Monday, February 16, 2009

Make It Obvious

Like, never before. It is a Monday, and is always scripted to be high fuckery as well as the stunts when taking a crap, the perps' brown color obsession manifested in another form. This time, it was cleared, flushed through OK, and then when two pieces of toilet paper were added, why, the whole thing backed up and over the top. As if the toilet paper did this, as in fucking obvious remote manipulations again, the third such event in the past four weeks. They cannot get enough of toilet games, and it would seem that the timing was important too, following a short session on this PC after attending to a sudden email burst of spam and TI correspondence. And before the short session, it was tea and chocolate, possibly timed for some kind of temporal color reference as well.

I stayed at the perp-abetting parent's place last night, and was treated to many hours of sleeplessness, possibly with the notion that it wasn't as bad as the planted notions it was made out to be. The usual meat aerial games, and who knows what the dream content was as I don't recall any. Other morningtime action was to drive my mother to the Ford dealership to get her Escape fixed for its front passenger side seatbelt, the parking brake shroud slipping in front of the release button and a sticky accelerator. I had the usual intense consort of vehicles arranged around me, whites with silver greys, mid greys and black colored vehicles with later inserts of reds, deep greens and the odd light metallic brown colored vehicle. It was an in-town trip, so I reckon likely some 600 vehicles by the time we took the yellow Prius taxi to downtown afterward. I see that the Ford dealership got a huge renovation and facelift, and I wonder if they could thank me for that, as my visits there go back at least three years. And the perps always pay up big when it comes to rewarding organizations IMHO.

And of course there was the usual Unfavored demographic groups specimens in the gangstalking crowd, although a fairly light continget for the most part. One skinheaded male kept getting featured in different poses inside the glassed in office; by himself, then with other males crowded around him with just a partial sliver of his smooth head revealed, and then again outside the office walking past. Then later, they put on a negro male, also skinheaded, perhaps in some kind of comparison test. They put on a negro male yesterday when I was invited to get my paycheck at a local coffee shop on the corner where a significant parade of ambulatory Unfavored freaks was arranged while I was looking out from my seat. This is third such "payday", and all the more contrived when he could of paid me Feb. 14 evening, or else waited until today. As there is no cleaning job on Sundays, it was plain that this was another Freakshow for me to witness. If you are new here, and are wondering why the reference of the Unfavored demographic groups comes up, read the posting at the preceding link. And if you are wondering about the history of the perp's brown color obsession and the fuckery that it supports, read this posting on their obsessions.

Yesterday's "payday" at the cafe, the perps put on the ridiculous "security" dudes again, one in yellow and the other in black, just "happening" to engage in a long chat on the street corner on public property and not the location they might have been hired to oversee. As the yellow dressed one did this same routine at the same location in the same payday circumstances as last time, I was not too surprised to see this act run again, just with more help from a MIB pal. The modern MIB's in my circumstances wear black fleece and also prefer the black toques as well. None of the formal suits or bowler hats in this hikey-bikey town. I suspect the perps prefer fleece jackets for some malevolent remote energetics assay reason as there has been such an increase of garments using this fiber, even if it is ill-suited for this windier location.

The retrieval and folding of the towels from the laundry today, post toilet overflow, also brought on more games; noisestalking, then something jabbing in the right foot arch and sudden mild knee pain. Their folding and putting away also begat extra adversity in folding, the trademark flipped hems are almost a 100% event nowadays. Never did I have this degree of annoyances before the assholes struck to make themselves apparent in 2002. And one of the first things they did in the form of sabotage was plug my toilet with a balloon placed in while it was flushed, the opening salvo of toilet games that have "happened" ever since. It is their signature stunt, fucking with shit in all its manifestations. The stories one reads in the news related to this topic just might have a less conventional origin than what it seems. Just my conspiratorial bias of course, but one shaped by experiences of abnormal levels of coincidences. They couldn't mindfuck me for detecting abnormally frequent events until late 2007 early 2008, and so far, they don't seem to fuck with this capability save when they want me not to know in advance of a specific stunt.

And they have also pulled a few other rage-ification stunts today, not in keeping with a seeming relaxation of this level of harassment of last week. They had toned it down until today, being a high harassment post-stayover at the perp abetting parent's place Monday.

As usual, there was the parental games involving the TV watching; my father puts on his agitated act, presumably "from" dementia, but times it for when favorite perp themes are mentioned (war, insurrection, poverty, demise), crossing immediately before or after the remote control (infrared beam) is used, or else when a rare humorous event occurs. And he is even smiling in response to the TV content if of the latter category, blowing his cover even, as he presents himself as to not understand more than a spoken word or two in sequences and as emotionally blank. His endless skulking games were also scripted, hanging around behind a wall to the hallway, and then presenting only his nose and partial face to be seen. This is in keeping with the perps's games of partial presentation of Unfavored personnel, much like the clustering around the skinheaded male mentioned above at the Ford dealership.

A designed mix-up it would seem between the boss man and me at the car dealership cleaning job tonight. He said he wanted me to continue to do his normal area, Sales, while he would cover my normal area, Service and Parts. As it "so happened", he got mixed up and did part of Sales, the garbage bags in all the offices save three I had done already, and then I ended up doing mopping at the Service area. This is consistent with the perp's preoccupation with plastics and their seeming energetic interactions with other substances, objects and persons. As the color of everything is also so important to the perps, it didn't surprise me that I was using the blue mop to do the brown floor when I normally have used the red mop for the last three months. This could get very confusing, and I suspect that it was all arranged so we were doing a blend of each other's normal turf until last week when I did his area because he had a cold. Most often, the perps will start with the most significant change and then introduce partial changes later, decrementing the complexity of whatever the fuck they are harassing me over.

