Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Phone Games

A day that began on a high harassment level has tapered off since, thankfully. Getting inundated with fake touches, faux crumbs under my fingers, glass bashing fakery (the peanut butter jar was making extensive noises while there was no contact with the knife), and later real chocolate crumbs that I wasn't allowed to pick up with my fingers as they somehow squeezed out. Even turning a page in a book or newspaper is a major endeavor, as the perps often have them stick together.

The perps have been putting on the phone sabotage, and have continued it today. I was getting voice mail but no ringing through when I was here all day. I called the service, and they booked a technician to come today 06-18-2008. Today, I "happen" to check my voice mail, and lo, if there wasn't a message from a phone service technician indicating he called yesterday. I phoned up the service again, and they claim they "made a mistake" in booking the technician for yesterday when I clearly said Wednesday.

This time, the service person on the phone "decided" to do some investigation, and have me reconnect the phone wire directly to the phone modem and bypass the apartment intercom system that is also connected to this one phone. And lo, if it didn't ring when he called back, indicating that the apartment intercom connection is "somehow" causing the problem. As I have two other phones that were sabotaged from before, all to change the color of the handset IMHO, there is the possibility of using one of them for the intercom system alone, and pulling out the connecting wire that runs 7' along the floor, up the door height, over the front door, down the door height, returns parallel along the closet door, and reaches the modem. All this extra wire is just what the perps do on the streets around here; they bury cable a few inches deep along most of my walking beat. But it seems that the perps want me to at least visit the storage locker to retrieve one of these phones.

And it "so happens" that the 12" steel sewage pipe runs over the top of the storage lockers, and it is very likely that they want me to go down there for the first time in a year, and do their remote energetics assay games. And to no surprise, they also had me take a massive crap earlier, and I suspect that this feeds into this scenario as well. They had brown colored vehicles posted down the street, some 300' away after taking my crap, so I am sure this all feeds the perp's abiding brown color obsession.

In the last apartment residence, the perps also put on a waste pipe overhead of basement path to my vehicle. I could never figure out why such a small diameter (2") waste pipe was doing in a 140 suite apartment building. And so it seems that they were busy attempting more games then, and decided to increase the pipe size and then work on smaller ones later.

Yesterday I was busy helping out, and got plenty of cardboard box activity time, much like the day before in a differing location. And when dropped off, why, there was a stack of cardboard boxes in a parking lot that were sitting outside of a white cube van. Funny how all these brown cardboard box games keep surfacing, and chasing me over town. One of my pictures shows an operative packing brown boxes next to another operative moving furniture in mid-sidewalk, also a source of brown, the particle board, and the laminated surface.

Today is a likely to be a shut-in day, save the visit to the locker, should it come to pass. I got screwed into going down to the basement, only to find that the locker area door was locked. This was after the building manager promised it would be open for me. Back to this game again; three abortive trips for one successful storage locker visitation. As it so "happens", tenants in this building are not permitted to have a locker room access key, and therefore I am put through this grovelling process all to be jerked around. Another done-that-been-there event. And of course I had my elevator gangstalker "happening" to need to go to the basement just as I did, bypassing the main floor. Another chance defying stunt the perps made sure that I noted. He was in mid-grey work clothing, and did the usual wandering around they all do.

I took the city bus back from the location I was at yesterday, a route and time that I have taken before. And just like last time, there were over 30 "bus passengers", on board, and the usual litany of freaks and wierds again. I have never seen a full bus after 1800h in this town, and again, here was another exception.

Before taking the bus back to my place, l had been handling brown plastic hose reels and like products, and lo, if at the bus stop they didn't have the same light brown plastic wood as the bench surface. But it still wasn't enough, as they added a same light brown plastic basketed shopping cart beside the bus stop. And even that over-obvious setup wasn't enough, as the perps added yet another light brown plastic abanconed shopping art on the opposite side of the road, some 30' away. And of course there were no end of intervening vehicles passing between the two shopping carts. And when I got up to get to the bus, at least eight gangstalkers surrounded me, all as seeming disembarking bus passengers. The perps even put a firewood truck in advance of the bus, looping through the mall parking lot and then exiting again. I call this "wood stalking" and it seems to happen nearly every time I go out, and this was only a more blatant case of this particular harassment method.

