Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday Shut-in

The perps set up situations for me to be totally incorrect; predictions, determinations, physical causal, "facts" (as I once knew them), and anything else that can be misjudged, misinterpreted and the like. And it may come to pass that I will not have a shut-in day today, and that some activity eruption will take me elsewhere. But normally, Fridays are the day when they like me confined to my apartment and subject to noise events that are timed with imposed itches to scratch, viewing a new web page, seeing one of the Unfavored portrayed on a web page, clicking on a link, and the rest of life's dull minutae they find so endlessly fascinating. Another game of increasing occurence is to plant double vision my my peripherial vision and then script a noise the instant I detect this imposed visual anomaly.

And anomaly detection is a big part of the ongoing fuckery; yesteday they planted a dude in loose clothing with a pony tail with his back toward me in the gym some 15' away, and then planted me with the notion that based on the ponytail, it was a woman. And lo, if in the next time I looked in that direction, the fucker was posing for me in side profile view, ensuring that I saw that indeed he was a he. Normally, If I am uncertain as to a person's gender due to an incomplete look or the subject being too far away, I keep this indeterminancy in mind and have a later look. This always happened "naturally" (read, before highly invasive mind technologies were applied) until yesterday, when my mind-keepers decided they didn't like that, and assigned this ponytail setup as a female in my mind. This is another never-before cognitive processing change, imposed by remote means IMHO.

The male-female determinations seem to be a big deal of late, and the perps will often plant the notion that a certain webpage author was a woman or a man when I have no clue, and normally I don't make any such distinction if I don't have verifiable detail. But now, the perps override this cautious fact determination, and assign a "percieved" gender to an author's written work which often does not offer any clue. This is of course part of the above mentioned "get it wrong", (read, we planted the incorrect notion in your mind) which may be one of the perp's methods to detect the bioenergetics related to any given thought, or thought theme, or meme. Anyhow, this is only one example of the excruciating detail the perps work at, and it is done all day long, and even into planted dreams.

And lo, if that isn't a supplied segue into last night's dreams which were a replay over the very issue to which I was exposed as a setup three days ago, when helping a product display firm onsite at a third party big box store. The display firm rep had directed me to move some products that had been placed in the display bays, aka product shelving. We had organized the display the day before according to the supplied "planagram", or product layout specification, and "overnight" a stack of another product "arrived" in all its heavy plastic wrapping into this carefully planned display. There was an loitering operative/store employee who took exception to the product being shifted around, and he got into an obdurate slanging match with the product display rep. It was a territorial thing/setup, a tiff between the store employee and the person directly responsible for the display, who is an external rep. The store manager eventually came and calmed everything down, and all was resolved in favor of the product display rep. My planted dream was a replication of this very event; a slanging match over setting up convention booths and displays. This is another example of thought and dream invasion as I never had such dreams before the overt harassment fuckery began in 04-2002, and it is way too specific for what I normally dreamed about before, the odd time that I had dreams.

My minimal lunch was the scene of much noisestalking, especially afterward when eating up the cashews I bought three days ago. One cashew magically lept from my closed fist and landed on the carpet and then took an 18" lateral bounce to land on my plastic office chair mat, where I spend most of my day online. Again, this is a highly improbable event in conventional gravitics terms, and has all the makings of being controlled by the very same assholes who constantly hound me over plastics of all kinds and colors, anytime I am in public. Not my problem.

Another example was when I was helping at the big box store; I was aiding the blonde woman product rep who was short and dumpy. No problem, except that this is of course one of the Favored characteristics, blonde, that the perps like to blend with Unfavored ones, short, dumpy. When I departed, she called me back and then engaged in a 8 minute conversation about taking a possible part-time job, exploring the fact that I don't have a vehicle which made it highly problematic. Towards the end of the conversation I am allowed to note that her arm is on top of a stack of very light brown vinyl chairs while speaking with her. Then the notion was allowed to be entertained that the sole reason for this little chat was to get blonde face time with someone I respected while contained (in conversation) only 2' from the brown PVC chairs. Regular readers will know that the color of brown figures highly in the perps' harassment games, often adorning the Favored members of the demographic groups that the perps have defined for me. And also, the perps tell me, and I have reason to believe them, that the ingestion of various plastics, at levels like anyone else, is confounding their abilities to remotely read my bioenergetics, starting with mind control. This is just an observation as to the degree of arranged complexity around me, and the recurrent issues and themes that the perps ensure I am exposed to.

And while the above paragraph was being composed, there was an eruption of sirens and then following that, a rare round of vacuum cleaning outside in the hallway outside my apartment door. Normally the perps don't do much of the hallway vacuuming as they need a cover story for all the crap they leave on the floor, presumably as remote energetics assay props; mylar candy wrappers, chunks of seeds, gum, plastic bag chads, wax paper and other like "trash" that offers both color and material type, (back to plastics again) for their ongoing harassment games.

