Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Slack and Fucked With

A slack day so far, except when being fucked with, then it gets to be intense rage-ification. The biggest sustained serial rage show was before, during and immediately after breakfast. They pulled objects from my grasp, applied fake touches to me, spaced me out to stand there and not get on with the intended activity of say, opening a cupboard, spaced me out as to where the teapot was, foiled me turning the light switches off and other fuckery to annoy me. And it is not like I have a choice in my "reaction"; it is an immediate rage show each time. And it could be that the sustained rage show was all about "readying" me for the news, as there was a Turkish airliner crash landing at Schipol Airport in the Netherlands. Regular readers will know that the perps are obsessed over presenting concepts of death, destruction and chaos, so perhaps they wanted me fully ragee-fied in advance of seeing this particular news item. The perps also have a geographic component to their harassment and exposure games they want me to read and see, and it includes the country of Turkey, as it does others e.g. France, Germany, Italy, UK, Scotland, Celtic countries/regions and a few others. I have no fucking idea why, but they did noisestalk me once when reading an article about genetic research of ancient populations and that the Italian Tuscans are originally from a region of Turkey. No, I don't believe that the perps would put on an aircrash for me to see that touched on various themes of theirs, but likely knew about it before I did and got me good and stinking annoyed before allowing me to read it. My theory is that one's auric energies are much easier to detect remotely when one is in this mood state, hence the perps using this as their first and best stunt; pissing me off. This is based on reading about a book where the author can see auric energy fields, and noted that there was a substantially larger field when someone is annoyed.

I was allowed to awaken at 0915h today, a 10.5 hour sleep, and I was indeed, allowed to sleep unlike the night before when I got about 3 hours of light REM sleep. As always, I was not suffering any bit yesterday for losing 5 hours of regular sleep time, 8 hours being normal before the perps overtly struck. No other perturbances in the night that I can recall, save the innocuous meat aerial games.

After that, and while online, the perps seem to relatively less horrid than when I am up and about, usually making or eating meals. I get plenty of plasma and maser games while viewing this LCD display, and copius amounts of typo and mouse sabotage, but nothing too intense. I wear my earmuffs most of the time, and they must like that a whole lot as they don't piss me off when wearing them. They build up a lot of noise in the earmuffs and I am sure there are some color benefits to it too, though again, I have no idea as to exactly why. And still they keep plugging me with ideations of shutting down the harassment in two days, Feb. 27, and if I have a choice, I refute them as I have never been wrong once in detecting this specious bullshit. It doesn't happen, and the assholes like to do this about three times a year. For whatever reason they decided on a six week run up of this bullshit, and while doing so keeping me from getting on with the grant grovelling I need to do, interviewing employers to validate my choices for courses to be supported in.

I am back from the cleaning job at the car dealership tonight. They seem to be big on getting red colored vehicles in the showroom with surrounding white, black and silver grey vehicles, much like vehicular gangstalking configurations. There wasn't anything too peculiar tonight, just that they brown boxed or wrapped parts are getting plenty of rotation and reshuffling each day. I walk through the Parts department to do cleaning, and from what I can surmise it seems legit to have the body parts in a black color so they can be painted to the correct color locally. I had the extra obvious gangstalking dude on me again tonight. He being a faux salesman who "happens" to extra busy to ensure that he buzzes around me three times, once outside and then twice inside the Service garage, crossing paths each time. Funny how his timing worked out; he was the same dude as yesterday putting on the gangstalking when I arrived, and on his cell phone doing back and forths, and then inside later. Tonight he did the male crotch grab simulation, as seen from behind with one arm directed to his crotch area, or at least simulating this state. I cannot cound how many times I have seen male gangstalkers doing this, but they are so consistent that there must be some subconcious reaction they are attempting to elicit. Again, I have no recollection of any males making threatening gestures by crotch grabbing.

I had my posse of gangstalkers on me when I departed the car dealership tonight, the first being a pair of odd dudes, one wearing a red hat. I haven't figured out the red hat bullshit either, but it is very common and more than one would expect normally, pre-overt harassment.