I got screwed out of remembering to access the locker storage with my apartment key, and only when the perps planted the notion was I allowed to enter the room. And lo, if there wasn't a mattress in position at the entry, and the other half along the central aisle. I had three gangstalkers in the elevator to accompany me, one young woman in a puke yellow outfit with aviators shades on while inside. And lo, if I didn't "discover" the pair of aviator shades I owned in the days of contact lenses, now totally useless to me. As I promised them to my brother, I can now deliver, as I had the impression (totally mutable now since the perps can access it remotely), they were in my apartment.

And in scrounging through my boxes, (think brown color games for the perps), I did not find either of my last two phones, the ones that were sabotaged. Then it dawned on me; the perfect time to fuck with someone's recall is when they are moving, as they may have tossed the item out rather than storing it. I had no recollection of throwing my sabotaged phones out, but who knows, as the perps could of stolen them directly from the storage boxes. In fact, there was a huge amount of PC cabling that also wasn't there, and normally I keep that stuff. It seems that undertaking futile missions is a huge perp imperative, and this is only one example of many every week.

While down in the dank concrete environs of the storage locker area, I noticed the perps had also moved some of the street sourced hallway fixtures they had upstairs on this floor. The streetworks warning sign was beside my locker, as was a 8' section of particleboard with black and white laminations on it. And while there, the perps pulled a blood sample by creating a lesion on my left thumb, that is staying red, even if there was no causal event. (It is difficult to cut one's self with a cardboard box). And when exiting the elevator after this mission, the brown testing wasn't over yet; there, in my way, was a negro dude with a bicycle with his helmet on and shades pulled down on his face, below his eyes. I take the latter look to mean that the perps did not want me to see his entire face, and so they adorned him with the shades to cut off some of his countenance. Back to the functional decomposition games again, breaking everything down into smaller pieces, and then working from that. It seems the degree of Unfavored association with negro males is such that showing only partial views of their faces is what the perps need to do, as well as putting a more positive display, that being Barack Obama IMHO, ever the conspiratorial observer I have become.

The perps even brought on a bedbug to "arrive" on my arm, and when squeezing it dead, they put on an outside noise at that very moment. Earlier, when I had just awakened, they put on a live one also, and noisestalked me crushing a dead one at the same time. It seems that the insect invasion of late was all about killing the bugs. And lo, at gym, they have an exercise they call "dead bug". No coincidence that. I also notice some red blood smears on my cleaned sheets, suggesting a recent activity as the blood hadn't gone brown colored.

It was an laundry day today, and for the most part the only thing the perps screwed me over was folding the shirts up. They have always sabotaged this particular activity, and I always wondered why I was such a bad luck case in not being able to symmetrically fold shirts. It turns out, there is a billion dollar budgeted organization that ensures that I am not allowed to do this. Imagine that, all for me, and I never gave any consent for this depraved agenda to invade my life.

And if I didn't get enough of UK accent exposure on Monday, I got more on Tuesday when helping out; it turns out that a UK person was hired to do the job, to ensure that I got at least 30 minutes more of this banter before he slipped out, never to be seen for the rest of they day. Weird, these UK accented nutcases that are arranged for me to hear. I also got an Irish accented dude for a time, putting on the talk in my proximity. And like two weeks ago, I got to listen to the blonde woman with the male voice; she was put on duty near me, and spoke to someone. The perps wiped my recall of this, all to put her on as another surprise like last week. Again, this looks to be a perp effort to augment a Favored person with an Unfavored attribute. Just as the perps often arrange for blondes (Favored) to be wearing brown colored clothes (Unfavored color), so do they arrange for blondes (Favored) to have male voices (Unfavored). Go figure.

The perps have been changing my voice all day long today; every minute it is changed up, and it seems that they cannot do it fast enough; each time they provoke me into ranting at the assholes, they modify my voice, now more than 40 times today, and I am sure they haven't finished.

And I notice the bulk gasoline tankers (tractor trailers) have been out in force while travelling over the past two days; they put on four for one trip leg, and yesterday, they put on the Chevron gasoline tanker near a Chevron station beside the highway as my bus passed by. It seems they cannot get enough of me on this one, and it does make me wonder what the next extension to this game is. I also noticed from last week that they "invaded" a Chevron station to set up what looked to be a maintenance job. I went past this gasoline station when s. bound headed to the doctor appointment and there was nothing unusual. Some 40 minutes later when I passed by in the opposite direction, they had blue painted temporary mesh construction fencing up at the entrances and at least three white colored trades vans at 90 degree offsets, and also had a boom truck in place, "working" on the overhead canopy. Regular readers will know that I am often gangstalked by boom trucks, and that the current record is four on one job. There is something the perps can gain from elevating someone in my proximity. The mass of the boom may also add to the fuckery.

