Friday, June 13, 2008

Sleeping While Seated, Before Noon

I have been getting a case of forced sleepiness whileseated at my desk and trolling through blogs. there is a big read at the TI's site for activism, and with the bold text column aligned to the right side of my LCD display, this was a great moment to pull forced sleepiness off. The perps expend no end of effort devoted to the size, weight, alignment etc. of text, and this was their golden moment to have me reading about similar high handed harassment and nonconsenusual human experimentation, along with the prepatory arrangements of having me outside for a short shopping trip, and the ongoing noise flurries, some still going on as I write this up.

I went out earlier to get my prescription picked up at LD, visiting for the second time in two days. Many of my "pals" were on the street, loitering around and pulling the most egregious stunts such as sauntering while jaywalking. They had me waiting at the RX line because they wanted to calibrate me in some way, and in doing so, had blue dressed customers in front of me, a wheelchair act behind me, and a faux vagrant looking at the brochures on the vertical face of the counter. Like what vagrant wants to read health care brochures? Then with the blue plastic basket in hand, the swarms came on once I was mobile, looking for laundry detergent again after yesterday's jerkaround, and then getting screwed with following operatives as to where the light bulbs were after two in the fixture self-dysfunctioned, and a replacement bulb just "didn't work". Lighting is always of intense perp interest, and they have effectively nullified the entry light, and have the only room light as the kitchen lighting in the evenings. They still haven't let me use the halogen lights after a year in this place. As it "so happened", both items I purchased from the LD store are stored on the closet shelf, only 2' from each other. Perhaps this is why they jerked me at the checkout yesterday about getting the right kind of Tide, and forced a "forget" over the light bulbs. I had three things to get, and they would only let me recall two of them. It is a system that works for me, or at least until they went overt on me in 2002.

After getting the light bulbs the perps had me go and check out chocolate to no result, as all the prices were jacked up, and when exiting the aisle and turning right, they put on a bald negro woman in a blue outfit. Talk about totally fugly, especially that black shiny pate. Fucking horrid it was, and an all-time first to see such an apparition. Occaisionally the perps will try me out on male negroes with bald heads, also a disgusting sight, so they might be attempting to attain some leverage in evaluating my subconscious reactions by taking the male aspect out of the equation. I don't fucking care to see anyone's bald head, so why am I being hounded all over this town by the Unfavored in orchestrated events? And in this case, it seems that they had calibrated me on chocolate, and then set me up with this particularly odious fugly woman. Yesterday, they set me up with a negro woman sentry standing at the street corner and refusing to take the pedestrian crossing in either direction, and the perps made sure I looked at her massed matted hair with a scarf in it. That was bad enough. And at that same intersection they put on a negro dude with an aluminum instrument case, he had way-fugly matted hair as well. Obviously, the perps are out to redeem negroes in my subconscious experiences, and maybe that is why Obama Barrack is getting a free ride. The perps need to place positive role models of the Unfavored in my purview, and he might be their ticket. Who knows, but I would not be surprised if that were the case.

Once I approached my apartment when coming back from the LD store, they had three operatives on the sidewalk outside, "just loitering" around and looking stupid. There were at least five more that were proximate within 40'. Obviously, purchasing light bulbs is a big deal, as is purchasing laundry detergent. Regular readers will know that my apartment egress is highly gangstalked with additional stunts going on at the doorway sometimes. Entering and exiting a building is a big deal for the assholes too, but I never know why they plant them outside only sometimes, like today.

At the LD store the one person ahead of me at the checkout decided to linger, and not move ahead to where th debit card machine was. This forced me to put my two items, the light bulbs and the laundry detergent, on the extreme end of the counter furthest from the cashier. No big deal. The "customer" finally moved ahead and went through the transactional activity, and then when I next looked at my items, they had moved 2' ahead, just in front of the scanner glass. Somehow, these items moved and I never was allowed to see how, as the cashier hadn't moved them either. I was either blanked out so I would not detect them being handled, or else the assholes teleported them all of 2', not wanting me, or the cashier to handle them. More weirdness, and not the last of this kind of thing.

When walking to LD there is a covered location with two aligned pillars as seen from the sidewalk I was on. And lo, if an operative didn't materialize between them, making himself to be "hinding" behind one for some unfathomable reason. As I walked past this weird, he kept looking away, somehow knowing I was going to be looking at him, when he could not detect this intent in advance when hiding behind the second pillar.

Yesterday, at the gym, I got another asshole materializing out of nowhere to arrive exactly where I intended to be next. It was the infamous fugly granny who has had a long history of "showing up" exactly where I am looking, and after an absence of some months, I thought she was gone for good. No such luck, but again, especially with her slow gait, she materialized in a location that didn't make any sense from the availible time perspective. How did she end up walking out of the warmup area when she wasn't there only 20 seconds or less? That, the events above (today) and the six time gangstalker yesterday tell me the perps are teleporting their fuckers around me as some kind of geographic test; remotely assaying my energetics, and that of the operatives and our interaction, with the operative "arriving" immediately from elsewhere. I have seen more blatant teleporting in the past six years, and it would seem that the perps are making it almost plain to me that they are giving this arrival method more focus than in the past. And they are making sure that I notice in some way, as they can dither and control all my cognitive abilities.

