first ambulatory gangstalker I encountered afterward had a same colored coat. Enough on that topic.

And for this week, a rare shut-in day until I do the gangstalking gauntlet to my place of employment, and also get it there too. Last night they put the skinheaded male salesman on me at least four times, and he even got a well timed lead-ahead gangstalking in, leading me by 15' on the same path I took while transiting from the Sales area to the Service garage. There doesn't seem to be any rationale as to why they make these gangstalkings, and the perps have given up on cover stories for the most part. Just blatant abuse will do, just like the old days it would seem, the ones they are attempting to simulate with the gangstalking freakshow in part.

Music listening was aborted for the overhead rumbling was started up to "accompany" said music. I didn't appreciate the musical augmentation, and so the intended listening was stopped. Then onto bookmarking music of interest from Records To Die For. The bookmarking activity is constantly noisestalked, and this was no exception, the rumbling noise also "joining me". And too, when rearranging the bookmark titles to be in the order of Artist then Album Title and removing the semicolons and other terms that Amazon puts in their web page titles. This copy, cut and paste activity also begat plenty of overhead rumbling noise customized at each mouseclick.

Enough for today, and now to ponder what games are planned for nightime.

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