Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday Observations

This is the day of the week that I return to my place after spending a night with the First Feral Family, staying with my parents, perp abettors par none, and it seems it is the day that my tormentors attempt to leverage their energetics discoveries about me to this location, at least two miles away, in downtown Victoria.

My father was doing his agitated Alzheimer's act last night, constantly standing up at his chair, and then just standing there, and perhaps shuffling 6" closer to me so not to be still lined up with the chair. He has done 2" incremental walks before, waiting at least a minute before he makes his next shuffle.

He as also full measure in doing his posing act, constantly appearing in the doorway of the next room, attempting to make out he was undertaking a purposefull activity, except that he had done the identical move at least 10 times before. My mind-keepers had me cranked up about this blatant stalking, so much so that they let me close the door on this fucking act. His next job was to loiter in the dim shadows of the room, as no one had turned on the living room light or closed the curtains, this with the TV on. He was sitting on this extra couch for no apparent reason as he cannot see the TV from there. Eventually he slid down the couch to then end up 4' behind my mother. Then the alignment games began; my mother began a conversation with me, and if I sat forward to see them both, she moved forward to then block my view of them both, and would then move back again if I shifted back to continue seeing them both. This bullshit went on for at least four rounds, and all the time my father was in this dim shadow. So it would seem that the perps need to place the Unfavored, one of the most Unfavored I hasten to add, in dim shadow and align them behind someone who is either Favored, or less Unfavored. (I think my mother belongs in the latter category). These gangstalker spatial alignment games has been noted innumerable times with young attractive blonde women; have the male vagrants, beer gutted dudes and the rest of the Unfavored align themselves behind the blonde, or have them stand beside her. I call this auric goodness co-opting; attempting to cast the Unfavored individual in the shadow, or glow of the Unfavored.

Anyhow, it was his turn for kind of psychic bypass redemption, and because he has a history of abusiveness, he might be one of the most Unfavored individuals that I know. What was abundantly clear was that the perps were attempting to minimize his visage by arranging for dusk onset shadows to be cast over him, and then playing these auric borrowing/spatial alignment games at the same time. Not my problem; I am quite content with casting him as the total asshole, and then his reputation took another turn for the worse when his perp abettance history became known. But I am sure that the perps are not attempting to redeem him for my benefit, but theirs, whatever that is. If I cannot stand the sight of someone, why cannot I be left alone? Instead, I get this ceaseless parade of gangstalkers putting on this freakshow around me, pandering to all the Unfavored characteristics, save the odd blonde, or alternatively, attractive younger woman.

I am getting severe typing sabotage as I write this, and I note an "all quiet" order has gone out to contain the noisescape, save the odd tapping while I am swearing at the assholes for forcing all these typos.

Other perp planed events proceeded today, just to continue the pace, which I think has quickened up in terms of their distance detection methods, (whatever that is to them), as well as the complexitiy of colors and objects they are bringing into my view. My ex "happened" to stop by this morning, just before my father was taken away to his adult daycare, and before I got up. She has a new puppy, a 6 month old poodle, and that added to the gangstalking mix, as they can get into all manner of places with a reasonable cover story. And it turns out, he is a sock and underwear muncher like the last poodle, and can even pack these around in his stomach for a few days before hurling them up. She said the dog did just that when visiting guests, throwing up two socks and a pair of underwear under the table while dining. From the harassment perspective, this seems like quite a coup, having a dog pack the perps' two major fetish garments around in its gut for two days and then exposing them to a gathered party dining overhead.

Anyhow, the ex was there all the time I was having breakfast, and there were a number of details over upcoming birthdays and graduation to arrange. There was the usual over expressive hand waving by my mother, and then some feints to bring in the recycle blue plastic bin from the garage next door in an attempt to find the two day old newspaper as our daughter "happened" to be in the background of a front page picture. She wasn't featured, but was the cinema employee behind a group of posing glitzy girls heading out to see Sex and the City. Anyhow, it wasn't worth the palaver, and I wouldn't of known she was in the photo unless it was mentioned to me.

And while eating breakfast, and with the ex and my mother at the table, I saw a redi-mix truck go by, its drum in rotation. Regular readers will know that I am constantly gangstalked with redi-mix trucks in the ongoing perp obsession over concrete, and my bioenergetics with it. And here the perps effectively delivered such a vehicle to drive past my parent's place while having breakfast. There was no reason to have a redi-mix truck in this built-up residental area that is not a through route. More of the same, just "delivered" to my once per week parent's place visitation.

The ex had new rectangular black framed glasses on today, the upper half of the frame was black, and the lower portion of the frame was a black and silver-grey dithered pattern. The perps have been big on these Nana Mouskouri like glasses of late, and the ex's glasses were a minor variation on these, possibly with wider temples. Anyhow, it wasn't too much after a surprise that after she left, and I went to my room to get my shaving and showering gear, and I looked out the window, and 200' away there was a black and silver-grey two tone vehicle turning a corner in the identical color configuration as my ex's glasses; black hood and roof, and a black and silver-grey patterned door panels.

