Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thudding and Scuffling

The sounds of being surveilled and nonconsensual human experimentation; the "activity" of thuds and scuffling somehow arranged to come through 12" of concrete and steel.

A major harassment this morning at breakfast, getting me rage-ified over motor coordination obstruction and vision impairments, timed together for the most part. And the "fogged and clogged" sensation is back again, courtesy of the new Rx of the orange pills that I started two days ago. End of that medication as far as intake is concerned, and they can join the bright orange multivitamins in the "don't use" line-up of medications. It would seem that the perps have a fetish over the color of my medications, and they decided that orange needed to be tested after six years, and have found that only two days of its intake is either working, or otherwise foiling their experimentation on me. Therefore, orange colored medications are out, only for sitting there in the bathroom unused and in white plastic bottles, two more variables (plastic, white color) that are of intense interest to my mind-keepers/life-rapists.

And I will be on an outing tomorrow, and will stay at my place tonight in preparation for an early morning tomorrow to head out. This is a rare Sunday when I don't go to my parents place, and I assume the perps want to do some testing on me as to the lingering effects of the above colored medications, as normally, Mondays are when they have me "forget" to take the yellow colored medications, all to ply me with more yellow centric gangstalking events, e.g. clothing, vehicles. There is an all-quiet order in effect, a relief of a kind from the steady serial procession of noise, ostensibly from ill-maintain mufflers and chopped motorcycles that "happen" on an as-needed basis.

The perps had me in vocational dreamland last night while online, looking at various job postings, heightening various work scenarios, especially as a slasher to earn $134k per year. Another too good to be true, and this kind of job now needs qualifications of various proficiency tickets, and lo, if I cannot find any local training, as if I could afford it anyway.

And how is this for incredible coincidence? My brother phoned a left a message yesterday when I was out for all of 10 minutes. Then my mother leaves a message today, and the only time that I wasn't able to hear the phone when I was in the shower for all of 5 minutes. And nor did the display on the phone indicate new messages, and nor was there a change in the dial tone in the reciever when I picked it up. That is four "coincidences" in two days, all related to the phone. And when I attempted to return the call, their phone was "busy", all to protract this piece of deliberate fuckery some more. Fucking outrageous, if not anally retentive depravity.

After that above "finding" was arranged of course; why would I pick up the phone if I had no clue as there being two messages. Their continued game was to put on a high pitched whine noise, and then forced me to take a pee, as in more yellow color testing the way I see it. Just another day in this contained depravity, theirs, not mine.

More testing among the First Feral Family. Once the phone messages were resolved, the plan is that we dine at my brother's place, then I come back and stay at my place. The evenings are light enough that my mother can still drive at that time of day. Funny how these regular events are getting more disrupted of late. At least it will be a few less hours of doing time here, and a reprieve from the imposed fantasies of working, database designing and the like. Nothing is predictable with these clowns on top of my every perception, and likely leading me all the time.

The coughing and spluttering has been mostly contained today, and then the perps forced it exactly when I was about to send an email to a forum of fellow TI's. Funny how "noise stalked" moments have now become "cough stalked". That is, imposed coughing of me, and not the orchestrated coughing of proximate operatives and shills.

Picture time, the last of those on the download from my camera. The first ones show what the perps did to my bedsheets with their imposed insect infestation, the bed bugs. There are some highly anomalous patterns that are unlike any insect activity I have seen. And recall that I have not been bitten once from all this. The pillow is on the left, and it got splattered as if it were a leaky fountain pen. The bottom sheet is on the right, and these appear to be blood smears, tracks oriented in a similar arrangement. And also, I never had any blood smears on me, so it wasn't me inadvertenly squashing them in my sleep. Besides, the beg bugs are too tough to squeeze in such a way, one needs to apply finger pressure to make them pop.

The last of the bedbug series, this showing the portion under the pillow, and more of the smeared pattern. This looks too arranged to be insect activity, and how did these get smeared under my pillow?

