Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Helmet Head Test

A very late start to blogging today given that there is only another hour before I turn in. I spent most of the day helping out at a retail store redoing displays, stocking some shelves and applying the shelf tags. That might sound dull, but believe me, my life is managed to be duller than that for most of the time. And it was organized with the usual paucity of information and training, all to render me floundering for some time before being allowed to understand and become competent. This has been a lifelong perp managed meme; foiling learning and extending incomplete understanding, all to sap competance. I even have the low test scores from 1960 and 1962 to prove it. How much was due to ongoing irradiation and how much due to the perp's management of my cognition I do not know. This is a topic that needs more analysis.

I was accorded "special status" as I was the last of the five from yesterday to be released from the activities. I revisited the shelf areas from yesterday, and started on few new ones. One of the helpers was weirding me out, putting on the act that he could help me putting adhesive tags on the shelves. At least the perps managed me as to what my normal reply would be, and that is, get lost. This was the gormless dweebe from yesterday, the "proper twit" as they say in the UK. And of course this personality type/demographic group is one of the Unfavored, and this ruse was probably about instignating a greater reaction to this fuckwit in my face. (Normally, I tune the fuckwits out unless I am directed threatened in some way).

I don't know if I have mentioned the perps' obsession over me being proximate to adhesive tag applications; scraping them off or else placing the new adhesive tags on a surface. Needless to say, the perps got plenty of this action today, and it was usually concurrent with individuals talking either as a background (voice), cognitive speech (understanding the words), or while I was doing the talking. This seems to represent the three levels of speech the perps like me to be "tuned" (or exposed) to.

I had my redi-mix gangstalking vehicles enroute on the bus again, though only two, with a big pour job some 500' from the bus stop where I got off and walked for 10 minutes. Funny how that "happens", big concrete pour jobs "erupting" on my beat.

The bus ride back to my place was the biggest bus freakshow of the two travel directions; at 1800h there were over 30 on board the bus heading into downtown. I have lived in far busier cities such as Seattle and there was never that many taking the bus at that time. I had my usual dude show around me, with the odd interspersed blonde woman, and then infill as the bus progressed along its route, more of the Unfavored demographic group members. On the bus, there were two negros, but no Asians, and some young East Indian girls, fat folk, unkempt weirds, and even a suit almost in MIB form, save the ridiculous avocado colored polo shirt under his jacket, who sat next to me and cleared his throat at opportune moments, usually in concert with my head turns or other sounds and activity. And there was the near ubiquitous coughing and hacking act within earshot.

Of interest were the helmet heads as I call them, the plethora of bicyclists in my proximity with a cyclist helmet on. Yesterday there were two helmet heads that wore their helmets when onboard; today's helmet head placed her helmet on the bicycle on the rack immediately in front of the driver, mounted over the bumper. So it would seem that the perps are undertaking distance dependent testing of the helmets and their colors from inside the bus, and outside the bus. And of course, they are also testing the helmet's compositional substance energetics interaction with me, the central nonconsensual victim in all of this. Most of the cycling helmets are made of high density styrofoam and have a skin of protective colored plastic on them. And it was no surprise in retrospect that I was left waiting around today for at least 20 minutes with a plastic bag with white styrofoam "happening" to be proximate. After all the waiting at that location, I was moved elsewhere.

I also noted that the perps were heavy on mid-green color testing this morning on the outbound trip to the store. They would have their operatives break out into jogging in their green colored jackets or plastic bags in hand. And lo, if I wasn't carrying a small tin of cashews in my pack with a plastic lid of the indentical shade of green. The perps had all this planned in advance; my purchasing the tin of cashews yesterday with the prerequisite packaging colors arranged in advance, and then their operative's clothing being the same, and putting on the sidewalk jogging silliness as viewed from the bus.

And the perps put on this bizarre instance of an attractive blonde woman "employee" at this store with a man's voice, and a deep one at that. This has to be hilarious as it is sick; that males of the Unfavored demographic groups cannot get enough psychic redemptive "aura", so they voice morph an attractive blonde woman (Favored) to sound like a male. In other words, mix up the Unfavored and the Favored features in one person/gangstalker, and then test for the psychic response/energetics interaction result, This is the first time that they have morphed male features onto a woman, but I suspect it won't be the last. Regular readers will know that the perps often arrange attractive blondes (Favored) wearing fugly colors, say, brown, reds, yellow or any other gaudy or clashing colors of the Unfavored class.

And it was a day for the perps to place the obese gangstalkers (Unfavored) around me too. I must of seen at least 40 waddlers or shufflers before noon, some of them tag teaming together.

And while typing this up, I have had at least five car alarms go off; the same one each time. This is in the form of variable cheeps and noises, a "sampler" of a kind, and more difficult to tune out.

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