Back after having tea and chocolate with increased noise, as well as a few perps stunts to enrage me; afterall, this is the pattern when handling or otherwise touching brown colored foods. And no chocolate for tomorrow morning, the debut of a new bag of cereal, a most auspicious moment for the perps. Regular readers will know that the perps put great emphasis on packaging, its colors, design, graphics and materials, and the cereal especially. They had the gluten free cereal package re-designed recently with plenty of red coloration on it, enough to piss me off. So, I reuse the old one, and transfer the new cereal into the old package. This interaction of new cereal in a fugly red plastic package is of great interest to the perps as they can separate out the old packaging energetics with the new cereal and whatever differences it brings with it from the new fugly red labelling. This is the fifth year of eating the same cereal for breakfast, and this is where the assholes are at. Maybe in another five years they could then figure out the brown colored cereal by itself. That they have my father feeding himself directly from the cereal package without benefit of bowl or milk isn't enough apparently.

Picture time, like I promised yesterday.

This is the 06-07-2008, 1328h series outside my balcony; they were taken from 1327h 56 sec. to 1328h 40sec., aka 1:28 pm if you read am/pm time. The perps had me screwed all my life over am/pm time, and have now switched me to 24 hour time, much to my relief.

This is the first of the sequence; five, yes five, silver-grey vehicles; three are parked in file on the street, the lead parked vehicle is mostly behind the tree. The closer vehicle on the street is in motion, and is heading for a traffic control where it will stop in the perp's customary way. The fifth silver-grey vehicle is parked in the parking lot, closest to the viewer.

A close up of the three silver-grey vehicles. This must of been a bait show to get me out on the balcony at the appropriate moment.

The mobile silver-grey vehicle has stopped at the traffic control with a cyclist beside it. And note this vehicle is stopped over top of the stop line, something that nearly all lane lead vehicles do in this city since 2003, when they let me out of my incarceration. A white vehicle is parked in the shadow area I noticed when zoomed in.

Then at 1328h 40sec., the last of this sequence, the bus shows up and awaits a cyclist to mount his bicycle on the front rack of the bus. Another cyclist is passing by, another coincidence, now the third one, and at the extreme right, a white pickup truck is passing by. This might be a white vehicle in the direct sunlight vs. one in the shade, above, and in counter direction to the predominantly white colored bus.

And where did that cyclist mounting his bicycle come from inside of a minute? He is not there at 1327h 56sec. but has arrived at 1328h 40sec. with the bus already stopped and awaiting completion of his activity. This kind of stuff goes on all the time; conventionally incomprehensible arrivals and departures of gangstalkers in my proximity.

In the sequence above, there is another bicycle parked on the sidewalk against a post; it is very clear to the perps that there are advantages to having the tensioned spokes of a cycle in proximity to me, and they will even rotate their bicycles 90 degrees in front of me to attain further gain from the energetics they are studying in my proximity, and in me to of course.

More forced coughing, all when reading about Tim Russert's sudden demise at the age of 58. Even typing this out has the perps noisestalking and shadow flashing games in progress. Regular readers will know the perps like this topic very much, and want me to see such news events multiple times, and make it plain that they are interested in my thoughts while reading such morbid fare. Though I suspect they are reading many thousands of others at the same time, and monitor them for the same thing, albeit covertly. I have remarked in the past about certain catastrophes and the unfortuneate loss of life, and how the perps might have engineered it, and for what purpose. I don't see that they had any interest in Tim Russert for any reasons related to my harassment, and he must of been doing something right if he was in the position since 1991. The timing is interesting though, just ahead of the US November election and allowing a replacement to be hired in time. Ditto for Ted Kennedy, though again, I am not intending to infer that the perps are behind either of these events as I see no specific linkage to the comings and goings of my harassment.

Here is an interesting news item about one prefering one's possessions over the same alternative (well, duh). And it is likely arranged for me to see;
People tend to prefer the items they own when compared to similar items that they do not own. This phenomenon, known as the "endowment effect," violates rational choice theory which states that ownership should not influence preferences
This story fits the perp habit of trashing posessions one likes, and also, places that I visited in the past and liked. And they always know what items an individual prefers the most, and target it for elimination in some way; wear and tear, theft, obsolescence, or in my case, make it undesirable owing to offensive emanations from the item. They pissed with my Sony Clie PDA which had all my phone numbers in it, and plenty else including a mobile version of Quicken, so I had to send it away to get fixed. I paid to get it back, and when I did, it was firing maser beams at me constantly. Enough of that, so I put it away and haven't used it since, only the Sony desktop to keep my address book up to date. Here I was, using Quicken in realtime to track my transactions, and the assholes decided that I wasn't allowed. This is how life goes for me, in subjection to irrational and illegal acts from a large and well funded organization that won't show their face and admit to nearly 54 years of human nonconsensual experimentation. All they do is make more noise when such matters are blogged about.

