Friday, February 13, 2009

Back to Regular Scheduled Abuse

Regular readers will know that there has been a recent moderation in the level of harassment, gangstalking and extra-conventional gravitic stunts over the past two weeks, along with relentless planted ideations as to an planned cessation of hostilities. As of today, that little deceitful vignette has been roundly trounced as probable. And hopefully the planted notions will subside. They started with the peanut butter and jam on toast fuckery games to get me yelling at them, when they had backed off for a week (most odd) and now have resumed harassing me at this particular activity as they do daily. They are also on me with typo sabotage as I type this.

And in the interim I was washing my bedsheets in the laundry, and that drew plenty of harassment games, often in the form of perceptual reversals at a much increased rate. That too was worth yelling at them, and they have maintained this constant agitation for the entire day. Anyhow, it all fits the "imposed normal" and hopefully we can get back to mutual loathing without the constant stream of ideations that are highly unlikely and I would not retain if it were left to me. It is extremely vexing to be pummeled with thoughts one knows to be trivial and best forgotten, because they won't let you forget for weeks at a time. Another never-before experienced by way of remotely applied mind invasive means IMHO.

It isn't always easy to understand what triggers the perp's vituperative bellicosity; sometimes one can correlate it to an upcoming event such as starting a new loaf of bread, or other times it is just to keep the agitation and rage-ification levels up on general principle.

More bookmarking records of interest tonight, an ongoing fascination of the perps, made known to me in 2002 by creating kerchunk noises overhead at the moment of bookmarking, some hundreds of times in succession. Those were the research days, attempting to figure out what this insane harassment was about and when would it end. I still don't know, seven years later. Or at least not in full; nonconsensual human mind control research is one objective, but not all of it by any means. The bookmarking noisestalking being one example. It isn't so obvious anymore, as the din of the earmuffs muffles some of the external sounds such as the introduced faux squashball thumping noises that are time exactly on queue like in the research days.

I did the cleaning job all by myself tonight, and it was 2.5 hours worth when I get paid for one. This is in the boss man's side of the job, he is away sick with a cold. When we are both there I finish my areas and help him finish up to make for 1.25 to 1.5 hours total. There is plenty of "backlog" as I call it, those objects that are in need of dusting or cleaning that have been overlooked such as baseboards, just on door frames etc. And I got plenty screwed around as to task order, backtracking when I knew better, but am not allowed to access my own native recollection abilities. And sure enough, some extra-conventional gravitic fuckery to crank me into a rage state, though only once or twice with no one there. The perps tell me I got off easy for a Friday the 13th, but the reality is that if they got the fuck out of my life, which they are going to do, I could make my own determinations rather than listen to this bullshit feed all the time.

This one is done for the day, and I am glad it is over.

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