I am also getting more red plasma edge effect games today; they arrange for a narrow beam of plasma to be arranged on the edge of this LCD display or keyboard, and then at some moment control my attention to look at it. If I don't like the color red, and some others, why do I have a billion dollar posse chasing me all over the world, and into my apartment undertaking realtime determination as to my response to these nonconsensual impositions using advanced technologies that they also deny the rest of the world?

As always, those above scripted rants will beget no answer, and it is best that I move onto some more web surfing, making sure to avoid the color red.

I was forced into a mid afternoon nap for an hour after tea and chocolate, and I am still being fucked with vision impairments and like games, as if the nap had some lasting effects. This is nonsense of course, but it is an example of how even the simplest of deeds, reading online, gets messed with under the guise of another event. Meanwhile, I am being noisestalked, as there is something terribly important to the perps about nap recovery. My top blanket is yellow and red colored with others interspersed, so perphaps sleeping on top of the blanket is being compared to sleeping under them. Anyhow, the bedsheets are a total mess, and have even got worse after Monday's tick infestation. They are going to spray in two days, and I have to find a place to hang out for all of Monday. It seems a natural that the perps are going to do this on a day after a regular stay at my parents' place, and also a day in which I have a doctor's appointment. The way the plan is shaping up is that I will likely arrive from my parents' place at the doctor's office (has been arranged before) and then return back to my parent's place afterward, and not mine. This way, the perps control my before and after doctor's visit to be at my parents place, with my mother being there, and my father away at adult daycare until 1500h.

The little East Indian doctor is of course brown skinned, more brown than his Asian predecessor, and I expect that this upcoming brown person exposure is of vital interest to the perps. It isn't enough that my out-of town brother is married to an East Indian woman, and my in-town brother hangs out with a native Indian woman. And who knows what other testing and fuckery has gone on in the name of this perp obsession, (brown color), that they impose upon me. The Indian Lake Project shows Caucasian children being caged with children of other races, one being a negro. If I was there, and I have no recall of doing so, it maybe that there are some race based subconscious traumatizations the perps are attempting to elicit. Yet another piece of mendacious fuckery, if true, that is not my problem. I am fine by myself, and have exhibited no serious race based prejudices. And yes, I am a little territorial and don't buy into the multicultural crap that gets dished out, and I constantly wonder at the mindset of those that do. The Muslim rioting in France of the last two years is an example where this forced cultural mixing ins't plain working. Enough on that.

I am also finding that the perps like to gangstalk me after a planned event for a few hours, or else have me confined in my apartment. So the upcoming Monday doctor's appointment will likely be an test on me while at my parent's place, taking me past dinner and into the evening before I get back here. And there will be a family gathering on the prior day, as it is my daughter's 18th birthday. She graduates from high school later in June, and will likely go to college locally.

And I note that my ex is suggesting we go hiking on Sunday, before the get-together for our daughter's birthday dinner that will follow at her place. So perhaps there will be other brown skinned hikers that we will encounter that day. I will report on this prediction later. Regular readers will recall a prior mention in this blog about a hiking party of four the perps arranged; they had twin Asian males, about 25 years old, and one was dressed in an all brown outfit, and the other was dressed in an all light blue outfit, with the clothing choice, fabric type and cut identical. It was hilarious, with the Asian twins as the center two individuals of this file of four hikers. The lead position of the hiking party of four was a woman who appears to be very much like one who has been in the public eye in the past, and I won't get into this for now, as it is all too startling and unprovable at the same time. I should also note that light blue, a sky blue, is one of the perps' first choices when exposing me to a new circumstance of color outside of the greyscale colors of white, grey, black and silver-grey.

This is the post dinner time, and one the perps like to noisestalk most, as they have already set up a similar event yesterday at this time. They had me doing my Quicken month end this time yesterday, and fucking with my cognition enough to get me totally rage-ified. Tonight, they had me reading about Leonard Cohen's financial problems, going back to 2005. This was the first time they let me read about them, and it was duly noisestalked with children's voice noises from outside. The finality of that exercise was the perps planting another tick on me to crush and then wash off my hands, forcing a visit to the bathroom to deal with that mess. More detailed games over these same themes they keep pumping on, detailed in the Pondering the Perps Objectives postings to the right.

But at least the perps have relieved me from this faux post nap tiredness they imposed on me, even if dinner was its usual brief event; one slice of leftover tortilla and a handful of salty cashew nuts. I don't know what the perps' obsession is in having me eat cashews, but they had me eat them everytime I went hiking as my lunch. Then, fruit was also allowed to finish up this spartan meal. This points to another perp obsession, nuts as a food source; they even had my daughter loathing nuts until she was 15 or so, and then conceded to marzipan, ground almond paste.

