Thursday, June 19, 2008

Not Allowed to Reach for the Desired Faucet Control

The title refers to the stunt the assholes pulled on me first thing this morning, dithering my knowledge of which faucet control was hot, and which was cold, and then pulling this shit again when I wanted to turn it off. It is just another example of my contained existence with an malevolent overseeing organization, right down to all thoughts. Either that, or else it is a severe neurological condition, not knowing which faucet knob is hot and cold when I have known this for over 50 years, with the odd exception of those that have been connected backwards, another stunt they have arranged at my parent's place. I have never convinced any doctor that I need to see a neurologist, therefore, the default explanation is that it is remotely applied mind-control. But feel free to send me any other explanations as to how 50 years of habit can be erased on an situational basis; that is, as an instignating prompt to enrage me. And rage-ification is the first and foremost perp play, and is invariably timed to be concurrent with handling brown colored substances; coffee and peanut butter as everyday staples in my breakfast diet.

The clunking and fake neighbor water use noises went into overdrive as I typed the above paragraph, and it would seem that the perps are back to noisestalking me over my knowledge of being harassed and noisestalked. A circular game they like to pull; as soon as I know I have been fucked with, some hundreds of times per day, the perps like to arrange noise at the moment of realization.

This is the interim between yoga and gym, and serves as enough time to eat lunch and do some web browsing as well as blogging. The perps are all over me after yoga, as it seems that they gain something from this, (all the spine stretching) and wish to apply it elsewhere. Which is why some of the hasty leaving class members seem vaguely familiar on the way back; they are morphed-over yoga classmates. Or, at least, that is the notion that is planted for me to say/believe. I have been long convinced of the perps' abilities to change their physical form, and they in turn have provided many gangstalkers/operatives who look a little bit different, and then later, even more different than the putative person that is suggested as the one. It all gets very confusing, and I am being messed with as I write this, hence this stilted syntax.

The perps put on a guppy operative on my way to yoga; these are individuals, usually males, that wander around with their mouth hanging open. This one dude was loitering at the corner of two streets, and I was approaching to walk straight pass this act. When about 10' away, he turns toward me with a gaping mouth, which was bad enough, and his masters had arranged a string of spittle to be spanning his upper and lower lip. It was fucking disgusting, and likely intended to be that way, given how automatic my "reactions" have become. Why they put this act on there I don't know, but regular readers and all TI's will know that the perps constantly present their mouth contents in some way; yawning, talking, chewing food, tongue pressed against the cheek, tongue hanging out, or some variation of mouth contents exposure.

The perps even put on a hurlworthy Unfavored freak as soon as I exited the yoga practice room; a loping dude in mid-brown clothing color with long matted hair. That is five Unfavored characteristics, the first being the walking gait; the perps are putting on more loping, bobbing, waddling and otherwise strange gaited gangstalkers, mostly as males. I don't know why they are doing this, save the usual categorization as being an Unfavored characteristic, a strange gait to which I have some adverse subconscious reaction to. Not that I am aware of any reaction, but the perps are looking for neural based responses that aren't even known to me. Just another bizarre facet of being contained in this caged netherworld where nothing can be taken at face value. As the final freak in the freakshow when I came back from yoga, they put on an 250lb thuggy dude with tatoos on his arms for me to see, standing in the elevator lobby when I entered. And given that the elevators didn't arrive promptly, and I took the stairwell instead, it was possibly as some kind of distance dependent test.

Another Unfavored prop/look of late has been to adorn the gangstalkers with do-rags and like perverse hair-wear. One of the women in the yoga class had a 6" wide hairband around her hair, a possible emulation of a do-rag on a male.

I have returned from gym, a 30 minute walk in each direction, and an hour of working out. I had plenty of ambulatory gangstalkers around me, tailing, leading or paralleling me, probably a 100 in all. There was the usual cavalcade of coordinated vehicles, arranged by color and type/body style, some 500 to 1,000 mobile vehicles, and that many again in parked configurations.

There were three blonde female coordinators for the gym class today; a new blonde was added today, Alana by name. Last week's new blonde woman is named Jenn. And it "so happens" that I know an Alana from my yoga class, and a Jenn as a sometime coordinator for the gym class, she of black hair as well as attractive. And who knows who they really are; morphovers or real individuals? Or the same individuals by those very names who are morphed over? It is difficult to believe that both the new coordinators' names are the same as others I know, and what kind of games does this portend in the netherworld I have been cast into?

And as I attended only one gym class this week, the perps have used this opportunity to downgrade my strength and stamina, as if it were so mutable. They only let me run 9 minutes on the treadmill, down from the days of covert harassment when they would let me go 20 minutes at most, and then later sacked me out keeping me at 12 minutes or so before they outed themselves in my apartment in 2002 and have kept up this harassment 24x7. I am not allowed to run on the street for more than 5 minutes before this inordinant "tiredness" sweeps over and makes running a totally pointless experience.

