Friday, June 20, 2008

The Cable Service

I am waiting impatiently for the cabel service technician to show up at his appointed time, between 1200h and 1400h. The last round had the technician "showing up" a day early, exactly when I was out. Normally they are early, and rarely late, as the service is usually very good. I also have an outing planned later, before 1500h, and I am sure that will be a big deal for the gangstalking community. Two Friday outings ago they had a two gangstalkers on my tail at a breakneck walking speed, which is rare enough, with the second one taking over from the first (on his double back leg), and then even following me into the apartment elevator. And I wasn't allowed to recognize him then, and only later did the perps let me in on what I would of known, he is a classmate of the UBC Forestry faculty, graduating in the same year as I did.

And there are plenty of foresters on the harassment operations, though I do not know if they are operatives or shills du jour unless I seem more than once. Most pretend they didn't notice me. This above mentioned gangstalker also "showed up" in the hallway at my last apartment block residence, "happening by" and pointedly looking away while I was transiting between my apartment and the laundry room. Another of my Forestry classmates "showed up" in the hallway of that same building, and also featured herself in the local LD store. A third Forestry classmate "showed up" on the street in this neighborhood, looked at me, and pretended not to recognize me. A fourth classmate has also "shown up" once, engaging in some strange furtive behaviors when I was illegally incarcerated in the hospital. I mentioned this to the doctor and he dropped the topic immediately.

Funny how it goes, this wall of denial that travels around with me. I am irradiated to a degree that my entire body is pulsing in some kind of vibratory manner, and yet no one says a thing. And I never "think" to mention it, yet another example of mind-control at work.

I was dream invaded again last night; I was in a submarine and messing with some wires and other specific related activities. The perps have long planted submarine stories for me to read about, but I have no idea why. Way back in boyscouts we made a trip to then one submarine the navy had on the West Coast, and later it was mothballed (~1970). The Canadian navy has has some long running problems attempting to get their used submarines from the UK to run dependably, more than 10 years since they purchased them. What an agonizing situation ; reworking four used submarines, after refitting them. Just to think, one can now chose fuel cell driven submarines, reflecting my knowledge of them the perps place in my way.

The phone technician finally came, and besides taking off the the panels of the connection boxes, he didn't really do anything besides test it. It just worked again. This was around 1400h, and I was due to go out afterward. So it would seem that he was there to gangstalk me in my apartment before I headed out. He was in a black shirt, and had his ball cap on backwards, doing the do-rag emulation look when I first met him at my door. He managed to get inside the building OK, though he didn't explain how. (My intercom wasn't working either).

Then onto my outside visitation, and the cast of characters that put on the show called gangstalking. They even had a faux neighbor exit his apartment while I was waiting for the elevator, and he took the stairwell out. And lo, if he wasn't 60' ahead of me when I got out on the street, and he was taking off his black jacket to show off his deep blue shirt. I had at least two more swarms to get through before I got to the perp's latest venture, tearing down a building and putting a condominium tower in its place. Today, they had dug down by some 10' and had extra white mesh fencing up on the outside of the site, which is bounded with dark green mesh fencing. And all the fence feet were painted in day-glo fushia, just today in fact. Regular readers will know that the perps are consistently digging or drilling holes in my proximity, and a condominium tower is just as good as these strange street drillings that have gone on. Once I returned this same route, the perps had six men lined up together at the fence, putting on the act that they "happened" to pass by and were interested in the excavator operation. Four of them had the same kind of white hat, something a plasterer might wear. Freaking bizarre to say the least, these instant male "pals" that erupt in public, never mind the freaky communal headwear. I am certain the perps are attempting to isolate earth/soil energetics interactions with that of my own, hence their assiduous interest in digging building foundations next to nearly everywhere I have lived.

I also got my "bread stalking" act while out; this is often in the form of unattended bread, usually in the plastic bag, being left beside the sidewalk on my route. This time it was hotdog buns "on special", and even the birds left it alone. Funny how that it is.

And so back to a dull-ified day, as the perps are whacking me with a tiredness that borders on sleeping, but not quite enough to convince me to take a nap.

These are the last of my uploaded pictures. This is an arranged string of vehicles parked outside of my apartment building on Quadra St. In the parked file, there are three dark blue colored vehicles and one black colored one second from the end. The perps like to put on VW vans, camperized or not, and it is likely because the engine is in the rear, and that I owned two of the prior model version. Taken 06-18-2008, 1103h.

At the time, I thought it looked most curious, this large rectangular section of plasma, or faux reflections, with a missing square from the center above the brickwork, which is sitting above the tree foliage. Somehow, the photo did not come out the way I saw it at the time, so I leave it to readers to make their own discernment as to this being anomalous or not. The building is a condo, and all the venetian blinds are of a silver plastic reflective type, and there seems to be an unusual uniformity of them being in a position of maximum reflectance. Taken 06-18-2008, 1654h.