Anyhow, it is back to doing squat for the evening, and observing the light "reflectance"/plasma beam targetting that goes on at this time of day, noted in recent past pictures in this blog. This seems to be of everyday interest to the perps, who having scripted a rainy morning, have now put on late day sunlight as the cover story for beaming plasma beams into this apartment.

I came across this article on the recent gaffes over transporting nuclear weapons over US soil, and how mistakes were made in protocol and handling. I didn't believe that the "mistakes" could made over this normally highly secure weaponry, and wondered what it was all about, saving raise this as a "featured" story item for the perps. (Nuclear weapons story figure highly in the perps objectives, see the link to the right). And so when I came across this article which describes a parallel command structure forced upon the US Air Force at the nuclear weapons depot by Vice President Cheney, then I realized that there was no mistake, it was all planned, including the confusion and consequent leakage to the media. Talk about a gratuitous stunt, this has to be it. And for what; to fire some Air Force brass? How sick.

And I was roundly noisestalked anytime I typed the "n" word above; this is how I get feedback as to what the perps are up to and how they are progressing. Having stories lie fallow for a few months seems to be an important part of the fuckery. And as I typed that last sentence, a siren cascade erupted outside and a maser strike fell upon my upper lip. Obviously, a very important topic to the gutless fucks remotely applying unconventional physical forces and reading my thoughts.

And I should note that the perps don't seem to be in any hurry to expedite the attainment of their objectives and nor any kind of premature end to the harassment games. This determination has resulted from today's change in shaving, a long time perp obsession, likely because there are changes to one's bioenergetic signature from the foam, steel blades, and the grey plastic of the shaving handle and head. (The perps also go beserk over using cutlery as well, forcing me to eat finger food most of the time). Regular readers will know that in late September or October they had me begin shaving my chest and torso hair each morning, and two weeks later this was extended to include armpit hair. Then about a month later, they had undertake weekly pubic hair shaving. They would not allow the latter to be done at the same time, and hacked me into a bloody mess with their imposed puncture wounds to "tell me" not to bother integrating the two at the same time. Fine, I thought, I will stick with the two session system. Of late, they have had me extend the front torso shaving to include some of the pubic region, and today, all of it. That means the perps spent eight months studying the bioenergetics of each mode and region of shaving before allowing the integration of the two. This, I find, is stunning; to expend that amount of time to pissing around as to how and what I shave. It stands to reason that the more body region shaving that I do, the more it serves to collect more interaction variability of the data. Anyhow, it is another example of the perps taking their sweet time to study yet more details about me that I pay no mind to. I may have noted in a past blog that my father has strangely adopted the same shaving system as I use; a Gillete two blade head and shaving foam. He never used the latter until the last month or so, sticking with his longtime practice of creating a lather with the funny brush that was once common.

More games; a cough, a scratch and overhead rumbling noise all at the same time while reading about alien abductions and the subject's recall as to what transpired. It is interesting that many of the abductees have their recall deleted but will remember the abduction experiences subconsciously, as elicited by hypnosis. Often the stories are corroborated with their companions using the same methods. It would seem that the aliens know how to delete thoughts as well as the perps and both are confounded by subconscious recall. I reckon that when the perps are done with me they will have the ability to delete even subconscious recall. Often, they will flash a plasma beam, mostly white or red in my peripherial vision, at the same time I make any recall associations that they didn't plant themselves. Thought stalking with light flashes instead of noise. Same thing.

I have the headphones on, the perp approved model after three others "failed" for no discernable reason. These are lightweight silver-grey finish plastic model. And it is no surprise that many of the gangstalkers are on duty with similarly colored and manufactured headphones, seeming listening to their nanopods, the single greatest excuse for packing wires, headphones and a player around, all of which are capable of furthering the perps remote bioenergetics interaction assay activity, them with mine.

More games tonight; I was watching a D-Day television segment and the assholes started adding pink tones into the black and white picture. That that was the end of that viewing. All part of the ongoing life-rape harassment, being shunted from activity to activity and not having any say as to what it is, how long it will be, or how it will be portrayed (or fucked with). And furthermore, no say as in how to react; off the wall instant rage-ification to a blase never-mind.

I attempted to listen to music, but someone else had some plans to join me in listening to noise, their noise, especially the long familiar overhead rumbling that cannot claim to emulate any neighbor activity, especially through 12" of concrete, and one that follows me in my apartement, occuring overhead in each instance. I have long mused that the assholes had me listening uninterrupted to music for a reason, and it seems they wish to map Favored sounds, not heard before female voice, to their long running rumbling noise.

Time to call this shut-in day done, with no other prospects for the weekend materializing, save my daughter's birthday get-together on Sunday.

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