More fuckery, this time the perps have altered the color of my jacket; the left side is the original color, and "somehow" the fabric has become bleached. I have never seen a garment like this before the harassment began, and I now see similar "bleach jobs" on gangstalkers.

And this bruise is still in place now for 11 days, not forgetting that it "erupted" and there was no apparent cause, and it has been going through color changes. Once deep blue, it has now been modified to be yellow, and they are still keeping it in these same colors, today.

And as I type the above descriptions to the pictures, the perps bring on the fake insect sensations, as if they were crawling on me; my face, bare arms, and in my ears, all favorite locations to have me relieve the imposed itches and like sensations. No real insects today so far, but one can never discount the fact that they like to change the game, and ensure they are never predictable. And I am getting plenty of maser and plasma beams firing off the LCD display, obvioously attempting to make some kind of connection between the photographic image and me. That I could do without; why should I be subject to depravity that I did not consent to? The typo sabotage is coming on strong, as is the outside noise; time to give this one a rest.

The teatime break is over, and now that I have eaten a chocolate bar, the perps are all over me in making noise, including pounding the floor/ceiling above. This is normally an important part of the day for them, attempting to remotely assay the digestion bioenergetics of brown colored foods. And as only chocolate was eaten, and tea was drunk, it is a simpler proposition to determine what brown is attributable to what energy. And they had me cranked up enough with an overhead clunck with a simultaneous zapping, dithering my finger control, planting extra chocolate crumbs and then pulling them off my finger when attempting to pick tem up.

The throat clearing and hacking in the hallway erupted on my right side simultaneously with vehicle noise on my left. Funny how these "coincidences" keep happening.

The imposed "don't know what to do" situation is upon me. I will be heading to my brother's place within the hour, but for now, I thought I would put this link up, and surely it is a gimme from the perps, and pehaps begins to explain how they find ingested plastics to be highly problematical for their remote energetics assay activities. They tell me that even small concentrations cause differing quantum behaviors that they cannot yet predict in their entirety. Not my problem.

I am getting a severe case of the sleepies while sitting at my desk, and this a very bad time to take a nap, which I am sure is part of the game. And now yawns, again, imposed.

After the above imposed tiredness stunt, the perps have put on a noise barrage, and seem to have expectations that this current state is vitally important to them. So much so, they began a faint clicking noise just outside of my left ear of no ostensible cause. This is how I judge their degree of focus, using the noise flurry occurences as a guide.

I am back at my apartment after a First Feral Family dinner at my in-town brother's place. His sort-of native Indian girlfriend came later. As part of the brown color games, the perps have her come before or after. They need to calibrate me when I get there, and it takes at least 30 minutes before they can introduce a brown skinned person in my proximity.

And it "so happened" that my mother came to my apartment to pick me up, as my phone "somehow" stopped ringing, though I can phone out. A royal piss-off, and I just spent 30 minutes dealing with that bullshit to no avail. I will be getting a service call on Wednesday. All my calls are being re-routed to my voice mail instead. Which has all the markings of being a perp stunt; a functional decomposition of the act of picking up a phone call seems to be underway, and comparing it to getting a phone message from voice mail. This is how these assholes work. The bad news might be that this phone isn't working properly, making it the fourth phone "failure" in six years. Sometimes all they want to do is for me to change the color of the phone; I have had white colored ones, then silver grey, and currently black with orange lettering. And while going through the exercise of looking at the phone for any hidden buttons that they may have pissed with, why, an orange colored insect wandered out from the orange colored text on my phone.

My mother's apartment unexpected visitation today is the second time this has happened, and she was here for the PC shutdown, and this is a big harassment moment, as there is an electromagnetic spike when the PC's power supply shuts down. Similarly for start up, hence the reboots they put me through when turning it on; the record is 10 so far. And she was also here for me putting my shoes on, another perps fetish. And, owing to her "interest", I showed her the cleaned sheets and that they are getting black spatter marks on them again. The last time my mother visited my apartment was when her cell phone wasn't working, and she was obliged to get in and find me in person.

