Thursday, February 05, 2009

This is a Journal of the Anomalous

The title is a response to comment that I got which I rejected for being patently unobjective. All the noises, light flashes, odd behaviors of others, my own infrequent uncharacteristic behaviors, vehicle formations in aggregated colors, and the entire gamut of things I talk about is all anomalous unless stated otherwise. I know this town, I know conventional physical forces at the practical level, and I know what anomalous is. This all changed April 15, 2002, along with a bunch of other's behaviors that took me sideways, made sure I didn't have a job and to make me availible 24x7 to be life raped every second ever since. If something radically changed after this date, it was very likely arranged, and is treated as orchestrated until proven otherwise. My entire perspective on my existence is reversed by my choice based on objective determinations, because the anomalous has become the norm. Yes, teleportation at the quantum level is happening, and it is also happening at the people level (seen it happen, and at least 15 on-street "how did that person(s) (& vehicles) get on me so close (or disapear) without me hearing a thing"), and also happens to vehicles as well (mine). And until one realizes that fundamental physics is stuck in a stalemate of supreme proportions thanks to the acolytes of Einstein, then you likely won't believe what happens to me. Except it is also occuring to other self-identified TI's as we call ourselves, and because that it is so, it fails the first test of being a clinical conditon, as it must be singular (unique events per putative patient). Whoever you are, start doing some research among the links I have under the Relevant Science for Action at a Distance Energies heading to the right.

That is out of the way, and onto Thursday, today, and pondering the state of the perps' agitation and motivations. I got out to go to yoga, the first in three weeks with the regular dishy instructor, and did my practice as if I hadn't missed any. I am begining to suspect the perps can keep my muscle tone and flexibility in shape by remotely applied means. That year of working out at the gym that ended last year might of been for researching that very topic. The gangstalker herd liked to keep me off certain equipment for a few weeks, raising my suspicion that they wanted certain muscle groups worked and not others. Hence my relative flexibility while taking yoga once per week. Or at least, that is my suspicion given how readily I can do some of the poses when I haven't done it for some weeks. As far as I can tell, no one else in the class is as flexible as I am save the instructor, and while I had a likely headstart owing to doing regular swimming and aerobics for 15 years, many of the others are taking yoga twice per week in the ladies only class. Anyhow, it isn't a big deal, and is only a suspicion.

But yoga classes, particular afterwards with all the stretching and spinal flexure, are of significant importance to the perps. The usual excess of gangstalkers and arranged vehicles (six red colored vehicles parked or stopped at the first intersection) was evident, and they even put on a siren show to arrive from behind me, and then turn the corner adjacent to me while I walked ahead.

We had a new member in the class, a woman doing the well timed coughing and throat clearing, as well as introducing a 12" wide red stripe down each side of her black pants. Not a big deal, except when one is under the microscope as to one's every thought and move, assuming it isn't scripted in advance.

As I have mentioned in recent past blog postings, the perps are claiming to be winding down the hostilities this month, but the incidence of gangstalkers has increased. There are more people on the street than at Christmas time, and this is a more residential area and secondary business area not able to pay downtown rents, e.g. car dealerships, supermarket, restaurants and others that are on the typical periphery of downtown. And for some reason, my perp abetting mother was asking about the numbers of people on the street, and I gave her the same comparison. Obviously this thought meme didn't get enough air time.

Two nights ago when I was in the supermarket after the cleaning job, the perps put at least 12 gangstalkers ringed around me while I was grinding the coffee beans at the machine they supply. All that brown substance and being ground into a fine powder is a big deal for them. And I wasn't too surprised that some of the gangstalkers were brown skinned, Asians of varying kinds. And at that same shopping event, the perps put on a distraught and weeping blonde woman with another blonde woman beside her, just as I came in and grabbed a black plastic shopping basket. I have never seen this before, someone going shopping as an emotional wreck, but here it was. I can only assume some kind of deeper emotional neural registry (mine) was desired at this prime perp moment, entering a building, and/or grasping a plastic object.

More messing about and bookmarking promising music from Stereophile's Records to Die For. The background noise in the earmuffs has slowly increased over the evening, and there has been many overhead rumbling noises that somehow pentrate 12" of floor/ceiling and my hearing protection. Go figure.

I had a "vagrant guard" for me when returning from the cleaning job tonight; five vagrant acts spaced out over a block when there has been one at the most for the past three years I have been shopping at this local supermarket. No big deal, just noting the high strangeness that is my existence. This one is done.

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