Saturday, June 07, 2008

Coughing On Cue

I have been beset with coughing today, all for no reason as I do not have any condition such as a cold to warrant such a result. The coughing is remotely applied and is often occuring simultaneously with overhead rumbling noise, or other outside noises, also arranged.

My day began with another tick "happening" to be in view after I got dressed. I attempted to pick it up in my fingers but it self-exploded on the wall, this time, leaving a brown stain which I cleaned up. Prior to this, all squeezed ticks either went black or red, as if filled by blood in the latter case. (Whose, I don't know, as I have no tick bites). But in advance of eating brown food a breakfast, it seems this might have been a color reference/calibration stunt for the perps, catching me just dressed, a key moment when there is plenty of noisestalking going on as well. I opened a new package of ground coffee this morning and had cereal, coffee, peanut butter and chocolate, all brown colored foods. And the perps also ensured they rage-ified me with fingertip jabs, foot jabs, fake touches, sending me to the wrong cupboard, planting force fields on my back kidney area and a few other stunts. Regular readers will know the perps routinely rile me when making my breakfast of brown colored foods. It is so predictable that I rarely report it now.

This has been a backwards day, with no online activity until after lunch, and instead, a three visit trip to the ATM, the card store, and then the supermarket, the latter because of an overnight milk souring jerkaround. And in usual perp fashion, I am not allowed to think ahead, and really didn't decide to go out until the milk was found to be sour. And when getting ready, the perps reminded me that it is my daughter's birthday today, and I had best get a card. They skunked me with a closed card shop visit over a week ago when I visited the adjacent bank, but the timing of getting up today was such that I would find it open. And then while mentally arranging a two visit outing, the perps reminded me that I had a yellow colored check in my wallet from my mother last weekend, and that I could deposit it on the same outing.

Thats how "plans" (per mind control agenda) are arrranged of late; ad hoc and serendipitous, all to jerk me around and whatever else is in the depraved agenda. And it did become evident that the perps had me lined up with hordes of ambulatory gangstalkers, many more than 1000h on a downtown Saturday would ordinarily have, and that the operative color was mid browns for the shiftless wandering males to wear, following the jeans acts. My first gangstalker was standing in midsidewalk with a cup of coffee, back toward me, and wasn't moving for any walk signal, even if she had a choice of two directions. I call this sentry work, when one fucker stands around looking totally stupid for some distance dependent color games, this time the coffee at least. I got to the ATM, and as usual, a gangstalking operative "joined me" at the ATM beside me, artfully making similar selections at the same time I was. He left just ahead of me, and then I had a five member swarm set up around me at the door, all to gangstalk me at this particular location which is of intense perp interest. Then around the corner I go to the card shop, and lo, if a negro woman gangstalker ahead of me doesn't go in there too, and later when at the counter paying for my purchase, she leads me out of the store some 5 seconds ahead of me.

Then when out on the street, the bank/ATM swarming dudes "happened" (reappeared) to be outside of the bank, and were doing their back and forth walking act. One fucker in red hair had a lime green jacket on, a clashing color combination that was decidedly Unfavored. Then my other gangstalking dudes arrived, many of them carrying coffee cups, the ubiqitous brown color reference substance they pack around in my proximity. This penultimate leg of the outing was sabotaged with two shoelace "undoings", as applied remotely, and even tying it up near a bizarre dude hanging around the street corner as another sentry, and not intending to walk anywhere wasn't good enough. The same shoelace was undone on me again near the second negro, this time a guy with a frizzy afro and shades, straight out of the sixties. The supermarket wasn't too gangstalked, but the perps made sure there were no sprouted wheat tortillas, my usual kind, and also fucked me out of the size of milk container I wanted. The perps also made sure the ubiquitous stocking cart with brown cardboard boxes on it was basking in the sunlight through a skylight, and that at least two more "staff" were packing brown boxes in my proximity. The perps let me through the checkout without a holdup or a freakshow, and then I returned to my apartment, also with my posse of dudes strutting around for no apparent rationale. Then when at my apartment building's door, the gangstalking skinhead operative in a red hoodie some 20' behind me, put on a coughing jag at that very moment of entrance, but for whatever reason, didn't "join" me in the elevator.

My big outing for the day was done, and it wasn't different than any other public event. I am sure some of the perp excitement was reserved for me to modify my wallet contents; relinquishing a yellow colored check, and then a green colored twenty to get a blue five dollar bill back. This is very exciting for the perps and they put no end of emphasis on this, and had it made when the assholes illegally incarcerated me in hospital, my wallet being kept by so-called security. And too, their shaving research fuckery was also augmented by the nurses keeping the blades and supplying them only on request. Little did I know that a deranged and relentless posse of sick assholes would be still hounding me over these very same objects and bioenergetics interactions six years later. And only now, have they stepped up this dry coughing fuckery, to augment their sick fucking games by revealing my mouth contents, also an intense perp research subject, especially noted by the operatives in my proximity revealing their mouth contents by eating, smoking, playing with their tongue, sucking on suckers and other feints long repeated.

