Sunday, February 08, 2009

Short Post

A short post on this Sunday, as I am due to head off to the perp abetting parent's place this afternoon. I have had plenty of contention with stunts so far today; pulling things from my grasp, dithering me when attempting to find the neck of my just laundered shirts, pulling items from my grasp, crumb inundations etc. But for the first time in recent memory they didn't jerk me around when using the Cling Wrap, a near given everytime occurence.

And it was a laundry day with the usual games as mentioned above, all to rage-ify me in readiness for the next task, making lunch from scratch. This is the same lunch and dinner menu as always; chopped chicken tortillas with melted cheddar cheese on top, and a tapenade base. I suppose there was some excitement for the assholes in starting a new bottle of olive oil and a new package of tortillas. Regular readers will know that the perps are consumed with edible oils, and even once pulled a bag with olive oil in my hand so it could be smashed on the asphalt outside, leaving an oil stain there for the remaining months of residence there. As it so happened, only olive oil was in the grocery bag, nothing else. And that was at least five years ago, and here we are, still fucking with my life over their bizarre agenda.

More vivid dreams last night; at least four unrelated vignettes, and only one of some recollection, about automotive tires. These have to be planted, as I have never experienced vivid dreams before, and not to that level of technical specificty either. Just plain invasion it seems to me.

Got to go. But before, the asshole backed the toilet up again, and delayed plunging and clearing, all to have me toss out a full teapot of tea before pickup. Just another date with the sickos.

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