After making a dinner, a once per three day event now with the single slice portions being enforced, I am at a loose end while being online, having been awakened extra early and then without much other activity. Regular readers will know the perps plan for such indolence and idleness, and have long arranged for week long no-work events at some of my employers. At other times, they have screwed with the weather to extend down time.

But it does strike me that the so-called Attack of the Killer Tomatoes just might be engineered by the perps to then create "down time" for these particular red fruits. The perps were on a red obsession yesterday if one did not discern this from yesterday's blog, so why not sample for the absence of the red food item for a few weeks? It fits the harassment pattern perfectly, and might be an extension of the spinach problem of at least a year ago when systemic salmonella entered the leaf. And no less, the salmonella broke out all over, and is not from one source. How could that be? It is just a random thought, but when a omnipotent and vicious agency grinds me down for not liking the color red, they just might need some extra data from elsewhere, and what could be better than creating killer tomatoes? (And I suspect, I don't like the color red and all of the Unfavored because it is likely the perps fucked up bigtime when I was aged 3 to 6, though no actual recall exists in those mysterious years).

And lo, if another siren cascade didn't just start up during this post-meal digestion period. Just the noise mind you, no actual vehicles passed by. They also pulled a siren show when cutting the chicken meat up during meal preparation. Again, regular readers will know that this is happening an inordinant amount of the time, something like 20% or more.

Another siren cascade, all to accompany me typing away, and likely to extend the current realtime neural research going on, in my head. All those subconscious traumatization memories have remained inaccessible to the perps except for the last two years or so, and they are attempting to delve into all the brain and possibly body locations that hold them, and to then quantify them in bioenergetic terms. Just to think, they pulled this colossal goof of traumatizing me in my early developmental years, deleted my conscious recall, and now need to locate the subconscious recall to remediate it for their bizarre reasons. Why cannot they leave me alone, as I am fairly content with my lot, save these assholes sabotaging and life-raping me. It boggles the mind as to the raging ineptitude, and then the psychopathic temerity to assault the victim of their past fuckups for six years straight. Thanklessness writ large.

More sirens.

More sirens. It is all about extending the fuckable moments IMHO.

And I am getting more stories in the news as to what bad things plastic shower curtains are, and how they have over 100 toxic substances in them. And who might have been sitting in deliberation over the introduction, if not the discovery, of all these substances? Why, it is the same organization that forms a shadow government in most democratic countries, and has the CIA and all like organizations as their conventional gravitics operational arm. Now, said covert agency is having difficulty in remote detection of human bioenergetics activity because of the ingestion of these substances; they act differently at the quantum level than they do at the macroscopic level. And if the Air Loom Gang (at the right) is correct in its reporting, and I believe it is, this same organization was creating senseless wars by highjacking the UK Parliment over 200 years ago. They fucked up again, covertly tailing many tens of thousands of victims over the past two millenia, and never mind all the other wars that seem to have the perps hand in them, and then they introduce these energetically confounding substances that are readily ingested by the human population at large, and then wait 50 years to then trash the shit out of at least one victim's life (me), as if he hadn't enough already. And too, they then throw another war, the Iraq debacle. Has anyone found a substantive reason for this idiocy? And the same for Vietnam. Not my problem, so why am I not only being harassed over the big picture world events they stage IMHO, but the single minded and resolute ineptitude of an organization that fouled it own nest in pursuit of its objectives? Another planted rant over with.

I am getting the dusk time strobing from the faux reflectance off the opposite residential tower, and since I closed my curtains to block this, they are then strobing the curtains. And I noticed a real police car and ambulance outside, and so I am glad to know they haven't given up all the pretense of conventional causal. All of the above must be a big deal for the perps, giving me all this attention of emergency vehicle sirens, strobing, targeted illumination etc.

More of the "what to do's" and getting noisestalked while typing this out. Here is an interesting item to piss off one's neighbors, the plans for a microwave gun from consumer microwave oven parts. I somehow think that I would be not allowed to do this with the level of scrutiny that is upon me, but it could aid in one's defence if one had one all sides of them, and worked in a EMF free area at the center.

More coughing in concert with an increase of outside noise, chopped harley noise, knee torquing torture, feet jitters, and masers in front of the display; all while reading about negative ion generators. I recall the assholes set me up with one once, though they don't regularly plant this technology around me. There maybe some countermeasure effects in using a tourmaline blanket, but if effective, they will either steal it or change its properties. There is no winning for me I have come to know.

The perps have made the PDF file to be the most awkward file to read online; they shrink it down, and then it has to be zoomed in, and then that brings in the horizontal scroll which then takes extra time to refresh among the three columns the text is arranged in. I don't think I have lasted more than two pages reading a PDF file for the past five years, as it is always inconveniently arranged. Yet another hassle that has been planted on me full time.

More music listening while researching the details of MySQL and the associated tools. I once built databases for a living, so the perps might allow a return to this craft, on their moderated schedule of progressive incremental accomplishment, they won't allow too much too soon.

And while reading about bug tracking software, lo, if the perps didn't plant a live insect bug on my hand that I was obliged to squash. And of course they flexed the headphones for more noise at my ears when the squashing was in progress.

Time to call this one done for the day and wrap up another dull day at the hands of my mind-keepers.

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