Thursday, February 12, 2009

Advance Notice On No Yoga

I got a rare phone call informing me that yoga was cancelled today, which was decent, sort of. Three weeks ago it was cancelled without notice, making me walk 10 minutes to the location through the gangstalk gauntlet in both directions. But for whatever reason, I got a rare advance notice by phone, perhaps to keep me shut in until my one hour duration job at 1730h. Not a big deal, though with the aid of a Thursday event next week, amount to a near three week hiatus from yoga, something they already pulled prior to last week's class. The suspicion is that this might be part of the relentless diminuition of keeping me from doing active things; swimming, hiking, chi gong, strength training (with 60 min. city walk commute), and now yoga possibly have all been slowly curtailed and then ended. One can predict the end of these physical activities by how one's vision is messed with immediately after getting back from partaking in it. The LCD display puts out some fierce vision buggering irradiations of some kind, and this precedes the take down of the same physical activity.

Not a big deal, no yoga, after coming off a prior shutdown, but it is the only activity I do, and I like it. Can't be allowed on the latter reason alone I would think. Even foods that taste pleasant get denatured for their flavors over time. Or, as I suspect, one's flavor sensing neural impulses are defeated so that there is no sensation in the part of the brain that senses pleasure.

No other ambitions are getting done around here; the job searching initiatives have been sucked down, the email is getting rare, and even yesterday's highly noise and plasma stalked efforts related to Oracle Education and thier certification programs has been sabotaged by supplied incorrect email addresses and then a email survey that asks who I was dealing with but doesn't tell me that in the email. And could it be all about speaking with E. Indians on the phone and seeing their names in a list? Could be, as it seems that anytime I get foreign sounding names from spam email senders I get noisestalked each time I delete them from my inbox without benefit of opening them. There is something the perps like about making me see any kind of foreign name, no matter what race it may be associated with.

So, what to do today, now that it has been cleared of activities. Regular readers will know that my tormentors like to keep me in a state of aimlessness, having done this before with the cooperation of former employers, so it isn't new. The good thing is that there is always something that materializes; a planted thought comes to mind that may take up a few hours of investigational web surfing. Though, today, they don't want me to read very much as they insert vision fucking games if my reading goes for more than a minute or so; plasma, masers, and direct vision manipulations are just three methods, and I suspect there is more, perhaps even the aforementioned irradiative methods.

And there was something to do, doing my income tax online and submitting it for payment. The last twice tax preparation activities have been sabotaged, and this wasn't any different. They added an extra zero to make it look like I earned $120,000, and that had to be fixed of course. Then they fucked the save file command and at first I didn't know if it did get saved, but eventually found a versioned copy in C:temp. Then they lost my tax file access number, which entailed a delay of a few days last year to retireve it, but fortuneately it could be recovered online. Then they fucked me into thinking I had to pay for the service when us po' folk get the service free, and that took a few minutes to sort out.Then the printing took forever, and finally I was allowed to submit it successfully no less, something I hadn't expected owing to the file saving fuckery. Compared to last year, it was relatively painless, but I am still stiffed for $310 in tax payments, even if I did ask the disability people to take the tax off, they didn't for two more months. I earned a little extra at the farm job this summer, and they likely didn't take enough off. Anyhow, it amounts to nearly the same required payment as last year, $300 that I don't have even with tax payments of $150. Seems like daffodil bulb picking is going to happen again this summer just to get me out of the hole again. And if weren't for this dysthymic suckdown the perps are putting me through, I would do the daffodil flower picking starting this month. This is life in the poor lane, though by some TI standards, I am doing OK.

I did my car dealership cleaning job tonight, and I was mostly by myself and cleaning the boss man's side, as he was sick today. But not too bad that he didn't come around and check on me, or more like, gangstalking me. There will be someone else to the part of the business that I regularly clean. All very sudden, but the reality is that he was grooming me on pieces of it for the past three weeks. And I did find plenty of extra places to clean, walls were an example. I wonder if he will catch any flack over it, the assistant outdoing the boss on his own turf. Though the real issue is that it is a 1.5 hour job at least, and he only pays for one hour. It took me two hours tonight, and I still didn't get as much coverage as I liked.

I had my red force out afterward, when stopping by at the local supermarket after departing the car dealership. At least 20 young people in blue and red jackets, as if part of a team and coming back from a workout where many of them seemed to have showered afterward as their hair was still wet. I thought that I had left them behind when I quickly headed to the checkout, but lo, there were at least three of them ahead of me and and intervening dude in a two tone grey top, but with at least two red bottles of Gatorade and a red Ritz cracker box on the conveyor. I got my dudes lining up, with and without the grey reference jacket in alignment, and its just like always, these color games that go on, and "stacking" them in file with orchestrated insertions and deletions as if to measure each of them and then subsets separately. But I would have to say there was less gangstalkers out tonight for whatever reason, perhaps they know my beat after two months on the cleaning job.

And more skateboarding gangstalkers these days, sometimes with two each, one to ride and one to carry. I suspect the carborundum treads are a significant energy source for interference with my energies so they can detect the results in some way. I have heard of quartz and tourmaline giving off beneficial energies.

Time to call this done after a few hours of bookmarking interesting music from Stereophile; that is as close to music that I can get in these constrained times. The usual games of having my mouse pointer act up, grab an extra blank, truncate the first letter off a name and the senseless intrusion of Windows selecte, copy, paste activity. This has been consistent since early in the harassment, and continues for some 40,000 bookmarks since then. Bookmarking interesting films, books, music and other interests has been an abiding activity where my tormentors make sure to test every last detail, move of the mouse, addition of characters and all combinations and permutations that only they can devise. And other surrogates also of interest to the perps are identifying Wish List items on Amazon and Powells Books. I have at least 1,200 books in my Amazon Wish List, a cummulative exercise in absurdity, albeit that it reflects my interests, much of it now related to covert doings similar to what I experience.

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