Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back to Dulldom

Hmmm... that "1" and "5" thing again, funny how that worked out. See yesterday's blog over some oddities that I mentioned. I don't get into the numeralogy thing, but now the perps seem to be making it very obvious to be noticed and get blogtime, mindtime and the rest of their meme dispersion sites.

This being a Tuesday, it normally is a recovery day from a near sleepless Monday night, and I did get at least an hour of it before I was allowed to nod off. Then they awakened me sometime around 0700h it seemed to keep me in a light REM sleep, which included meat aerial games and the tossing and turning on a fast cycle time, at least every two minutes, having me change sleeping sides. And background noise from outside of course, in keeping with their concept of how busy and noisey this location is, and not bothering with reality which would be a whole lot less.

I had my big daytime outing of a whole block away to get more journals and a box of pens that had a mysterious accelerated depletion so they could be purchases at the same time. I had my shiftless males, vagrants, bad hair dye jobs, waddlers, suits, sidewalk cyclists and a few others on gangstalking duty. And then the skinhead males in the store, first posing while I got screwed into looking in the wrong location for the A9 journals by the store assistant. There was one faux customer skinhead male, and then a seeming staff member joined him for a "skinheads together" gangstalker vignette, and then when transacting for my purchases from the put-on snobby assistant at the checkout, why, the skinheaded staff member came into view, needing to be seen putzing around while I was keying in my debit card information.

Regular readers will know that the perps like to arrange stunts and gangstalkers, usually of the Unfavored demographic groups when making a financial transaction in public. They will also screw me around when doing financial transactions online or by check at my own apartment, and they have been consistent about this fuckery from the get-go. Introducing yet another Unfavored demographic group member at that moment wasn't unexpected, as they have done this with red dressed, brown skinned and geriatric gangstalkers, so it was the skinhead's turn it would seem.

Here is an interesting title of a book; Consciousness, Intent, and the Structure of the Universe by Jeffrey Keen. And a quote;
Evidence is provided that there exists a universally pervading Information Field, which is the current front-runner in the evolution of understanding consciousness. The book demonstrates that because the brain readily interacts with the Information Field, there is a link between consciousness, intent, and the structure of the Universe, quantum theory and other topics currently being researched in Physics.
I suppose that is all conjecture without reading about the author's research, but it is interesting to note that the perps noisestalk me when my intent is determined, and they do like to foil me in achieving things, even as simple as operating a lightswitch. They will dither my motor control to foil me in turning the lightswitch on or off. I suppose if something is intended, and then defeated, the energies associated with the intention are still present, but unfulfilled. But if it is accomplished the first time, the intention energies will collapse, and not be present. Hence, comparing the two events at the same lightswitch, and most often the same time of day or light conditions, and then adding more complexity in by altering time, location and who knows what else.

The dripping faucet jerkaround has been playing of late; this is where the kitchen faucet is made out to be the source of a high volume dripping noise, obviously designed to piss me off. The cute little game is that I put the cleaning sponge in the sink outlet and then the noise stops. I did some 15 months of this fucking game when at a former residence location, and here, even with new faucets installed just before I moved in, the faucet is supposedly dripping and making the noise. And equally as improbable, the sponge stops the noise continuation. And so, who puts a piece in a scientific journal for me to read on this very topic? Interesting timing to say the least. Just another example of the designed coincidences that "happen" all the time.

More weird things from the cleaning job; they want me to sweep the mechanic's lunchroom as required, and not use the vacuum cleaner. I took the boss' recommendation and used the vacuum cleaner rather than sweeping, but what I don't get is that how, outside of us two, would anyone know the difference, and which was used? No one was there at the time. This would be the building manager, whoever my boss reports to. Another one of those funny things, where it would make a huge difference to the perps, but not to anyone else who only deals with conventional reality. Regular readers will know that I am often scripted to be around vacuum cleaners in various forms; commercial operations with 150' hoses, the "suck trucks" that pull gunk from the city storm drains, extra dutiful floor cleaners in the hallway, as well as the cleaning job related vacuum cleaning that I do. And as reported more than once, they like to train vehicle lights on me through the glass door while I am operating the vacuum cleaner inside the building. Something like being in show business, bright lights trained on me.

Other weird stuff at the cleaning job is that someone is filling the soap dispensers with the pink colored liquid soap, even if there is plenty in them. I asked my boss who might be doing this and he said it was the personnel in the Service area as they are "so particular". Fucking horseshit. Earlier I asked him who might of been stealing the toilet paper rolls that I have readied for replacing into the dispenser when needed. He didn't like my characterization of the verb "stolen", and said they were being "borrowed" for chrissakes. But he didn't have an answer when I mentioned that when might they be returned since they were borrowed. Sorry, when anything goes missing around here it is stolen, flat out, no questions asked given there is a malevolent entity who "needs" to rearrange things for me. And who also likes to engage in these games for me to find the item after screwing me out of recalling and be totally wrong about the original assertion of theft.

And I also got that treatment tonight when I exited the car dealership where I do the cleaning. After setting the alarms, I exited the building and lo, if not from across the street in another car dealership there isn't a truck with its headlights pointed at me. And lo, if the boss man didn't also have illuminated with his single headlight from his scooter from behind me at the same time. Show business without the pay or knowledge of the script or the plot. When I set the alarms a small red light comes on with a beeping sound, and perhaps what is exciting the perps, not to mention mere building egress and the amount of effort they expend each time I enter or exit a building. And each time I exit the building and walk through the car lot to the sidewalk there is a cluster of some 10 to 20 vehicles in formation, at the same place each time. They seem to like to cover me with red vehicles when I exit the building, and accompany them with greyscale colored vehicles and the odd deep green vehicle. They put me between three same deep metallic red colored vehicles when I crossed the road at the crosswalk following departing the the building where I perform the cleaning job.

On the way to the car dealership tonight the perps out on a car alarm that wouldn't stop for at least 8 minutes, much longer than they are supposed to sound. It was coming from a mid-grey colored Mazda 3, parked in the stalls at the curb, along with some white colored vehicles, and another same colored Mazda 3 in the file of parked vehicles. And you would be correct in surmising that I work at a Mazda dealership. Funny how these events "just happen" around me.

And if you read this Rachael O., I sent a reply to your email, and I hope it doesn't get blocked or otherwise messed with.

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