I also stopped at the supermarket on the way back, and had my usual gangstalkers, and got out as fast as I could, all no problem, and lo, if it wasn't the boss man's scooter outside the store. This is the second time this week he has "happened" to be in the store when I also stopped by. He should of been long gone as he had a 10 head start on me as he drives a scooter. All to continue the gangstalking in a different location other than when working at the car dealership it would seem. It is very interesting that it is so fucking blatant; another "tour the victim" fuck again. I know the assholes know I am totally fed up and utter dispirited from seven years of this fucking relentless stalking, mindfucking and abuse, and still they continue.

Another big deal for the perps at the car dealership cleaning job is to have their shills or operatives pass through the glass door while, or soon after cleaning it. Tonight, another pair of Fuckwits arrived from nowhere to pass through the Service area where I was working, and then I get to lock the door after them as they claim they don't have the keys. Why don't they exit via the garage door by themselves? One of them had visited me once before, "finding me" upstairs cleaning the women's bathroom and indicating that he was going to exit the building by unlocking the Service entrance door, and that I would need to lock it again. Just more dude loitering it would seem, and it is very likely that they might be morphovers of long past perp abusers if this did happen in fact. See yesterday's blog for a short write up, or else the Favored and the Unfavored which has a longer introduction to what might be the reasons for the spectacular consistency of the gangstalking acts and related props.

If the theory of subconscious recalled abuse from 1956 to 1959 is in fact true, although without any conscious recall, it is very likely in those days that the abusers/perps would mostly of been males, and hence their predominance in the current gangstalking acts that suggest they are partially replicating the circumstances of the time when there would of been a significantly greater perp population. I have remarked in recent blog postings of the black vehicles with black tinted glass and the long black coats on the MIBs/male gangstalkers which again might of been more attempts to elicit subconscious recollections. The two dudes in fedoras and long black coats as faux greeters at the optician in December has to be the all time silly MIB show, straight out of flim noir. All that was needed would be for the perps to convert everything into black and white which they can do with their light manipulation games, or directly via the visual cortex.

More bookmarking of interesting CD's and at the same time determining some of the perp's relentless interest in having me do this, some 50k bookmarks since 2002. I was evaluation Frederica von Stade's ouvre on and bookmarking what I thought would be the most interesting CD's which generally does not include classical music. What was interesting was they they had me bookmark titles under my directories of "S" (for von Stade titled with her name first), "Various" (for multiple performers, titled as "various"), "Soundtrack" (for shows, title with show name first), and in in a few cases, the composer name was first. Four different ways to convey the appropriate title of the bookmark in differing directories under the parent directory of "Music". And for them, that is fascinating stuff, worth all seven years of relentless fucking abuse. No one could imagine anything so fucking obsessive as this.

Enough for tonight, and on with the dreary details tomorrow. I seem to be on a full night's sleep schedule again, if not overly so.


Anonymous said...

That is a very good theory. It seems to be a goal of theirs, first and foremost, to always get my very pissed off and annoyed. Everything is geared around that notion, the street theatre, directed conversations, the demographics of people surrounding me. A lot of it is the very hypocritical type harassment, for example, people who shouldn't be talking in the first place insulting me.

AJH said...

Yes, and if you read the next day's posting they got me enraged at this obdurate native Indian that blocked my egress from the elevator to get me enraged before heading out to a serious number of gangstalkers on the street.
Though, I think your last mentioned example is a little different than the "rage-ified" objective of the perps. Setting up stunts to insult one might have more to do with them attempting to elicit some core psychic result of the self. The staring games might also be for this same reason. Another similar harassment form to insults is more applicable to childhood where the child gets reamed out, yelled at and generally excorciated for some innocent transgression (verbal abuse). Not only did I get this at home as a child, but a number of teachers also took it upon themselves to ream me out in front of the class, something they did not do to anyone else, and for reasons that seemed minor at the time. So it seems that the insults, and like verbal abuse might be about attempting to elicit some kind of deep psychic energy response that relates to one's core concept of the self. Another theory of course.
Thanks for the comment.