Monday, June 16, 2008

Out All Day

I finally made it back to my place after doing my helping out; 10 hours and then an hour to get back, as the buses were infrequent after 1800h. I am bushed to say the least, and there was plenty of harassment action to keep me entertained.

We were doing a store display, and one of the staff "happened" to be Scottish, and still had a strong accent. Regular readers will know that UK and Scottish accents are often inserted into the harassment scene, as one of the Unfavored. This older guy was OK; very helpful, and even funny sometimes. The perps suggest that I met the infamous Dr. Ewen Cameron when I lived in Montreal in 1956-7, as he had a strong Scottish accent. The seeming intent is for them to re-invoke these subconscious traumatization associations, and thereby measure them. I had a full day of Scottish accent, and that was enough, though I never felt bothered by the person, and thought he was most helpful. One can never believe the perp sickos of course, but they have been consistent on this particular Unfavored theme for a long time, now six years. And even longer if one includes my ex-wife who was born Scottish, and raised in the UK. All that time, the perps could not figure out what they were looking for, going back to 1979.

And while helping out, I noted, the perps were hammering me with something, as I had less cognition and felt wasted for no apparent reason. The perps like to created events where I am totally clued out, and they do this by interfering with my hearing. And after the other person asked for a repeat, the guy didn't make any sense. A lifetime of this kind of fuckery isn't enough it seems.

I am too whacked out, tired that is, to put much into a blog posting today, maybe tomorrow I will have some recovery time.

And the above was a motorcycle moment, or at least in noise. I had a six motorcycle honor guard when coming back on the bus, aka, noisey gangstalking. And then another weird stopped his motorcycle in mid-street, and then stood there for about 30 seconds. Then he pulled into an curb area where no stopping was permitted. The rider had shades on and a kerchief over his nose, so his face was completely hidden. I wonder what the perps intent was, as this "do-squat" rider had all the time to be "featured", stopping in mid-street. I have never, ever, seen so many flagrant and widespread vehicular nuttiness as I have seen in this town, aka, torture center, as in the past six years. I have driven in LA, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Vancouver, Calgary, and the utter bullshit that goes on here is incredible. I usually see at least 20 red-light infractions per day, the vehicular gangstalker blowing through a red light to make a right turn is almost the new standard.

Time to call this one done, and do some cursory web surfing; I am getting fried in some way such that demotivation is the more prominent mind set.

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