Monday, June 23, 2008

Another Pallet

Just when I never gave the incidence of seeing placed pallets in my proximity much thought, why another one "shows up", this on my parent's residential street. I was driving back to my place, with my mother in the front passenger seat, and there in a driveway was a pallet arranged in the vertical position, some 3' off the ground and facing the street. As this particular house is in a permanent state of appearing to move, such an odd configuration for a wood shipping pallet was not too unusual. It was probably there long ago, and I was allowed to notice it for the first time, after being "sensitized" yesterday, and then mind-fucked into the ramble in yesterday's blog posting, plus a picture. I have no idea what it is all about, apart from the consistency of "wood stalking" that I routinely get, though the energetics research angle I mentioned seems to offer the best rationale. (That there are intrinsic (etheric) enegertics interactions between all things, and this would pertain to anything that is shipped on a pallet and its cargo. And that the perps are working on attempting to discern the pallet energetics remotely, for all the items that I own or eat that were otherwise palletized).

The big rumbling is going on as I write this, along with garbage truck noise, one of their favorites as it offers so much variety; squeakings of the hydraulic system, brake squealing, air pressure release noise, engine revving, and the rumbling which somehow gets extended to include shaking of this apartment six stories up. Call it propagative noise extensions, which is maybe the name they give it, as they like their own vocabulary to be noisestalked, so they feed it to me.

And more insect creepy crawlie sensations today; the objective seems to be that they want me to look at my own skin for a second or two, likely for color calibration games. Very often a jaw noise of no ostensible cause, a noise not heard through my ears, "happens" at that very instant of looking on my bare arm (usually) for the insect. After the bed bug inundation of two weeks ago, they have me highly attuned to any insect incursions. As recent readers will know, they also deliver one every so often so it will burst into a bloody mess on my fingers and neccessitate a disruptive trip to the bathroom.

The noise parade is on again, usually "happening" at the very instant I am scratching a creepy crawlie or other form of imposed itch needing application of my fingers to relieve it. The itches are also timed to the moments when they force me to look at my arm or hand, in the expectation of seeing an insect, going by the sensation they planted on me.

This is a Monday, the return from staying at the First Feral Family last night, and is usually a day scripted for a shut-in and later sleeplessness. My theory is that my stay at my parent's place in my old room offers the perps advantages in remotely assaying my bioenergetics, and that the remainder of the week is spent in attempting to replicate these elsewhere; at my apartment, yoga, gym, the walk to/from gym, and wherever else they allow me to go in the week.

And there will be an unique event in three days; my daughter's high school graduation is on Thursday, and I am sure the entire show will be rehearsed for harassment purposes. The perps can never resist all those colorful reflective gowns, as well as having the parents around, many of who would of participated in gangstalking stunts going back a decade or more. It will be a big pretend show in the least, and who knows what else. And too, the parents will all look older, normally so, while I will be Dorian Gray's doppelganger, looking at least 10 years younger. It is very strange going to these events, and I am sure the perps govern that response too, and make it "seem" wierder than it actually would be if I was left alone with my own impressions and reactions.

I made a short visit to the local supermarket, all for an imposed "need" to get chocolate, and a few other brown colored food items as my shopping unfolded. Needless to say, it was a full-on freak show, even before I got there. Round trip, it was all over in less than 10 minutes, and by then I had a near full cast of the Unfavored: obesers, skinheads, negros, wheelchairs, dudes in red, big hats, and a few others. They had me lined up for getting chocolate in the aisle; three same color hoodie wearing dudes within 4', two young woman, one being an blonde who backed her ass within 1' of the chocolate, and a "staff" member on duty doing re-stocking, the excuse for placing brown cardboard boxes around me. This time, the prefered Villar's chocolate was in, as the Lindt Creamy taste is made to be less pleasant. As always, I have no idea if what I taste is the way it really is; many flavors have been modified over the past six years, and my impression is that desired foods, such as chocolate, routinely have the taste attenuated. Other beverages like alcoholic liquors taste much smoother, when they burned my throat and tasted foul.

I suspect the wheelchair assholes/gangstalkers were on me as I had spent some 3 hours online beforehand, in a seated position, and these acts replicate that situation, except being mobile. And I suspect the battery in the motorized wheelchairs is also a big aid to the remote energetics assay activities that go on around me all the time.

I even had a moving act in the lobby of this apartment building when I got back; they were taking out a large sage green colored couch while the other elevator was unavailible. As part of the show, they had an obese woman sitting on the apartment lobby couch doing absolutely nothing save showing off her pink top. The perps seem to know which color of reds and pinks I loathe the most, and how it varies as to the wearer. Men in pink clothes strike me as most strange, though it is not the same for women. The perps even put on a pink shirt wearing male outside their place this morning, on the walking beat. As nearly always, these sightings are timed to the fraction of a second; I "happened" to be looking out before accessing my pack on the floor, and there was the pink shirted dude. Enough to ruin my entire day.

The vehicular cavalcade that follows me when driving with my mother into downtown was in place; some 1,000 vehicles or more in color and vehicle type configurations, and my "lead pack", the ones directly in front of me was a mundane silver grey, white, and black grouping. I noticed that one yellow and black Smart Car, a bane in this city, inserted itself ahead of the black pickup truck immediately in front of me for 200' and then turned off. Later, in the journey, a bright yellow cab inserted itself into the lead vehicle train for all of 60' of road before turning off. This being Monday, is the regularly scheduled "forget" to take the yellow colored medication, and I am disappointed if I don't get some yellow color action on these days.

It is a motorcycle noise day today; at least four were on me when making the short shopping trip mentioned above, and were likely used to correlate the noise and the energetics assay work using the same noise that preceded going out.

The thudding overhead has erupted with my headphones on, as has the train whistle noise, especially silly when there are no trains running at this time. The concurrent excitement for the perps might be that I am attempting to load an audio file that seems to have gone into an infinite loop and will not play unlike most audio and video media online. I have been attempting to listen to Gina Romano's interviews as I am due to be broadcast there in a month's time, and wanted to become familiar with her other interviewees, mostly drawn from the TI community.

I am listening to Gina Romano's interview of Bill Gallager (The Edge's Thursday Show 1st May, 2008), about chemtrails and how it fits with the HAARP (atmosphere heating and manipulation) projects, and he touches on the mind-control aspects. A fascinating listen to be sure, as he has researched much of this, and is set to publish his book "Devilvision", though not yet for sale. If you have an hour, and are heavily into the TI experience (usually only TI's, or their permitted spouses and family), it is worth a listen. Funny how I came across the latter site a week ago, and then got this "need" to listen to Gina Romano's interviews, which to my mind, are uniformly good exposures of the gangstalking, harassment and related technologies activities.

I was viewing the many George Carlin video tributes tonight; he was far more perceptive of the grim reality behind the curtain than commonly aknowledged. For the conspiratorial reality picture he painted, here is the best one. It is not necessarily a funny routine, and especially so for the TI's who deal with this stark reality all the time. Maybe this graphic picture of the high cabal got him an early grave. Who knows.

Time to call this one done, and ponder if I am going to get my usual Monday night sleeplessness.

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