Saturday, June 14, 2008

More Forced Coughing And Spluttering

The perps have me coughing on cue, and seemingly continuing yesterday's featured negro stunt. As soon as I saw a picture of a negro in the news, they forced me cough and then had me scroll down to see a blonde female celebrity as part of the stunt. I hadn't coughed since breakfast, at least an hour ago, and then it suddenly came on with this vignette setup, back to the perps' ongoing games in featuring the Unfavored, and swiftly interjecting a Favored element immediately afterwards. Funny how that keeps happening, and as I write this up, overhead clunking and rumbling has also started up.

No doubt it was a big deal, as the outside noise has also stopped. Earlier, while preparing breakfast the perps put on a high pictched squeal of indeterminant origin when making the coffee (brown colored) and then kept it up while applying peanut butter and jam to the toast. The instant I put the toast in my mouth when at the table, this mysterious squealing noise stopped. Yet another "brown stalking" event, and only the first of the day.

The perps kept me off chocolate this morning, and this may have something to do with the intake of a new medication, and of course, it being a particular color as determined by the perps. And of note, they had me shift the yellow colored capsule medication to the evening, all to minimize the color combinations at each intake. Funny how it all happened at once and the doctor didn't tell me about all these other changes at the same time. It has the hand of deviousness about it. And, to no great surprise, the new medication is of a peach orange color, identical to that of the bedsheet they transformed from a light brown to a brigher orange, all "because" of the bleach treatment last weekend, incurred because of the bed bug infestation they planted on me. It all fits together, along with the noisestalking and typo sabotage as this is being written.

I have eaten my meager lunch, though not to worry, I don't get hungry and I haven't lost any weight since the new smaller portion lunch and dinner practice has been imposed. The perps like me to be on the edge of overweight, and in certain public gangstalking instances, they will have me look at my girth while an overweight posing operative is in view. This would "happen" with Mr. Ethnic Gut at the gym, at least four or more times per 30 minute workout in the public area. I would be on equipment that had me seated, and often the perps would have me look down at my torso, and when I would look up, there was the disgusting visage of the overweight Mr. Ethnic Gut sitting or standing (and looking stupid). He would even push his gut out a little more sometimes to overdramatize its loathsome look. This would an instance of the perps hounding me with specimens from the Unfavored demographic groups, and then attempting to correlate my observation of my own frontal torso by way of examining the workout equipment I was on, to then seeing this gut placed in my view during the 5 seconds that I wasn't looking in that direction. At his worst, he would pull about 12 to 15 of these poses in 30 minutes before we went into the floor exercise room. And don't forget, we were each moving around to differing workout equipment for the 30 minutes, and yet he had this fantastic record of "showing up" whenever I looked around. He was the worst, but New Bald, Grotesque Granny, and some others were also hounding me in the same way.

And the above seems like it is in past tense, which may well be the case, as I am skipping gym on Tuesday with a committment, and will only be able to make it there for Thursday, a once per week event. And of note, the perps have me with stiff muscles and joints, "because" I worked out only on Thursday (two days ago) this week. I have never stiffened up from missing one gym class before all this hassle started, and it would seem that my mind-keepers/life-rapists want to get more somatic sensation action in these days. The perps have me all bummed out over gym for no substantive reason, though they did move me to the "transitional" group, and haven't yet substantiated the rationale by adding more class members. The excuse was that the "transitional" group members were "advanced" and could do things on their own, and were shunted to the public area to do the latter 30 minutes of floor exercises. Translated, that means that more gangstalkers can wander around me while I am on the floor, and have done so. The perps have me getting pissed about this, and are running notions in my mind as to quitting the entire gym scene altogether. What is really in the plans I don't know, but it is clear that the perps obtain some kind of gain from it, as they had me working out on gym equipment since 1997 or so, and especially in the run-up to overtly invading my life in 2002.

More instant red color games. I was looking at a blog on refurbished buildings which has a number of images with predominant red colors in them, one being of flowers, and then an insect "arrived" on my right arm, and once I trapped it in my left fingers, it squirted a 1/8" red blood track on me. More red blood was on my left fingers after squeezing it, and so that precipitated a visit to the bathroom to clean up. This is yet another example of the greater disruption that is becomming more commonplace of late. Getting me out of my chair for reasons that only relate to the harassment imperative. Other fake insect crawling sensations on my skin have also been scripted today, and by adding a real insect every so often, the threat remains to ensure that I don't ignore these. Then they put on a whacking great chopped Harley motorcycle noise as I approached my chair, sat down, and turn 90 degrees to face the LCD display. Such a nice welcome back from the all-time sickos. And I assume, they have their weekend crew on duty today, who are often more rapacious and vile.