Back to reality, after an ongoing serial barrage of loud vehicle noise while checking out jobs online. The perps like me to do this, and most often, they sap me of my recall and motivation to do anything more. That I Bookmark a few also gets the noise action stirred up, especially the overhead rumbling noise. I have no idea what the perps want me to do vocationally next. The current harassment seems to be all about keeping me coming back to an area, or doing the same thing in a new location. There is always a provenance angle behind the harassment games. Now that they have vocationally parked me for six years, it is about time the assholes showed up and took responsibility for this life-rape.

Concurrent with the ongoing noise parade and flurries is the perps invoking a dry cough all to piss me off all the more. It is about time they gave this fucking invasive stunt a rest.

An electronic chirp noise was sounding as I pressed the keys, until I then associated it with ongoing harassment games, and then it stopped.

Onto some more strange oddities, and that being the perps' games in faking me out as to jokes, and related stunts as to what is real or not. Sometimes this will be in the form of a satirical news item, (a spoof), or as the faked imagery I see many times per day; e.g. spots on the walls or counter surfaces that emulate an insect, and of course, that cuts close to the bone, as they put on an real insect invasion two weeks ago. The masers are usually used, greyish or black dots that momentarily appear animated as if it were a real insect at first glance. Anyhow, this preamble is all about getting faked out, or fooled, even momentarily, and how this has also "happened" in other world incidents. The most prominent example is the 9/11 tragedies, and separately, how at least two agencies/responsibility centers thought it was a drill at first. This was true for the NORAD section who were conducting a training exercise that very morning, and now, news to me, a similar situation evolved at the Pentagon, as described here. Many thought it was a drill at the Pentagon. Similarly at the World Trade Center, there had been a ramp up of drills there prior to that fateful day, and I am sure many of the evacuees were thinking it was again another drill. It wasn't in the least.

As the perps like to fake me out and have me get the wrong idea totally, and are able to do this with greater ease and effect owing to significantly more mind-control capabilities, these fake drill situations on 9/11 cannot be considered to be a coincidence. If one reads the Dimensional Structures of Consciousness, and understands it (I cannot, possibly because of direct dithering of my cognition), then it seems that there are certain energetic signatures that denote a real event, versus a pretend event. It would seem that the perps who constantly create this real/fake dichotomy of understanding are attempting to untangle the energetics (consciousness energies) of each. And that is as deep as I will go on this topic; I only to mention the possible linkages to the stunning number of "coincidences" I encounter, on the world stage or in my personal life (read, full time surveilled to the level of thought, orchestrated and scripted).

And continuing the thought meme on drills and military exercises, I find the the city of Denver was subject to unannounced federal government forces on a city wide exercise, as noted here. The jist of the article indicates that this also may have an agenda of conditioning and social engineering, to make the populace aware of such special operations. It could be, and I am often gangstalked by these tall vans, one that people can stand up in. The Mercedes Van and the Dodge Sprinter Van are two that come to mind, and even the police are using them (showing them off to me) for some reason. All this is getting too conspiratorial, so onto something lighter.

I found this to be an interesting news item, "Socially Engineering The Public For Martial Law", the unannounced special federal operations exercise in Denver. The nature of the Rogue Government site is that they take a dim view of such activity, as well as the city's anemic response to such an imposition.

As today is the summer solstice, I am surprised the perps haven't turned today into utter hell like yesterday. I have remarked in past blogs that the perps have a strong interest in sunlit and nightime conditions, and they have been known to go beserk with harassment at these occasions. Perhaps the perps are on sidereal time, that as determined by the stars, and yesterday was a sidereal summer solstice. Just a thought, and it was noisestalked as well.

I just finished completing the Google Analytics pathetic site visitation counter; adding HTML code into the template is not my competency, and more like, the perps want me to deal with it more than once, like all my past computer code authorship. They fucked the hell out of me when I was coding and then deleted my recall of computer coding knowledge. I often wondered why my compiles did not work when I had saved the file edits. Now I know.

And wouldn't you know, I successfully (as far as I know) added the Google Analytics code into this blog's template, and now I cannot find a link to look at the Analytics (site statistics). I often get pages changed on me, and similarly, a manual will "go missing" just when I need it.

Another day is done, doing time for my tormentors, who thankfully, didn't repeat yesterday's ugly harassment abuses.

The day isn't over; a three siren cascade erupted while I was listening to my current high rotation musician, Jill Barber. Could this be more of the sound transference games? Applying both music and sirens together so to be able to correlate neural responses perhaps. Who knows.


Apocalypto said...

Emigrate to Florida, buy a .45, and help me hunt the bastards down. It certainly is gratifying to have them flee when you're in pursuit!

AJH said...

I would if I could. You wouldn't believe the stunts the pulled on me at the border, even with a visa to work. The INS Border guards pulled their guns on me for no reason and handcuffed me all to give me a piece of paper to say I needed to see the US Consulate doctor before US entry. (Somehow they knew I was coming). This was when my stated reason for entry was to clean up my apartment, and they wouldn't let me do that!