But I wasn't done with the boss man at work, in another "so happened", as he showed up at the same supermarket as I stopped by on the way back, in the next checkout, and then getting ahead of me to be outside in the parking lot when I departed the store. This is the identical set up as two weeks ago; multiple exposures in the same lighting and building locations as well as outside, and even the same checkouts for each of us.

And while in the checkout the perps put on a "skinhead sandwich"; totally shiny bald males ahead and one directly behind. There were two intervening blonde women between me and the skinhead male ahead, and I suppose as all things seem connected to the perps, even if disparate to the victim and anyone else not in the know, it was an occasion to have the skinheads represented at the event of a financial transaction. Last week it was males in red coats, and there have been other examples in past blog postings. Sometime soon I expect a "negro sandwich" at the checkout. And I suppose it was never enough to have had two negroes working for me in 1998 through 1999 as well as an E. Indian, all on good terms, because why not screw the victim more with insane numbers of iterations of the Unfavored specimens for 10 more years?

To the perps, abuse is one of those open ended affairs, not unlike Guantanamo Bay. I suspect the nefarious doings there have more to do with the perp objectives in all their color combinations and permutations, that being skin, clothing, bedding, cell, towels and whatever else that is in their environment, brutal as it is. In the same vein, I have a notion that the so called "rendition" tortures were more important for the location at 35,000' and applying duress there, for whatever the perps get out it. Other TI's have been extensively gangstalked by airline personnel, and it does suggest a certain objective that is related to the Earth itself, and it is all the more attainable if the victim is under duress. I know of no deep underground tortures, say a half mile deep or more, but as I am kept relatively clueless as to what is going on, I would not be surprised if this didn't occur. Some of the leading "consciousness thinkers" suggest that the Earth, has intrinsic energies itself. It is clear to me that inanimate objects are also of interest to the perps, and if consciousness has energetic properties, and inanimate objects do too, then it is logical that the Earth itself also has certain energetic consciousness properties. I am speculating here, and if you don't buy into all that I understand.

In keeping with the extra intense Mondays, especially when they have fucked me out of showering this morning, and cleaning my hair after the cleanup from the shit stunts mentioned above, it wasn't too surprising that they got me fully rage-ified tonight while making tea and especially with chocolate in my mouth in keeping with the perp's brown color obsessions. Not to mention their profound interest in my mouth contents, possibly as it is so close to the brain where they like to wreak havoc, and create torments and then script rage "reactions" to them. Just more of the imposed beserkness that they see fit to put me through, and they haven't laid on the "complaining neighbors" games like at two former residence locations.

A final wrap-up; thankfully the intensity of the fuckery settled down while doing a marathon bookmarking session of interesting music albums from this list of lists. The usual crackling and din in the earmuffs with the odd siren and siren variants getting through have been accompanying me. Naturally, a crackling noise will erupt at the instant of the mouseclick to bookmark, or like timing to every last dot and comma that I am manipulating in Windows select, copy and paste efforts to ensure a readable bookmark when viewed in the Bookmark lists. Exciting stuff, I know. Other accompaniment has been to alter the colors of lines on the LCD display, adding greens, purples or the like to the edges, same as earlier when they were cranking me up by augmenting the edges of the white dinner plate with purples and yellows, a 1/8" band exactly following the edge of the plate as if illuminated from some other worldly source. Now that they have direct access to all my visual constructs in my visual cortex, they can tweak and fuck with any aspect of any object, in motion and in real time. This has been the nature of the impositional fuckery of late.


Eva said...


I am a victim of Organized Gang Stalking in Germany and have opened a forum for German targets who do not know what this is about.


I have some targets from the USA and GB visiting, whose comments I translate. This might also be an interesting Forum for you.

I would appreciate your visit and comment, which I will translate into German for my German readers.

The aim is to show that this Organization works on an international level, organized by the CIA and the Secret Services of all NATO countries and Canada, too.
The Organization is working with the same manual everywhere, the same techniques are being used.

Take care,

AJH said...

Thanks for the link, but I am getting messed around and cannot get into the blog site you mention. It says that site doesn't exist. Wordpress puts on a display indicating that I need to create a user id and password. I should be able to view the blog and I cannot. Send me another comment if you have a solution.

AJH said...

AJH again;
I did manage to get in to your site, though I didn't see much in English, and unfortuneately, I don't read German. (Wish I could). Thanks for the link though under Blogs von Opfern des Organisierten Gang Stalking.

Here are some of my ideas in brief about TI life and who is doing this and why for you to translate if you want.

In my opinion it is not the CIA, NATO, NSA etc. as these are all constrained by national boundaries and laws (mostly). I suspect these organizations do the perp's bidding as requested, and maybe are covertly directed (up to and including mind controlled) by the perps.
Part of the TI harassment and abuse is about mind control research, and if you look in my TI Harassment Links List, right side, you will see what the perps appear to have accomplished from my perspective in 2006, 2007 & 2008.
But that is not all of it, as they seem to arrange events each time I make a financial transaction for example. Which suggests that the perps are attempting to capture the psychic/consciousness energies of this event, along with many other things like nationality, marital arrangements and everything including sentience of inanimate objects. (Read my post, Pondering the Perps Objectives, TI Harassment World Link List).
Anyhow, I hope this wasn't too complicated for you to translate, and you may find more information in the Consolidated TI Harassment Link List.