A ten minute round trip to the nearby supermarket turned into some annoying gangstalking and other orchestrated strangeness. I had my lead-ahead gangstalker on me, a woman dressed in black save for a red colored midriff portion. She led me all the way into the store, and even "popped up" twice while I was in there. She actually led me inside the store, as the shopping baskets on the W. side, the one of entry, were removed, and that obliged an across-store trip to the E. side to get one. She "needed" a shopping basket, as did I, and that "happened" to be the location that was 8' from the chocolate that the perps had me crave, and then purchase. I had my usual stocking carts loaded with brown cardboard boxes on my in-store path of getting only three items, and then when at the checkout the perps started to put on the body press. The woman ahead was hanging back, and the woman who arrived behind me was threatening to park herself up my asshole, she was getting that close. I move ahead 6" and then she does the same. The perps planted the notion of complaining, but that never happened thankfully. Then three more "shoppers" arrive together, two being Asian, one in a yellow outfit. One of the three was this strange Causcasian dude in those ridiculous Tilley hats with the wide brim, and he was making himself out to be shuffling around, looking for something, and not a typical shopper. He had a way fugly pink shirt and a burgundy red lined jacket, and by the time it was for me to pay, always the big gangstalk moment, he was stock still, and standing beside the cashier, possibly in her "auric penumbra", but a rather scary/weird asshole all the same, if not for his absurd choice in shirt color. The perps have me in a hypersensitive reaction mode to red colors, especially for those in combinations of tones. At the moment of financial transaction, I had at least three of them around me, and all of them going still, and there may have been others loitering at that very moment.

Then on the way back, I had my twice-per-week stunt of a vehicle attempting a run at me when on the crosswalk, preceded by on of the left hand drive Japanese vehicle. This was a left turning vehicle that hung back, and for whatever reason he decided to gun the engine and take a run at me while I was crossing on the "walk" pedestrain signal. I got these often; as far as I know it is illegal to enter into a crosswalk with a vehicle if a pedestrian is on the crosswalk, and yet this "happens" all the time. Today, he decided to make me aware of this utter belligerence by revving the motor, coming on fast for no reason, and then braking hard to "avoid" me, and to pass behind me. He was also tapped for aviator frame sunglasses duty, putting on the stare from behind this model of sunglasses, one that has been featured many times, and including setting me up with a stunt to give mine to my brother because I need contact lenses. As this latter stunt unfolded, the sunglasses had been put in storage, and my recall had been fucked with as I would of surely remembered. And too, my brother put on the act by wearing sunglasses with one lens knocked out, inviting the mind-controlled offer that I made him, just that I didn't have them on hand as I was lead to believe through recall fucking.

Strangely, I didn't get any doorway, lobby or elevator gangstalkers when going to, or coming back from the supermarket; the perps seem to be putting on the show that I am alone in this apartment building, save their realtime mind invasive activity of course.

As this is Saturday, I got a national newspaper in my shopping, and read it once I got back. The perps kept screwing with the page folding, and created more buckling than any newspaper I have ever had, thereby giving them more plane surfaces to add their reflective light games to. (The lighting conditions are highly regulated around me, and the perps often add reflectance when none would ordinarily occur). I haven't quite figured out why they need to have so many reflective planes around me, and nor the exaggerated mid-page fold that cast a deeper than normal shadow on the page. And lo, if they didn't noisestalk me extensively when reading across this higher contrast mid-page zone; from the strangely reflective surface and over the high hump and big shadow area below the fold. An exciting moment for sick minds, and this goes on page after page. Eventually, they have me getting so pissed with this stunt, that I don't read all of the article. This too is an ongoing jerkaround; dithering my peripherial vision with plasma or maser action, and pissing me off enough to have me abort reading the article and turn the page. Interupting activity at all stages, from the first paragraph to the last, is a big part of the fuckery of late, reading especially, in print or online.

And even though this is at least two hours from dusk onset, one of their silly times of the day, the extra-conventional high contrast lighting has been on for some two hours, as viewed outside. The opposite residential tower is coming on extra bright, and the shadows are decidedly dingey. This too has been noticed in past orchestrations, especially when walking W. bound on sunny days from the gym where the vehicles are all given extra reflectivity, and the shadows are darker, increasing the backlighting situation, which they have been likely manipulating all my life. At this time of year, near the solstice, and the time of day, around 1600h, there should be minimal reflectance and the shadows should not be so deep. In winter, they make it worse by having the low sun aimed in my eyes and the vehicles, while visible, are cast in more shadow. The ambient lighting in my proximity is under constant manipulation, and it would seem that increased contrast, possibly to minimize percieved color at a distance, serves the harassment agenda in all situations.