Now I get the yappy woman noise from outside, as if it was normal to conduct conversations with those on the street from six stories up.

A siren cascade, fart smell jammed up my nose, and hallway chatting all coverged while bookmarking a film, something I have done over 20,000 times since the perps let me out in 2003. That 20k is correct; they have had me troving cinema sites for a long time, bookmarking the long list of movies that they either obstructed me from viewing, or else kept me clueless about. And my then wife wasn't any help either, just as culturally clueless and proud of it. There are probably about 12,000 unique films, and the planted concept is that I get to watch them some day when freed from this extra-conventional prison applied by mind control and the raft of gangstalkers that swarm around me.

Regular readers will know that I am ceaselessly stalked with noise and other phenomenon such as plasma beams and masers everytime I bookmark a website, or open one up that is in my bookmark list. I don't know why that is such interest to a billion dollar budget black operation that has a tendency to richly reward all those in my wake, and even hire many of them.

The perps have been inundating my mealtimes with food crumbs, and will even re-supply them should I clean up their mess. They pulled this twice at breakfast when opening the new package of ground coffee, spreading coffee grounds on the N. and E. counters, even if I did not actually spill any. I am far too careful of the extra-conventional gravitic fuckery that goes on around me, and so the perps chose to dump food crumbs without benefit of covering untidyness.

I am also getting some serious vision debilitation as I am writing this, and will have to cease journalling for now, and hope that I get treated better. The overhead rumbling noise has started up, the perpetual mystery as to how any "neighbor" can make such noise through 12" of concrete.

I am getting the knee torquing torture, where the lower leg is remotely twisted and then sends a pain impulse from my knee. This seems to be yet another brainstem region game to elicit a response in the region where the perps are actively researching. Or at least, they haven't yet totally mastered after six years of harassment and abuse. Even the church bells have been invoked, and it is not even a Sunday or a practice Tuesday.

I participated in a TI conference call, the first time in a few years that I "remembered", read, was informed by my mind keepers in a timely fashion, not when it is almost over, like they have in the past. This is the FFCHS (Freedom From Covert Harassment and Stalking, conference call, regularly scheduled for Saturdays, and tonight it was Cyndie Spanier-Wilson, who is a clinical psychologist, and also a TI. And lo, as soon as she began speaking, at 1830h, the perps disconnected my call, and then I had to call in again, after getting the number off the PC, which had to be rebooted to get back to the message with the phone numbers and pass code. After some 10 minutes of listening, the perps started up the loud vehicle noise parade while on the phone, and I was getting hammered with annoyance over this, and terminated the call. There were also plasma flashes on the wall, that "somehow" penetrated the closed curtains which normally block out the dusk onset faux reflectance games that I have blogged and photographed about in the recent past This is how it goes; I am not allowed to confer with fellow TI's for any duration or meaningful exchange.

The jist of what I learned from Cyndie Spanier-Wilson is that there is overwhelming evidence of covert harassment by organized parties in the hands of the American Psychiatric Association, and they are in total denial, and they know it. They cannot get their heads around that some individuals are targetted in violation of all expectable civil freedoms. This will be recorded and availible on Talkshoe here. And the sirens came on while I made that link.

Prior to making the phone call, the perps had prepared me with taking a rare Saturday crap followed by a shower to clean up. They do this routinely for any upcoming significant harasment and monitoring events.

I note the perps are still hard at work on skin tone games; they will line up mugshots of Caucasians, some in pink, yellow and brown, making out it was the "developing" of the image. And of late, they also have Caucasians wearing skin tone brown colored clothes, causing a double take as to if they are in fact wearing something. These skin tone games have increased of late, and have long been part of the ongoing color and image fuckery that is imposed on anything I look at.

On the macabre side, here is a local murder story in its developing stages. It seems that a long time local respected civic politician has run afoul of some shady characters, and he and his sons are arrested for murder. With the perps covering this town in radiation, arranging street litter in my path, arranging the priority of municipal improvements to their agenda and the rest of their mendacious ways, this is, in my humble estimation, a mind-control setup event. Have the parties interact and script them for ultimately for duress, confrontation, murder and mayhem. I have long remarked that the perps like me to read murder news, and duly noisestalk me when doing so. This is all idle speculation on my part, and I will not expect any readers to buy into my hypothesis. But I will insist that not a sparrow falls in this town without the perps having a hand in it, all to further their agenda. Just to think that all the shills, quislings and other abettors are thinking they are exempt from covert fuckery when there exists higher levels who disregard all such agreements.

An evening listen to a Wailin' Jennys concert on CBC here. This was was the result of listening to a number of performers/concerts that I didn't care for, a run-up of shorter audtions until I was allowed to listen to this concert in full. Funny how often things work out that way, in an incremental progression.

Time to call this one done and post, even if I am getting "beep stalked" from outside as I am about to publish this posting.

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