Then on with the gardening after breakfast at my parents' place. I was working out the frontyard, where it became apparent last week that it was a prime gangstalking and noisestalking opportunity. As usual, there were no end of buried plastics of varying kinds and vintages, which I assume, is all part of the ongoing perp fuckery, as they figure so predominantly in the harassment games. And lo, if the plastic garbage bag from last week didn't still "happen" to be out there, thrown into the very bed I was to dig up. There were already two tighlty parked white vehicles on the street some 30' from me visible through some foliage, and lo, if the garden maintenance crew arrive with a third white vehicle behind the front hedge and start up the lawnmower and string trimmer, both gasoline powered. The knowledge I get from is that the perps need at least 40 minutes of "introduction time" to calibrate me to the white vehicles parked on the road and through the foliage. And did I mention that my ex's vehicle that was there earlier, is a white convertible? Funny how that works out.

But I am getting the impression that the perps can color calibrate me for their remotely applied energetics activities from greater distances at certain locations. They don't need to place anything but a brown vehicle on the street outside my parent's place, and this morning, there was none of the usual red and green vehicles posted some 600' away. I had my full-on colored coordinated vehicle clusters when driving into downtown; three reds together, five whites, five or more silver-greys, and even three black colored vehicles in file. Their biggest test seems to be this area when the main artery takes a 70 degree bend, and it is usually lined with vehicles of the main gangstalk colors. In front of me they had a white vehicle, then a red, and then a light metallic tan brown vehicle. For most folk that would be nothing too abnormal, except in my case, it happens every day, all day. The metallic light brown color is as bold as they are attempting for mobile vehicles. They rarely place mid or deep mobile brown colored vehicles around me, only as parked gangstalking vehicles.

These three vehicles were attempting their usual "peekaboo" games; the lead light brown vehicle would offset more from the centerline to be seen as partially obscured by the other two behind it, and in front of me. Then the brown vehicle would swing back to be totally obscured, or minimally visible through the green tinted glass of the two intervening vehicles. And of course, those oppourtunistic "reflections", actually plasma loci like those pictured in recent blog postings, were also scripted to flicker and shine as part of this visual and energetic meliu. Anyhow, that act didn't last too long, and all three of them made a left at the same street after the bend of the arterial street. Anyhow, this is the same location where other games have been going on each Monday morning when I drive in, my mother in the front passenger seat.

Other themes today are in the color of yellow. Keen readers will know that Mondays are the scripted change in my schedule, and are the cover story for "forgetting" my yellow colored (capsule) medications. Sooo... it was no surprise that there was a large yellow advertisement on the back of the bus that was close to us in traffic, and that the lead vehicles were on a go-slow to keep me next to it for longer.

And later in the afternoon I went out to get a bus pass, some three blocks away, and lo, if I wasn't besieged by yellow cabs, a yellow cargo container delivered to an adjacent building site where an office building was torn down next the the aerial mast of the telephone company, a yellow scissors jack in mid-sidewalk some 100' away, some yellow dressed ambulatory gangstalkers and when at this office, protracted by the person being on the phone, a yellow coated dude bullshiting away in this confab. The fire department also had and "emergency" to pass by, yellow colored fire vehicles in this city, and of course, yellow flashing lights as part of the light show. And lo, if the instructions weren't clear, and that the person showed me a yellow colored map to "clarify" matters.

I also got a number of strange loitering types who succeeded in "hanging around" for both my outbound and inbound legs, even if 10 minutes apart. There was no one running up my back and then "joining" me in the apartment lobby and elevator like last time thankfully.

I haven't watched any of the Stanley Cup finals owing to no television. It is interesting to note over the decades of being a nonconsensual experimentation subject that the perps have alternately kept me clueless about professional sports, and then turned me on, then off, with a few more cycles and currently to off. Or at least with respect to ice hockey, a game that I prefer to watch. Anyhow, the games in this series of the finals have been arranged so I don't get to see any at my parent's place, and that has been largely true for all of the hockey playoffs this year. Professional sports affiliation is another subject of extreme interest to the perps, who are directing it if not looking over my shoulder. I have yet to figure that one out, but it has all the hallmarks of their perverse quest, alternatively creating interest and then turning it off. Not unlike their need for slow and graduated introductions to various colors and the above mentioned Unfavored demographic subpopulations members.

Now the siren noises from outside have intruded upon my headphone music listening. Clever that, adding a discordant sound to music harmony, as well as stunning me out so that I did not know that was the intent until after the fact. It is Veda Hille tonight, listening to her in concert. I am sure the clapping of the audience is all part of the noise/music brain prodding.

More games tonight; I have made three attempts to print a map and the perps have lightened up the print to make it all useless. This over three differing sources of maps.

Anyhow, time to call this one done and blog off.

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