The big color event outside and inside the gym was mid-blue tones. As I turned the corner to the street the OB Rec. Center is on, there was a cluster of three same mid-blue vehicles in the parking area, and some 200' ahead, the perps had arranged a scissor boom some 20' off the road, painted in the same blue color. And when walking the last 200' to the gym, the perps put on plenty of blue plasma flashes in front of me to supplement the same blue colored parked vehicles. At the entrance, they arranged two dudes in conversation, in Spanish no less, with a shopping basket between them, containing a blue plastic tarp. When in the gym, lo, if a negro woman wasn't in the same blue color of clothing and pointlessly loitering around me. Once I was on the treadmill and looking out the front window, why there she was again, leaving the premises. And she might have been the last person to use the thigh equipment before I did. The perps also flashed me with a blue colored light from the elevator buttons, now working again, and I saw plenty of same mid-blue vehicles on the gangstalking circuit when walking to the gym and back.

The gym class members were their usual gangstalking selves, and it was a three freak show for the class. Only Ethnic Gut, the green-brownish oily squat dude with the large tummy was putting himself in my view. When I was on the treadmill, he passed behind me from right to left to then loitered at the water fountain in my left side peripherial view. I turned my head to the right so he was not in my peripherial vision, and that worked until he then doubled back and was in my right side peripherial vision. As soon as I saw the asshole in his hard-to-miss puke yellow shirt in my right side vision, a sudden noise went off, and I moved my head back to looking straight ahead, again keeping him out of view. This is an example of how it goes, and that events such as these are scripted all the time.

I am recovering from a nonstop harassment fuckover while making dinner and then doing the dishes afterward. The perps planted fake touches on my arms and fingers, made every noise louder and longer despite my usual precautions to reduce the excuses, pulled objects from my grasp, and when yelling at them, they fucked with my syntax and jammed my ability to retrieve the intended words. This was going all the time, and I haven't been harassed so doggedly before this depraved outburst from them. And of course, they added background noise while I was swearing at them, this time yelling children at 1800h, when there are none in this neighborhood. Finally it was over, and I could be left alone to some extent while online. I am getting some typo sabotage, and now, more fake insect creepy crawlies.

The perps put on at least eight wheelchair cases around me today, the most egregious was the weird in grey clothes and a mid-blue colored hat, smoking a cigarette, and at first tracking beside me for a block. Then he cranked up the speed and was driving in my usual right side path on the sidewalk, so I moved over some. And the perps made sure that I got plenty of his cigarette smoke, all to directly access sensory areas of the brain IMHO. The perps tell me that the "need" for the wheelchair acts to gangstalk me is to replicate the seated experience in a mobile fashion, all to compare whatever bioenergetics data they gain from me seated at my desk, to apply while I am walking. Not my problem, so why am I involved in it without any consent?

And of note, some 80% of these motorized wheelchair acts are in a metallic flake deep red color, much like one of their favorite gangstalk vehicle colors (see pictures below). I don't really know if the wheelchair acts are to re-invoke subconscious adverse reactions, or that they represent a seated presence around me in public for pure bioenergetics comparison purposes. Either way, the perps know I loathe the sight of medical paraphenalia, and their long past incursions in my developmental years may have caused this. They haven't been able to access subconscious recall until the past year it would seem, and they may well be working on it as I write this. There are no end of light and noise games that are occuring simutaneously with sighting Unfavored subjects, so it seems that they don't yet know how to fully access these kinds of recollections. And of note, I cannot either, as they may have deleted my conscious recall of these putative traumatic events.

Onto some diversionary pictures, and the red show that was on yesterday, along with the red plasma clouds they put in front of me. This, after seeing a picture of Cyd Charise in an all red dance outfit.

Taken 06-18-2008, 1654h. This is the 900 block View St. looking NE. and there six red colored vehicles in this picture, and the following pictures cover the rest of my balcony view at that time. Four red vehicles with a single black colored one in the file on the right, and a fifth red vehicle directly across the street from them. The sixth red vehicle is at the very top of the frame and in the shade, parked behind the blue colored vehicle.

Taken 06-18-2008, 1654h and made to be out of focus by perp fuckery. This is an extension of the above scene from my balcony; four parked vehicles, a white, a deep green behind the tree, and two deep metallic red colored vehicles. Counting all the red colored vehicles so far, eight, but there is more.

