Thursday, February 26, 2009

Overnight Snow

I might not be the only TI that has a lurking suspicion that snowfall confers some benefits for the harassors, being that any unusal color and grey scale juxtapositions are often arranged locally in the form of small bits of paper, crumbs and lint around one's person. It was only a few inches of overnight snow and then it was gone by the time I got out of yoga at 1230h earlier.

But it was an important event, yoga as it turned out. On my way there they put a native Indian blocking my exit from the elevator in the lobby, and the asshole didn't even lapse into the "sorry" act they so often like to put on. The asshole was parked one inch from the opening door, and readied to disrupt my exit, and would move; I was obliged to go around the Fuckwit, swearing at the same time. I haven't had elevator rushing acts for over a year, but this was the all time rudest altercation yet. He was dressed in two tone of blue with a blue ballcap and was pissing with his mail at the time. Fucking beserk and patently provocative to say the least. Note that a negro pulled this same stunt in the same unyeilding manner some 18 months ago.

I had the usual consort of shiftless and hooded males around me all the way to yoga, and a few other vagrant types and a shopping cart adorned with two kinds of blue plastic waving in the wind. The perps don't even bother to put a vagrant with their shopping cart acts anymore, but just leave it at busy intersections, unattended.

And as it happened, a new yoga teacher, who is pleasant and capable, but not as good looking at the last one. I suppose someone in perpland figured I was getting too distracted or some such. Today's teacher was in an all olive drab outfit, almost military colors, with a small band of red underclothing showing at her midriff. I suppose she was doing green over red clothing testing for the perps. The latter party was very active in making all manner of extra "environmental" noises, much like this apartment but louder, for the most of today's yoga class. They increased the both the volume and the duration of these noises as well as the in-building clunking and door slamming.

On the way back, two intersections in succession I had vehicles proceeding into the crosswalk when I had the WALK signal to proceed; they just looked the other way and moved into the intersection pretending they didn't see me. Again, more fucking blatant public rudeness. I haven't seen anyone be so fucking disrespectful of pedestrians until this harassment started up, but two instances of this orchestrated bullshit back to back takes the cake. More fucking beserkness today.

Other goings on have been elevated provocations to keep pissing me off and get me to vocalize and then noisestalk me while I am complaining, if not screaming, at the assholes to quit pissing with my life. They won't let me pick up a pen, book or anything without extra five to ten seconds of fumbling each time. Other provocations have been to flick food around in the kitchen, foil my grasp, add extra noise into everything I do, and even wobble me sometimes, applying some extra-conventional gravitic fuckery to make me run into a door or door jam while attempting to pass though. Another related provocation to promote more rage-ification is to apply faked touches to me; I feel the sensation but there isn't anything that touched me, not even close (more than 6" away). When some objects are grasped or near my fingers they will also jab me in the fingertips just to create the sensation but without any conventional causality. Needless to say the harassment level has been hign today, and the assholes have been keeping this up for over a week now.

And tomorrow will be the day all the planted ideations of cessation of hostilities will be done with hopefully, and I can get back to "basic and endless abuse" instead of these incessant planted notions that are extremely unlikely to unfold. I have been through at least ten such bullshit stunts as this, but not to the same degree of the assholes polluting me with this for six weeks and for most of each day. It just doesn't make any sense for them to stop, as they claim that this is where they really want to get started, now that 100% mind control has been attained. Or, at least, that is the way it seems as the noisestalking, the usual tip off, only comes on when I accept the planted notions which are often, but not always (per above) much what I would of thought of myself. Noisestalking still accompanies anytime I see an object, color or person from the Unfavored demographic groups, usually when viewing web pages. Though the odd time I get this when on the street, but as there is so much else going on I don't pay much attention to the noise games.

Another increasing type of fuckery is for the perps to make a teeth clashing noise and sensation in my mouth, but without the teeth actually moving. This is getting more prevalent of late, and I noticed they pulled this immediately after shaking hands with the new yoga instructor earlier. This is another example of escalating the invasive abuse of late, and that isn't the only mouth/internal head noise that has increased in frequency of late (last three weeks).

I did my one hour cleaning job at the car dealership tonight and most of it went OK. In fact it was most curious when I let the boss man in when he came 10 minutes late that he said it will be a easy night, meaning only a light load of cleaning. Strange he would say that as how did he know, he just arrived. But it was true, as he was mostly done when I was ready to help him and it seemed that he should of been much more behind in getting the job done as he usually is when he comes late. Very strange to say the least.

Listening to the Dixie Flyers, bluegrass music tonight interspersed with overhead rumbling noise from my tormentors, the sickos that won't anything to go unruined.


Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for getting back to me on the gangstalking journal. I spoke with cassie and everything got worked out. I'm writing you while being stalked right now, in real time! Sitting in a waiting room and undergoing a loud convo bewteen two women who's topic of discussion just so happens to be a child born with six fingers and six toes. How random right? And attention grabbing in spite of my resolve to ignore them. Of course they're speaking loudly so that's not easy anyway.Just thought you'd get a kick out of that. Pretty original IMO.

AJH said...

Glad that it worked out for you. There are many glitch barriers made for us to navigate, more than for most people. The overhead conversation "thing" is something that is of interest to the perps because word analyis (from voice) gets processed in a different part of one's brain, the amygdala. This is supposedly where psychic abilities origninate from. And as I type this I am getting laser like red and yellow plasma beams over top of my hands and between my fingers on the keyboard. I have no idea why they do this so often.