Thursday, February 19, 2009

Public Meetings

It has been at least six years since I went to a public meeting. It was tied to the training grant groveling so I felt obliged to go through the impending ordeal such events have become. Also noted was that it pre-empted attending yoga, conflicting at the very same time. For the entire meeting I had this dude in front of me that kept slumping leftward to block my view of the speaker, incrementally and progressively for the 1.5 hours of the meeting. And I thought I had it bad in the cinema attending days when this same bullshit would erupt, the person in front having an unerring knack in obstructing my view. This dude could see the speaker perfectly, and yet he insisted on moving leftward the entire time I was there. That wasn't the worst of it though, as a smell of alcohol on someone's breath kept getting jammed up my nose. It wasn't the woman beside me, coming in at the last minute and exchanging seats with a lean-forward dude. She brought a scarf that was identical in color to the speaker's top, a turquoise, and made sure I saw it my putting it into my peripherial vision later in the meeting. And now that same acetone like alcohol breath smell is getting jammed up my nose for the rest of the afternoon while back at my place. This is not new, just more blatant that the usual bullshit. It is fucking tiresome to be exposed to smells that don't arise from one's environment.

I did my cleaning job at the car dealership tonight, and most everything went OK, but owing to some blatant Fuckwit games, a mechanic who stayed behind to do work, (or make accompanying noise as I see it), then set off the alarm system that I had set. As we are getting ready to leave, I ask him if he has the passcodes to set the alarms, and then he tells me his plan is to leave with us. Like WTF; his departure hinges on us and he doesn't tell us that until asked at the last minute. How did he know if we were to be working for an hour or four hours? Then I set the alarm on the back end, while he is in the front end, and then he takes off to switch the air compressor off he says, and lo, if he didn't set the alarm off somehow. To make a long story short, the alarm setting got totally fucked up, and it seemed that this dumbshitting around was to have me stay in the areas where I had cleaned with my coat on and use the telephone, (an instrument of localized electromagnetic disturbance) to deal with the alarm company. And as it "so happened", I didn't have the passcode id that they were looking for and it was a total fuckup. Somewhere in all of that the mechanic disappeared, the sole cause of the problem because he didn't communicate his actions in advance when they were dependent upon ours.

Anyhow, it puts yet another adverse experience on the Fuckover tally board, and I have had enough of this shit, and had plenty before they trashed my existence in this overt harassment phase, never mind the continual scripted litany of disaster I get treated to. And as regular readers know, the adversity extends to taking a crap, a 90% chance event of something or many things going wrong. And that too was scripted in tonight, all to service the sicko's brown color problem they have created for themselves. Who would of thunk it; a billion dollar budgeted organization surrepticiously surveilling, stalking and interfering with innocent citizens over the color brown, and by extension, the body parts of that color? Yet another bizarre tale that ranks on the stupid scale with their preoccupation with crumbs and planting them all around my toast, and even teleport them in right in front of me should whatever perverse "need" arise.

And another round of sirens accompanied the above write up, so no doubt recounting events in a journal contributes to whatever the perp's fucking games are. One cannot rest for a second, lest it be a potential jerkaround moment. They noisestalk me anytime I notice a plasma or maser beam flitting by, and it seems that they cannot yet take over all my vision, or at least, not outside. When heading to the car dealership cleaning job tonight, as soon as I put on my toque a pressure came on my head, which suggests that it was the assholes at work, because the hat never did this before. I call it mental takeover, and I suspect that they cannot fuck with me as much as they want to when I am outside, hence the parade of gangstalking dipshits and freaks at every turn when out in public.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been reading and commenting for a while on your blog and I wanted to alert you that the "Gangstalking Journal" website

which you linked to in your last post, may not be legit. I registered for her forum and when I got my registration email confirmation and typed in my name and password it didn't work. She (or whoever runs that site) also did not respond to my email. I don't appreciate my passwords and email addresses being gathered like that, so if she reads your board, or you have any contact with her please encourage her to resolve this issue with me.

In a related topic I sent you an email some months ago to which you never responded. I'm assuming you didn't receive it. My email address is:

In the interest of reassuring a fellow TI who has often commented on your site, please tell me that your and other TI sites are not harvesting the email addresses of MK victims. Because that would be really lame.

Greydove Featherwing

AJH said...

I exchanged emails with Cassie of Gangstalking Journal, and everything seems legit. I also registered on the forum but the id/password was different from the one she sent via email later. This latter id/password worked. I suggest you email her again, as she was very prompt in replying to mine.

I never did get an email from your address. For the record, I always respond to emails if a response is warranted with the obvious exception of provocateurs and posers, the unobjective minded to be polite.

FYI; I am not doing any harvesting" of MK names and most individual TI's that I have encountered aren't as far as I can tell. The forums are where one might find that, not including the above mentioned Gangstalking Journal which as I said, is legit.

Cassie said...

Greydove, I thought we resolved this issue for you, if not you can use the automated password retrieval feature. I did not receive additional emails from you that this was unresolved. As clearly stated in the forum rules, new users must be approved by an admin before their accounts are active.