Thursday, June 05, 2008

Minutae Disruption

It has been a day of disruption of all my routines and habits, this being a Thursday with both yoga (done), and gym later. It started from the get go, having me get dressed after getting out of bed and then scripting a "need" to take a crap. I have never had such a turnaround from getting up to visiting the bathroom before, another "never-before" since overt harassment began in 04-2002.

And then the imposed circumstances forced a change in toilet paper rolls in mid clean up, and then a shower to finish the job. And I was screwed out of remembering to wash my hair, which then begat a shower after breakfast. I have never near back to back showers before, normally taking one per day. And when handling the second roll of toilet paper an thunderous overhead rumbling noise came on just for that. This is the same noise that follows me around the apartment, erupting overhead wherever I am, whenever the perps need this kind of noise.

Onto major disruption later. I just finished doing my accounting for May, updating my bank account information in Quicken. This has long been sabotaged, now every month end, and tonight was no exception. Because there is much detail, multiple applications and tabbing between them, and short term recall activity, the perps have a field day jerking me around, transaction by transaction. They will add extra details into my account information that wasn't there before, change totals, change dates, add or delete transactions, fuck the copy/paste function, and endless games to get me rage-fied, which they did. And while screaming at the assholes, the overhead rumbling noise started up each time; not normal neighbor behavior by any means. And all the better for them that it is scripted for dusk onset with the strange reflection games through the curtain, now beaming from the third and last building. Regular readers will know that I have supplied pictures in the past two weeks of these plasma sources the perps make to be reflections off other tall residential buildings. And of course, the said reflections are aimed directly at my apartment every night at this time of year. Anyhow, it was totally abusive and brutal updating my accounts.

I went to gym in the afternoon and had my usual 500 to 1,00 mobile gangstalking vehicles, and that many again parked in similar configurations for vehicle color and type. There are more of the absurd direct Japanese import vehicles "showing up" around me, and it is comical to see the degree of detail the perps go to for vehicle arrangements. I had at least 100 ambulatory gangstalkers along the arterial road that I walked, shopping areas excepted.

The gym class was lead by two blonde women today, and I got to go back into the floor exercise room instead of that bullshit arrangement of working out in the public warmdown area. The coordinator said the "transitional group" will go back there next week. That was an interesting choice of words, as in transitioning to where? Out of there I assume, as the perps have been playing this very concept in mind for some weeks now. Mysteriously, there were only five others in the class, and that being the only apparent reason I was back in the floor exercise room. I wonder what they all did on Tuesday, 06-03, when I wasn't there. I was helping out instead as I mentioned in recent blog postings.

All kinds of bullshit imagery is being played of late; the perps have me thinking that I will be inserted into some casual labor jobs for the rest of the year, and thereby deal with the incremental expenses they have me incur on their behalf, one of the most annoying is the chocolate "need" they screw me into each month. It was $146 on groceries in May, and $185 on chocolate. Fucking outrageous, and I never had this happen before the harassment started in 2002. And it all relates to the perps' brown color problem, and the endless fucking around that they put me through on this alone. Of late, the noisestalking has been increased as I place the chocolate in my mouth, especially if it is accompanied by the first mouthful of coffee from the full mug.

The perps have deleted my recall as to all of today's gangstalking goings on, and I won't be able to furnish the details unless they let me remember all of today's freakshow on the streets. I had my usual gangstalkers in the gym, though there were only two freaks in the class today, and also the overactive AA dude did his act again, standing over me, coming into the floor exercise room ten minutes late and sets up beside me along the wall where the class was arranged for wall squats. I moved over, and then he moved closer to me again. He also tailed me into the change room today, his assigned following that is getting on my nerves.

A seeming new member of the class in a crimson red shirt was gangstalking at the outset when I arrived at the gym, and lo, if she didn't take a cell phone call when in the floor exercise room. And the instructor let her continue talking on the phone while we were arranging ourselves along the wall for the aforementioned wall squats. The cell phone conversation gave the woman some excuse for delaying her arrival into the line along the wall. It was interesting that she joined the very opposite end of the line, so there were at least six intervening class members. And it seems to be the case that the perps need more time to calibrate me for the red color that the blacks, whites and greys.

My ambulatory gangstalkers have given up the pretense of packing their plastic bags for shopping; they are back to heading toward the grocery store with plastic bags in hand, or in one case, packing them over the shoulder in an uncomfortable arrangement. Other Plastic Bag People were packing garbage bags for no seeming reason, turning a street corner ahead of me and passing by some 30' from there. Five days ago when driving my parents' vehicle, with them in it, the perps arranged a white hatchback in front of me with at least three full black plastic garbage bags pressed against the hatchback window. It never ends, this ongoing freakshow with the ambulatory operative packing plastic bags around, often for mysterious reasons.

When walking back from the gym a strangely coiffed female gangstalker had the the most unique hair dye job, pulling in colors of the Favored and Unfavored in one hairdo. She had blonde flecks in her brown hair arranged at the last inch of her hair. The hair was arranged to look teased without lying on her head. It was most strange, and it was another one of those graphic images that I did't want to look at for it was too difficult to determine just what was being presented. Because my cognitive abilities are being constantly fucked with, I never know what I am really seeing when something odd is presented to me.

I was attempting to write a letter to the editor in support of Sharon Stone publically musing that there maybe a karmic relationship to the Chinese maltreatment of the Tibetans and the recent devastating earthquake in Sichuan. It seems to me that she is being unfairly vilified for making a remark about the Chinese human rights record. In the process I find that I am being constantly sapped of cognitive abilities related to word meaning. The perps have long screwed me in writing anything, and seem to have relented to some extent in the case of this blog, as long as it is kept factual. No analytical thought seems to be the imposed constraint, and it is very frustrating that I am not permitted to write what I want. And now my spelling is getting fucked with; major errors that continually "somehow" slip my detection and oversight. I am fucking pissed that my spelling is being sabotaged.

Anyhow, time to call this one done and blog off for the day, and ponder a likely shut-in day for tomorrow, if the usual perp script of the last four months will be followed.

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