Saturday, February 14, 2009

More Dullness Prevails

Don't mention the numeralogy of the time, as it would be another coincidence. And we TI's know the real goods behind that word.

It has been a shut-in day so far, a total demotivation to get the Saturday newspaper and read it from cover to cover. Or more like, read what is permitted, as it seems that a new uncharacteristic habit has emerged, reading partial paragraphs and skipping to the next. A new never-before behavior, and another coincidence, har, har. Given that the perps are totally beserk over exactly when I start or stop an exercise, which includes reading sentances, paragraphs and complete articles, one can be certain that living under the microscope as I do has just had its resolving power increased. Meaning, that more trivial things are more interesting to my tormentors, and the trail of derision that brings from me. How could any billion dollar budgeted organization be so interested in the color of the lint they place on my clothes, never mind the density, color and size of the crumbs they put around or under my bread each morning? I don't have an answer, though of late I have noticed the perps sometimes immediately redirect my attention to see other speckled objects after having me clean up one of their crumb game events. Believe or not, this represents the leading edge of seven years of relentless life rape, and I am not the only one.

That I slept in freshly laundered sheets last night might be the day's excitement for the perps, but as their obsessions are so obscure and varied, one can impute many debased objectives in harassing and abusing their victims. They did let me get to sleep in short order after some 10 minutes of forced head flipping, loud noises that were blocked by my fingers in my ears, and other stunts like noise augmentation. This particular game, where noise is added or increased to every event has been intensified of late. My Levi jeans "make" whiffling sounds even when the legs don't contact each other, my runners now squeak, the towels squeak when I apply them to my face, setting down crockery on counters begets at least four contact bounces if one to listen to the noise, and my coat has also taken on a whiffling sound when it never did before. In fact, then entire synchronization of action and noise has been debased, with the noise continuing long after any apparent cause has been removed, by at least two seconds or so. Often, online videos are made out of sync, removing the desire to watch them.

My blogging has gotten more brief of late I notice, and there are some stories that aren't making into print of late. I have been busy bookmarking interesting music for a few hours each night, but when there is a change in habit, I think of one source first, the meddling assholes scripting my existence, right down to every dot and comma in my paper journal. Even the litter on the ground is arranged, often with items placed at right angles, twigs, cigarette buts and last night at the car dealership jobsite, black nylon plastic ties. I often get dots or streaks of the ink in my paper journal "arriving" on the page a few inches ahead of where I am to write, and invariably the supplied dot or streak serves as partial completion of making the very alphabetic letter that is placed at that very page location. And too, at the moment of calligraphic incorporation, a noise will go off.

And the noises are becoming more customized and coordinated to my actions. When having chocolate and tea earlier, there was a vehicle horn at each time I placed a piece of chocolate in my mouth, three times in succession, including once when I delayed placing the chocolate in my mouth, getting pissed with the noisestalking. It was the same vehicle horn, for the same two second duration, timed exactly for three insertions of chocolate in my mouth, some 8 to 10 seconds apart.

Another piece of interesting noise timing was at breakfast when they put on a blended noise that was sustained through my entire breakfast, some 10 minutes or so, and when the foil chocolate wrapper was removed to reveal all of the chocolate bar, why, this annoying noise suddenly stopped. My experiences with blenders is that they are run for a minute or two at best, as the blending takes very little time. Naturally there wasn't any variation in tone of this putative blender, so it was not like things were being added to it. Anyhow, I would suspect most regular readers would know that the perps are obsessed with the color brown, and all things that are in my mouth. Invariably their on-street gangstalkers have their mouths open or are eating as they walk, the most ludicrous thing yet.

It would seem that there has been a campaign to keep me from doing much of substance of late, ever since mid December when the job searching was curtailed, originally for the lack of jobs, and now, even if there is something interesting, it gets bookmarked into a prospective folder, and "somehow" I forget to go there later and engage in responding. Weeks go by and then when I finally look at the prospective folder, why, I am too late to apply. Other mandated job search activity has stopped "by itself", after a very busy fall season of applications, as I am required to go to some prospective employers to substantiate my case to beg for tuition grants as one of the disabled. Hopefully this dysthymic demotivation imposition will be lifted so I can make my case, and I learned that I have until the end of March to get this done. I was doing some research into Oracle Corporation courses a few days ago, and that activity was the seeming reason for a round of intensified noisestalking, overhead thumping and pounding through the earmuffs I was wearing, and other invoked contention to piss me off and have me lose my place in the site. Also, in making the phone contacts, both of them E. Indian males, extra noise, phenomenon, mind fucking (not getting the name correctly) and other fuckery was applied. The E. Indian promotion seems to be a big thing of late, especially in the news, but interestingly, not among the gangstalker group demographics. Normally the perp's themes move on all fronts; news, websites, personal interaction, email etc., but not this time; very curious.

I am back from tonight's cleaning job at the car dealership; another 2.75hr marathon when the manager thinks it can be done in one hour. Not without cutting corners and then having the dust bunnies coming out to bite one, or at least that is my take on it. Mind you, when doing a new area I tend to go heavy at first and then I know what is clean to my standard and can back off. As the Sales area is normally the boss man's domain, I did not have the prior knowledge as to what got done how well beforehand, hence I cleaned more. The boss man even came out tonight to do a little helping on floor sweeping, and some of the garbages, and I was glad for the assistance. He even comes on Sundays when it is closed to put in extra hours to get the place looking better than the 1.5 hr evening jobs can get it done. Even at that I did find some significant areas to clean up in the bathrooms, all "don't notice" areas that slowly accrete dust and debris. As always, when I am in the building and next to the windows doing vacuuming or mopping there are large formations of vehicles speeding by on the adjacent streets, often going very fast. I suppose this is all in aid of getting nightime vehicles in my proximity, an outside to inside gangstalking. So much of the perp games relate to one's presence in a building, changing to another room, moving to another location in this small apartment and the like. It is all very consistent.

An interesting new-to-me TI blog, The Wise TI. I have not read it through but it is readable and sensible. More advice on defensive devices I see; I wonder when the TI's will understand they are doing exactly what the perps want; specialized exposure to odd items in odd juxtapositions for extended durations. The perps are always going nuts on rubber compounds in all their variants; tires, windsheild wipers, rubbermaid products, sink stoppers and so on, and I read in the Wise TI that putting these objects on one protects them. What it is doing is giving extended and closely proximate objects and substances more energy interaction time with the TI victim, exactly what they want. If you are being disabled or in intense pain though, one has to do something to alleviate it as the perps can render one totally incapacitated. Just my view, but one that has the perspective of not getting hammered with pain beams like I was in 2002.

That is all the excitement for today, and onto doing squat tomorrow for the cause.

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