I got screwed out of using the last of my last set of pictures, and then they let me in on what I would of recalled, had not my it been erased. So here is the last of the set, a mixture of various anomalies that "erupts" around me.

Taken 06-09-2008, 0913h. Nothing too incriminating in this picture, taken from my parent's place. Two burgundy vehicles, the one on the right matches the adjacent tree and has been parked there for at least three months as some kind of longer term color reference, as it is not used. And camping season has struck on the right, the location of a cluster of two white colored vehicles and two black colored vehicles in last week's pictures, exactly where the camper now is.

Taken 06-10-2008, 1138h. Two similar white vehicles parked together in file, one behind a tree, one of the perps' favorite outside objects to play peekaboo with. Note the dark brown colored box sitting on the stairway between them, presumably for some kind of color referencing.

I got some full cloud plasma exposures after dinner. Or more specifically, after I ate the nuts from the tin I aquired two days ago to supplement my diet. The tin has a way fugly purple plastic lid to it, and that might have been the attraction to the perps. They blasted my full vision with a red effect, everything red, and then after some three seconds they switched it to a bright green, alternated back to red, then to green, and then having projections only in green plasma; my watch, my hand, the edge of the dinner plate. I don't normally get such obvious visual anomalies planted in front of me, most times they are fleeting subsecond flashes, thousands per hour.

Later, after reading an obituary about Cyd Charrise where she was pictured in a red outfit, the perps baited me with stroboscopic flashes to look outside to see some eight collected red colored vehicles parked outside in one cluster. (There must be twenty red colored vehicles that I saw in total over three streets). I duly took some pictures, and will load them up tomorrow, having already done some for today. Like I have mentioned, there has been plenty of arranged red vehicles, clothing and other props around me, and the perps aren't stopping anytime soon. If I don't like the color red, or brown or yellow, why am I being hounded in my own apartment with orchestrated arrays of red colored vehicles?

Another annoyance of increasing vexation is the perps planting the sensation of insects crawling on me; my hair or exposed skin. The real "need" is for them to force me to touch myself to aid in their ongoing remotely applied fuckery. And also, they have me use my fingers and hand in a way to sweep off any insects to later eradicate them, except no insect. In this way, they have me run my hands through my hair as part of their agenda of remote determination of my bioenergetic state.

Onto the macabre again. The topic of the missing feet that resurface in the waters of this region has been mentioned in past blogs. And now an additional fifth foot, left one this time, has been found. No one knows what their origins are, but let me announce my conspiratorial take. There is a black operations agency that is harassing me to the level of constant life-rape as one can discern from this blog's postings. And they also have a foot fetish related to their "need" to understand the energetic interactions of feet, footwear and how they relate to the Earth and all its localities. That it is at least a project of an order of magnitude greater than the Manhattan Project does not faze these assholes in the least. My off the wall take is that the perps are up to more games with their foot fetish obsession, and floated these feet around to aid them in their sick quest. The first four were all right feet, and the fifth one is unstated. And as the perps expend no end of effort on right side gangstalkers, (left hand drive pedestrians), the story has the perps' fingerprints all over it.

I am listening to Stepen Fearing concert online; an interesting performer, and one of the few male singer/songwriters that I like. As one could probably discern from the Favored list, my preference in music is female vocal; jazz, folk and some pop, if melodic.

While listening to the music, the perps put another live bed bug on my right arm, the second today, and in the identical right arm location. Again, I was obliged to crush it dead, and I am sure this identical setup to this morning was all part of the comparative nature of this ongoing harassment. I wasn't listening to music the first time this morning when the bed bug incident erupted, but tonight I was, and that is likely a big part of it. The perps seem to have an expectation that music can enable them do dig deeper into my neural realm in realtime.

I don't believe this, but it "happened"; while looking for news stories for a link over the above mentioned found foot, the fifth one, there is now a sixth foot that has been recovered some hours ago. You heard about it here first.

Enough of the macabre exercises of the deranged black operations, and time to call this one done for the day.

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