One phone "crapped out" when changing apartments, and another was purchased within a month of moving to a new residence. There is no such association in this case, but given that the perps seem to be far ahead in their plastic color placement in my proximity, I would not be surprised if this is not a game to change up my phone color. I noticed tonight when at my brother's place, when there was an incoming call from my out-of-town brother, they started on a white colored wireless handset and then because the "battery was failing" they then moved onto a deep red colored landline phone. And, it was the latter phone that I was using when talking to him at length over retail practices given my recent experience. Interesting how this phone fucking is progressing, and what might be the next one.

And when at my brother's place he had three orange vegetables at the table; turnip, carrots and sweet potato. I mentioned that, and everyone went silent on cue; a big joke that, putting on the act that they are conspiratorial, which they are of course, but why lay it on so thick?

My father "somehow" managed to do his stand-in-front-of-the-TV stunt again, and when I mentioned the fact that he is always doing this far beyond the level of coincidence, again, everyone went quiet again. Fucking hilarious it was for the quisling assholes, but no one has asked me how I like being kept under extreme stress for six years.

Other perp games tonight had my brother cleaning my mother's eyeglasses in front of me; "somehow" he discovered that they were a mess, and needed to clean them up with paper towel for me to see. I suspect the glasses have something to do with the perps plastic games, attempting to differentiate them from plastic polluting elements within me. Not my problem, so why am I getting jerked into this without any consent?

The second to last round of fuckery was a serial visitation to my brother's ill-kept bathroom; the perps forced me to take a piss before I was to leave, and lo, if my father wasn't loitering outside the bathroom door like the skulking criminal that he is. He "needed" to visit the bathroom. Then my mother needed to go to the bathroom, and then it was all three of us who headed into the vehicle to head back to my place to drop me off. Another example of the First Feral Family gangstalking my ass all the way to the bathroom and out again.

I had my vehicular honor guard earlier when I my mother and I were exiting the apartment for her vehicle. A deep metallic red Ford Escape was left sitting in the driveway of the parking lot, some 12' away, at a transverse direction to my parent's silver-grey with a brown tint Ford escape. Then, the dude in the same deep metallic red color convertible (black colored top up), arrived in the parking lot and parked parallel to my parent's Ford Escape, some 10' away. The way it was arranged was that the deep metallic red vehicles were the closest to my parent's vehicle, and two navy blue colored vehicles were 40' away, in the same E.-W. orientation, facing each other. It doesn't get any more obvious than this.

When in transit and heading to my brother's place I had another vehicular honor guard; six motorcycles doing 75kph in town, and blowing by me while I was over the speed limit at 60kph. All six of them took bizarre risks to get ahead and weave between the passenger vehicles ahead. It is an example of more wacko bullshit that hasn't happened before overt harassment began in 2002.

More enragement when the perps blasted my ears with a beep tone through the headphones. They pull this every so often, and ensure that my "reaction" is in immediate rage.

And to add to the fuckery tonight, I see the perps have arranged split screen Myspace display, and prevented the standard Windows horizontal scroll bar from displaying. Lucky me, my very own version of ever mutable Windows. If they can pull that stunt, then they have access to the kernel code.

While listening to music with the headphones on, the perps have started up the abuse again, and are remotely invoking creepy crawly sensations on each side of my neck, hear each side's wire, and then more on my shoulder, and another under my nose. No insects were found in any of these stunts, and it all has to do with the assholes attempting to remediate their psychic fuckups of long past by remote means, always hiding in the closet. The perps are also tagging me with plasma and masers after I scratch an itch they have invoked; the strange filamentous shapes will track my finger tip after I have finished scratching. Now more creepy crawlies while thinking of a word I needed, and some have been coordinated with an overhead thud and a zapping.

I am off early tomorrow, so I will wind this one up tonight, and post this. even such simple tasks have been subverted by mind invasive methods, and for what? Just to be jerked around some more, as if I haven't had enough.

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