Friday, February 27, 2009

Final Ideation Intensification

All day and nearly every thought has been tainted with the planted ideation that the perps will intercept me in 45 minutes time when I am on my walking route to a doctor appointment. They have gone beserk in promoting this outcome, when all logical deductions would indicate that it will only be a doctor's appointment, meeting the brown little man for a white little piece of paper (Rx).

In other words, this possibility of cessation of hostilities has been planted in mind, and intensified today. This is level of intensity is unlike any of their past stunts of this type, but I have never been wrong in sticking to the facts; any notion that the perps will reveal themselves is totally spurious and patently absurd. And all such ideations as to otherwise are planted, and have been for over eight weeks now. Talk about tiresome, and time to end this dumbshit prank so I can get on with the regular harassment instead of this nonsense.

And the perps have been full measure in enraging me for most of the morning when not online. And the harassmen still continues when web surfing, such as selecting the wrong tab, application, link etc. This is routine, fucking with elective choices while in Windows.

I have been getting extra plasma bursts, beams and other exposures all today, including some lingering red and yellow beams sitting over my hands while typing earlier. These beams last over two seconds each, giving me plenty of time to affirm that they were indeed there. Other beams went through my fingers while typing. The maser action with the filamentous blackish wisps and balls has been also continuing, as have the vision and reading perturbations and disruptions. Just a regular day, and to my mind, a regular day of harassment and abuse, including the rest of today.

Last night when first in bed they put on extra overhead pounding and squeaking, street hollaring, road traffic noise and others, such that there were at least ten major noises competing to be heard, though no more than four at any given moment.

Two months of intense ideations did not come to pass. Nothing happened, except a predicted; I saw the doctor, got my Rx, and told my story and then walked through the gangstalking gauntlet. I had one fucker tailing me for half the 30 minute walk, and she had a navy blue jacket with a red scarf. There were plenty of other planted red plasma flashes besides the overabundance of red tail and brake lights. Finally, I can get back to basic abuse and basic motivation to get the needed things done instead of this dysthymic fugue state the assholes have kept me. Though, even by being back 20 minutes they rage-fied me already, so perhaps the intense and insane fuckery is going to continue. About the only thing that happened was extra traffic and traffic noise for the 30 minute walk each way, and greater noise at the location the assholes were predicting their interception to be. I cannot call it a relief, as they may start up another fucking lie and hammer me with predictions that don't pass.

I did my cleaning job tonight, and a new dynamic seems to have developed in that the boss man gets his work done a lot sooner than he did, even when I am faster and when he was 10 minutes late like yesterday. I did his vacuuming upstairs and downstairs, as it seems that there is sudden and huge surge of gangstalking vehicles passing by when I use the vacuum cleaner in the Sales area, that faces three streets. When I do the vacuuming in the Service area and near the entry door there is just about always some kind of setup visible through the glass door; headlights beaming in on me, dudes talking outside, someone attempting to get in (it is locked), and for entertainment, two women outside, one in brown and the other in red, doing thier farewell huggies in my purview. I cannot believe the amount of bullshit that erupts anytime I am near a vacuum cleaner, and that includes the street drain cleaners, commercial vacuum services running a cleaner from their service van, and all other variants of vacuum cleaning. It is fucking nuts, and yet it is so consistent as part of the gangstalk show.

I stopped in at the supermarket on the way back and lo, if the cleaning boss man wasn't there also, improving his average of "happening" to meet me there in the aisles, this time at a very favorite location for the perps, the tortillas of brown sproted wheat. They routinely put two or more gangstalkers at this area, and tonight it was the boss man's turn. All the more amazing is that he gets a ten minute head start with his motor scooter, and could be long gone even, but somehow lingers long enough to cross paths, often putting on the act of not seeing me.

Some messing about with graphic card reviews, prices and the reference bookmarks. All to keep my mindkeepers occupied as they just love that activity. I was thinking another stunt they put together was having me key in the alarm codes at the car dealership that I work in when we are about to depart, and then only 10 minutes later, having me key in the password code for my debit card at the supermarket. Again, it isn't any bit interesting to me, but for them, it is totally fascinating. And it is interesting to see how long it took for this activity confluence to tested; one month.

This one is done for the day, and time to call it quits on this day that the incessant ideations have finally ended.

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