Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Heavy on Yellow and Other Fuckups

So far, with one more round to go, I have been out three times, and the gangstalking crush and jerkarounds have been most noticeable today. And they are bringing out more yellow colored objects, clothing, vehicles, etc. And the assholes even teleported most of my yellow Post-it pad somewhere else, leaving me with one residual clean page, plus the one on top with writing on it, my to-do list. All the middle pages just disappeared from the pad which is kept 8" from this very keyboard.

As mentioned, I was gettting ready to go out and visit this seeming TI that is two blocks away when I noticed the Post-it pad had "lost" all its papers, save the one on the bottom. And it was the latter that I put the address down on so I could take it with me. Then off to the TI's place, who didn't answer the fucking door, and has the usual fuckup-enhancing "problem" with the door bells not working, and I had to knock to no avail. (Other Fuckup enhancing games is that her email get blocked so I get personal requests to send email or real mail on her behalf, same deal as my in-town brother who claims Luddite-ism). And while knocking on the glass door, why, an answering knocking sound came from a half block away, as if it were someone tapping on a large wooden beam. Each time I knocked, this sound would "answer" back. Nice set up; I get enough fucking knocking and tapping noise all day long, and I walk two blocks to have this same noise erupt.

So, on my way back I stopped at the LD store to get my print scans on CD back, and then had an open mouther male gangstalker in ridiculous aviator shades tear after me most obvious when I was leaving. I paid cash, and it seems that the earlier wallet emptying of my bank deposits has been a big draw today, and might be part of the extra attention I have recieved, and why they have me going out four times today.

Regular readers will know that the perps are totally consumed with the color of everything in my proximity, and that includes clothing, mine and everyone else, as well as the contents of my wallet. We have colored money in Canada; blue 5's. purple 10's, green 20's, orange 50's. And over the past month I have been doing gardening work for my in-town brother and getting paid in cash for a few hours of the days that I worked for him. This could be considered as an incremental buildup of colored money in my wallet, and of intense interest to the perps, and not for the financial transaction part of it, also of intense intererst.

I had an extra contingent of gangstalking Fuckwits on me at the elevator and all the way back when I set off to the bank ATM to make a deposit in cash, a small check for my cleaning job, and a yellow colored check from my mother as an informal rent subsidy and helping fix things at her place. So, not only did I have a faux apartment manager tail me for a block, the same dude who "happened" to be an apartment manager at a former residence location, but plenty of dudes at the bus stop, including one fucker who was 4' away and seeming to make a move at me from my peripherial vision when an intervening gangstalker "happened" to be walking between us. Then the dude looked away as if nothing had happened. Then a class of 6 year olds all in a red colored safety vests trooped past the outside of the bank. While enroute to the bank ATM I had a cluster of two flag girls in the orange dayglo outfits who seemed to be setting up when there was no reason to do so. They "happened" to be gone when I came back 5 minutes later. Another anomaly, especially later when I got back, was a septic services tanker truck and a similarly blue and white colored "suck truck", the ones that clean out the drains, and which are higly prevalent in this stalked existence.

Anyhow, besides the red anoraked customer next to me at the ATM all went according to plan; depositing the green 20's only and checks in all their glorious colors, I made tracks back to my place. I got the cycling Fuckwit flying through the crosswalk 4' in front of me after coming down the wrong direction of the major downtown thoroughfare, and then pulling a diagonal across the intersection and then making the turn onto the one way street. In the busiest downtown intersection, this cycling Fuckwit passes right in front of me on the crosswalk after cycling on the wrong side of the road. Most TI's have seen plenty of driving stunts, never mind the left-hand drive vehicles in abundance, and it seems to be a perp trademark that the assholes cannot get enough of their operatives on the wrong side of the road, driving, parking or cycling. Even ambulatory gangstalkers have stepped up the wrong way left-hand drive games in the last week, and haven't relented yet.

I had a profusion of post-wallet emptying (bank deposit) gangstalkers on me for 1000h in the morning, which is when the stores open up in this town. And too, they put on more yellow colored vehicles, even two variants of yellow for the Yellow Cabs, and the lighter yellow of a local taxi company. And other cyclists were out, also in their yellow "safety" outfits. I get back to my apartment building, and lo, if the septic services and the "suck truck" weren't parked outside to cover me walking into the building. In the ten minute turnaround to make my deposit at the ATM, seen on the outbound journey leg, they had turned the corner and sat there waiting for me to come back, like fishes out of water.