Taken 06-18-2008, 1654h, looking SE. Another three parked red vehicles in the small opening I can see between the trees, and an additional brown colored pickup truck with cut foliage in the box, and some kind of red plastic on top of the pile. Interesting that the cut foliage is spatially arranged beside the live foliage of the tree. That makes 11 red colored parked vehicles arranged around my apartment. I count 10 more vehicles that aren't colored red, for a red vehicle count of 11/21. Will anyone dare suggest that I am making this up?

And to add yet more orchestral silliness, check out the day-glo plastic traffic cones that have been arranged outside the rightmost red pickup truck for no apparent reason, and then one on top of its cab. All to arrange some kind of comparative red interaction of the traffic cones between the asphalt and the pickup cab. (And when I thought of this perp objective, extensive rumbling started overhead, projected noise from their remote harassment site). Strange as it may seem, this is not the first time the perps have arranged a dayglo traffic cone on top of a vehicle. They will even place them on rooftops.

Taken 06-18-2008, 1720h. Why not pass a mobile red colored vehicle down the red vehicle lined street for funzies. If you can zoom in, add a dude in the near ubiquitous red shirts they are suddenly wearing, and a blonde in mid-grey behind him, the picture catching her ridiculous arm swinging walk that is almost mandatory among the ambulatory gangstalkers.

Anyhow, one can go silly taking so many arranged vehicle pictures, as there are plenty of opportunities, but not all the time. And since I "forget" to take my camera out now, these balcony shots are the best that I can get, save special occasions. So yes, 06-18-2008, was a big day for red color games, and the highlight (of a kind) was they placed these red plasma clouds inside my apartment, and alternated them with an apple green color. I suspect there will be more of these full vision color tests, as they are still working with smaller color props.

I noted in past blog postings on gym visitations that the perps had some special arrangements to place gangstalkers around where I, and others in my class were working out. There was three of us pulled from the floor exercise room to work out in the public area on mats side by side; me on the left, a small red haired and brown shirted woman on my immediate right, and the blonde class coordinator working out as well. Once we finished the stretches we were done, and then needed a pass for the next visitation and to write up the excercises in the book. The three of us vacated the area at about the same time and hung up our mats. Then I noted a dude in scraggly hair and a mid-grey colored shirt occupied the area where the blonde woman class coordinator worked out, another person established themselves over the exact location of the red headed woman, and a brown topped woman in brown skin, likely a well tanned Caucasian, began exercising over where I had been. This new arrangement of taking me out of the floor exercise room allows the perps to rush their chosen operatives in their particular colors of clothes and skin to locate themselves exactly where I had been. And that they are undertaking this to also attempt to gather some kind of auric glow off the exact location of others, placing the Unfavored in their place. This is very similar to placing the Unfavored behind blondes as I have indicated in past blog postings.

The overhead pounding and clunking continues as I read movie reviews; as always, this is steel and concrete building, and there is about 12" between levels, and yet "somehow" my putative upstairs "neighbor" can make noises that somehow transfers down to me. Though in fact, the assholes can project sound from remote locations to be heard elsewhere, and they have done this plenty often.

Another example of the weirdness of placing operatives in specific public locations to be then replaced by a second operative was evident today. I was waiting for the traffic control to cross on a crosswalk and there was a couple on the opposite side waiting to cross, and a larger woman standing back some 4' from the front of the crosswalk, seeming not doing anything, save look profoundly odd while standing around for no apparent purpose. Then the couple "decided" (with amazing unanimity) to not wait at the crosswalk, but to double back some 8' and then take another direction, 90 degrees down the street, instead of crossing it. Odd enough, but then the woman doing nothing moved into the location exactly where the couple were, and then when I was checking this out, the dude member of the couple pulled his shoe off, held it up high, feigning to look inside of it, and then put it on again. It would seem that the perp objective was to attain some kind of energetic transference between the locations, and that holding up his shoe was part of this correlation stunt.

Just more wierd bullshit that goes on, all to harass the living fuck out of me, and largely because the perps fucked up with their traumatization abuse before I was 5 or 6 years old. If I had developed split personalities from this putative abuse, I doubt that they would of selected me for this depraved harassment exercise they are now perpetrating upon me. They have had plenty of unfortuneate subjects who splintered their personalities in their young developmental years, (e.g. Catherine O'Brien) and I wasn't one of them. Who knew abuse came as standard treatment in the 1950's, all to extend the experimental depravities of WW II? And they are still at it, 100 hundred years late if the Air Loom Gang story is true, and are confounded by the effects of all the toxins we have ingested. And the overhead pounding (12" of concrete, recall) has just started up another round.

More music listening, and the additional "environmental" noises as added accompaniment.

It is time to call this posting done for the day, and hope for less harassment tomorrow. Today has also been made more aggravating because the noise of everything has been amped up today, including this keyboard as I am typing.

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