Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Creepy Crawlies and the Tick Infestation

It was the typical distrupted Monday night with some extra special fuckery added to it. The perps put at least 40 ticks under my pillow and on my wall, and I was obliged to sqeeze them all dead, to a great mess. These specially delivered ticks, which can be materialized from nowhere, "erupted" about 40 minutes of imposed sleeplessness, and were a rude shock to say the least. Then the assholes jerked me around with fake tick creepy crawly sensations afterward, and had me go after the spots on the pillow, jerking me around in "thinking" that it was more ticks. And as well, they must of put another round of blood smearing on the bottom sheet, all in this radiative pattern. Again, I have had no tick bites, and I finally phoned the apartment manager who was unusually terse about gettin the pest control service out.

And it was a busy day, doing helping at some product displays at a store and assembling products like closet shelving. There were five of us, and a blonde woman in charge. Two of my carpet auction confreres started when I did at 0930h, and the more freakish and more gormless twosome arrived later. One was decidedly all over me, standing where I stood, "studying" the fugly spec sheet at great length, getting in my way constantly, and generally gangstalking my ass all the time. The gormless one attempted to do the same after a few hours of "introduction" time, and he insisted on wearing this dipshit black hat, almost like a fleece skullcap. Finally, in the afternoon I got to work by myself, organizing the rope and cord display and refilling the spools.

And of course all of it was a wonderous gangstalking display with a row of shopping carts in the aisle where we worked, then the steel closet shelving, and working off yellow steps and ladders. And no end of "customers" came to ponder our great work in getting a closet kit built, more like to gangstalk the locations where I had been standing. And too, there were plenty of up and down games on the portable stairs and working under them at times.

And of course, being around all the metal mesh was a gangstalk bonanza, not unlike the Air Loom Gang of 200 years ago, bringing a loom, a wood frame of fine metal hangers. Then onto the ropes and cords later, all to revel in many different kinds of plastics of course, a perp obsession. Even that wasn't good enough as some PVC irrigation fittings "erupted" from nowhere and bounced on the floor at least a dozen times. The perps figured that the harassment exercise lacked this particular variety of plastic, so therefore, throw it in.

I am a little beat, and this won't be a long posting, even if the day was non-stop setup games all the time, and even my confreres lapsing into blatant obvious scripted words. I wonder what the freak count will be tomorrow, as not all of us are going to return. I cannot imagine how and where they get these sad Unfavored specimens of their chosen demographic groups; what do they say to them? Do the perps recruit gangstalkers with the line, "; We have a TI who loathes the sight of gormless and sniveling twits and you could really help us"? I doubt it, but it is very clear that my predilections are widely known, and that if I cannot stand the sight of someone, they usually get pulled from my proximity very quickly. And of course, the fucker comes hours later into the activity, presumably when I have been "warmed up". Anyhow, it is like the introduction of vagrants with attractive blondes, just a more male interaction thing.

And I went to a nearby big box store to get some additional sustenance during my lunch break. The freak parade/gangstalking was unreal; it seemed that every third speciment had red hair of some kind, and it all began with a bleach blonde with some vile pink highlights in her hair. Anyhow, I was glad to get the hell out of there, and it was the shortest visit I have made to a big box store.

And taking the bus was another freakshow; I had the redshirts on me at the bus stop, and one eating a hamburger at 0830h, effectively "bread stalking" me along with the vile yellow wrapper it was in. She sat about four seats ahead of me, and eventually put her red hoodie over her head for no apparent reason, save the harassment derangement games. And I did get some more stares today, for no seeming reason; at least I am not like the freakshow, some of whom were wearing their bicycle helmets on the bus for chrissakes. Freaking bizarre. Another sideshow was this dude packing two kinds of laundry detergent on the bus; a box of Tide powder, and a blue plastic jug of Downey, possibly attempting some leverage over all the blue plastic exposure I had today. Regular readers will know that the perps have an obsession over laundry, and that having some operative pack it on the bus is only a little more strange than usual.

When outbound on the city bus this morning, the perps must have arranged some 2,000 vehicles in color coordinated gangstalking configurations. The perps supplied me the metaphor of it seeming like royalty; all this attention for me. Perhaps, but I don't get any fucking perks from being harassed, and it is high time the fuckwits who created this nightmare owned up, and paid up. They are the ones who fucked up by creating childhood traumatizations which seem to be problematic for them, I am fine thank you. Just leave me alone. And the same for all the seeming plastics games; they control every breath and every food and drink item I have taken, and they fucked up by allowing polluted substances to enter my system, which again, seems to be problematic for them. Once again, I am fine like I am and need no interference from sick minded deranged assholes tailing me all the time.

The perps laid off aggravating me over makind dinner tonight, which is very rare. The only time they cranked me up was over handling the freaking Cling Wrap, also a perp obsession. Then they came on me again when drying the frypan, another longstanding fetish of theirs, not solved by taking out my last frypan and having me get a new one, now over a year later.

Anyhow, I will leave this posting as is, and with the above mentioned rant, my scripted rebuke as to the insanity of the perps, and their senseless and deranged quest. I just don't understand why the assholes won't come out of the closet. It is totally bizarre.

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