Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pallet Day

It should be a quiet Sunday, but no, the church bells went on for a long time, and then the street sweeper made two passes when I was preparing, and later eating/drinking my brown colored foods/beverages, that being peanut butter on toast and coffee, then my chocolate. As always, the regular readers will know that my mind-keepers have an obsession over brown colors, and make it their quest to let me know about it, let alone all the other energetic experimentation issues that are associated with this color. I have never known a city to send out its streetsweepers on a Sunday, which has to be at least double time for the unionized city workers, one of the last holdouts for jingoistic unionism in all its bad connotations. Maybe the perp operatives are driving this maintenance vehicle around. And don't forget that there is no overnight parking to ensure the streetsweeper can clean right to the curb, and yet they don't bother with that now.

And I see the pallet truck has arrived outside; a small pickup truck with the box removed and a wood flat deck in its place to afford packable space to stack pallettes on the back. This vehicle has made other gangstalking visits; outside the last residence location, and at least once on my walk to/from the gym and as part of the regular "wood stalking". And it would seem that the perps let me in on why they are so fascinated with pallets of late; because so many goods are shipped on them, the energetics of the wood pallet interact with those of the goods packed on them.

Even if you don't buy into the energetics explanations that I use, the perps have long been on a pallet exposure campaign. They had pallets stored outside the building I viewed from my last apartment residence, they have a store on my walking beat that keeps them outside, and they ensure I get to see many in any given week in their gangstalking operations. And by dint of coincidence, one of my Google search results earlier today "happened" to bring up plastic pallets, something I did not know existed. The above pallet truck is a once-per-six month's visitation, and that frequency could be cast into the realm of bona fide happenchance, and not the other "happenchance" if you know what I mean. And I note in my labels list, there is "palette jack stalking", something I had forgotten about; the exposure to pallets of goods, or sometimes just the steel jack, being moved around on the sidewalks for some curious reason. And of a minor note, the usually reliable, my last resort when my spelling gets remotely dithered, has been spoofed to mask the spelling of the word pallet.

Onto other matters, like plasma beams flitting about all the time, and the masers being activated to transiently simulate insects in the same form of the bed bugs that invaded two weeks ago. I have had plenty of creepy crawlies this morning, at least 20, and that is plenty enough. No real insects have instantly materialized today thankfully, saving me dealing with the gush of blood that erupts as soon as I touch it. Again, I have no idea as to whose it is; it could be mine, or any of the regular gangstalkers that are on duty. One never know who is in fact gangstalking as the perps have the ability to morph the appearence of their operatives, and I suspect many of my family are involved in the daily gangstalking arrangements. One can sense that certain gangstalkers are "featured", shown off prominently or doing something excessively stupid, and distinguishing themselves for that extra second or two of viewing time, which is later "recalled" and accorded "thought time". (Read, remotely directed attention and remotely planted thought/recall).

This is the post teatime and chocolate consumption period and the noise flurries have duly started at least 10 minutes ago, and are continuing. As always, I was jerked around enough to be provoked into several rants at the assholes pulling the teabag tag out of my hand, shifting the teapot laterally while pouring hot water into the tea pot, and so it goes. Anytime I am doing the dishes is also primetime for harassment games to get me to vocalize.

A sunny day the entire time so far, and I am sure the perps have their reasons for keeping me inside until another hour or so when I get to take the city bus to my parent's place. That will no doubt be another test with the gangstalkers, and a fully loaded bus full of them as well. It is absurd ridership for a Sunday, but that doesn't bother the assholes any it would seem.

A few pictures; this is what my apartment looked out to when last apartment dwelling, before the putative rooming house. There was always at least one pallet there, and I thought it was all about "wood stalking", though it now seems that there should be a new label, "pallet stalking". Taken 05-22-2006.

Taken 09-02-2006 at my in-town brother's place at the end of a cul-de-sac. Three silver-grey vehicles, one in motion, and a red vehicle for some testing purposes, likely using the silver-grey vehicles for reference purposes. This color ratio is not uncommon, even now, almost two years later.

Time to call this done for the day and see what the First Feral Family will be doing for tonight.

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