After lunch, the jerkaround with the Post-it pad and all the middle pages just disappearing. Naturally, there was more of the yellow taxis hanging around, usually stopped or even parked when I walked to the above mentioned local TI's place, and all for naught as she didn't answer the door. I got my scanned photos back, and dealing with the above mentioned gangstalker that was hot on my tail, and dealt with some more yellow dressed gangstalkers as well as a dude in green camo and also wearing the funny US military hat, something like a traditional train engineer, but in green. I get back to my place, pull a new still-wrapped yellow Post-it pad out and am about to grab the yellow handled Olfa knife when the phone rings. The local TI was asking me if I had come yet, and I got into an explanation that I had, and she didn't answer the fucking door. More apologies and bullshit, all conducted with the remnants of the old yellow pad Post-it note pad (one page), the yellow Post-it note I had taken with me with the address on it, and the new Post-it pad in front of me on my desk while on the phone, I suppose one couldn't get more organized than this, having a three way yellow Post-it page comparion while being kept on the phone and dealing with the person who was responsible for creating this jerkaround.

Anyhow, that wasn't enough of the yellow games, as I went out for a Chicken Run, all to find only half chickens availible, so I made do. And it seems that they are browned on the outside when looking at them in their packaging, but after getting through the gangstalking gauntlet and back to my place, I now see that there was an orange, a paprika spice that was added onto the chicken. No big deal, but they were all over me making this 10 minute round trip to the supermarket. I had my double motorized wheelchair obstructors, and one of them just sat there on the sidewalk, doing the sentry stunt. One minute later this person was gone with no apparent progress, just plain disappeared behind my back, which is often the case. I even had the vagrants with their skateboards and the carborundum no-slip grip talking to me, and was even allowed some remark to blow them off. I get to the store entrance there were three same yellow dressed Fuckwits promoting some seeming cause with their white plastic covered binders, and a brown dressed sentry woman congesting the entrance way. I got my groceries, even if I had five Fuckwits posted at the self-serve chicken counter, got myself through the checkout and suffered through the latest routine of my debit card transaction getting interupted and having to re-enter my password and the rest of it.

It all seems so banal, but the perps are at least doubling the numbers of ambulatory street gangstalkers and putting on more color displays, and in one instance, the luggage toting "travellers" with a red and a yellow colored objects walking ahead of me among the surfeit of hoodie dudes. Besides adding more ambuatory gangstalkers, the incidence of cyclists on the sidewalks has also increased, but I suppose I cannot complain about the ones that are walking their bikes or even packing a sole spoked wheel. Fricking bizarre to say the least.

And another minor comedic stunt tonight was arranging a fast walking dog walker ahead of me that I couldn't catch up to (rare), and then the person and dog crossing paths with another dog owner who had a very strong doberman. The doberman owner, a woman was attempting to keep her dog from lunging toward the dog ahead of me, accompanied with plenty of shouting and dog howling. In this melee, the owner's considerable purse contents dumped out on the street as I was passing by. I suppose this is one of the "life happens" events, as it is a first time event.

I did my one hour cleaning job tonight, which was only an hour and not the usual longer 1.5 hours. The boss man must of come 30 minutes early to wind it all up by 1830h. Not a big deal, but it goes to show how much they like to change up the routine. This system had been working for at least three weeks with same-time starts with me using the vacuum first and taking it to his area, and then using the mop bucket first, and moving to his area afterward. Not tonightl we were using the mop bucket at the same time, and he even prevented me from doing a last squeeze of the mop as he had emptied the bucket by then. And I did the mopping last so the floor was still wet when he had me set the alarm in the Service area. More strange requests and changes in the routine.

I was troving through Stereophile's records to die for tonight; I did plenty of bookmarking which is always a perp fascination, and had the earmuffs on for most of the time with the din that slowly sets up and ends up being louder than the environmental noise.

I posted my incomplete glossary of terms, begun in November here.

Time to call this one done.

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