Picture time for some relief; this is taken 06-01-2008, 1512h from the bedroom of my parent's place, looking S. I know which vehicles that belong to the neighbors, and in the case of that central cluster, it would only be the white pickup. Here we have two red colored vehicles at 90 degree offset, one black colored vehicle ahead of the left red vehicle, and another white vehicle ahead of the red pickup truck; 2 red, 2 white, and 1 black vehicle in two orientations. Seems like color games to me, especially in light of all the other pictures. And, last but not least. one two tone brown vehicle parked further back on the left. I have no idea what that light flare is, and assume the perps added it in for yet more color and intensity variation.

Taken 06-03-2008, 1836h 35 sec., in that high contrast light condition I mentioned above. Transversely, across the street extending from the left to the right side; 2 black colored vehicles parked in file, the second one behind the tree leaves, and then 2 silver-grey vehicles in file behind the black colored. ones. On the street on the left side, there is plenty of variation of colors nothing too anomalous save the dudes jaywalking in mid-street, over the yellow centerline. Another of my pictures has an operative over top of the yellow centerline, which is too much of a coincidence by my reckoning, impaired and dithered as it may be.

The only other comment to make is the "laddermobile", which belongs to a carpet cleaning outfit. Who ever heard of a carpet cleaner having a deep stack of ladders on the roofrack and parking in the street all kinds of times; overnight, weekends etc.? Regular readers will know that "ladder stalking" is a consistent part of the harassment games, and I have indicated a possible reason in past blogs.

Taken 06-03-2008, 1836h 40 sec. The arrival of extra "pedestrians" within 5 seconds might be legit; the "Plastic Bagman" at the corner could of behind the tree in the above shot, and the blue man was outside of the above frame. This picture is a wider angle, and I see they even put a wheelchair act in the shadows on the right side. The perps have added a mid-grey colored vehicle in motion to this picture, and that of itself isn't too strange, even if it is a mid-greytone between black and silver-grey parked vehicles.

Taken 06-05-2008, 0751h. A "train" for early morning color calibration in the rain perhaps. A tractor trailer with a crimson red cab and a white colored trailer, with a white sedan tight on its tail, and a deep metallic red vehicle behind it. If you can zoom in, on the left you will see the snout of the cab of a tractor trailer unit backing into the loading bay. As I readied my camera, the scene of two red cabbed and white trailered tractor trailer units 90 degrees offset was rapid changing, and this is the best that could be obtained. And one of those horrid Chrysler 300 gasoline guzzlers is parked on the street in a mid-grey tone. I cannot stand the sight of these, and yet the perps pack them around me often, as much as any Favored vehicles.

And all the above copying, pasting, and annotating of the above pictures brought on all manner of overhead noise; pounding, clicking, rumbling etc. As this is the pre-dinner time, it is one of the most opportune for perp fuckery, for whatever they are after. Time for dinner, as small as it is, and put this nonsense back some hours until digested.

Dinner is done, and it wasn't enough disruption for the perps, as they keep flashing me in the face with plasmsa bursts, and having me become enraged over this fuckery. Add in some 6 voice changes over the last five minutes, all provoked by "reactions", per mind-controlled fuckery, to other stunts the assholes have pulled to rile me up, their first and foremost method of attempting to create more auric conditions for them to remotely assay. Or, that is the theory I go by, and it seems to be substantiated by the Unfavored clustering around the Favored, or else in their shadow, or "penumbra", a new word the perps have supplied me, and it might be the one that they use.
the partial or imperfect shadow outside the complete shadow of an opaque body, as a planet, where the light from the source of illumination is only partly cut off.
The reflectance and strobing games are continuing on the drapes now that I pulled them to stop the same games on the carpet at my feet. Never have there been so many "reflectances" that find their way into my apartment, and then by some mysterious hand, start strobing at a later date. This stunt has legs, and no doubt it will be in place for the entire summer, into September I suspect. And through the curtains no less, after touting their light blocking capabilities, a light flash occured in front of me the instant I copied a word into the paste buffer, i.e., Copy/Paste Windows functions.

Here is an interesting anecdote from a TI, one who follows internet and short wave radio broadcasts;
Listening here to Patriot broadcaster Alan Watt, Republic Broadcasting.

A caller related a story about her 17 year old daughter who came down with a head to toe
rash after a tonsillectomy so unusual the daughter was examined by three doctors. The doctors were quizzing the mother about any environmental factors that might be responsible, such as food, drink, other influences like method of washing.

The mother said nothing had changed in their household, but that she had noticed a very substantial increase in chemtrails being sprayed at her location. To the mother's amazement, the doctors, as if on cue, spun 180 degrees, facing away from her, and had no further exchange with the mother or daughter.

Alan, who is a Brit himself, reported that police in the UK are under orders to immediately break off all conversations with civilians, even if they are in the middle of writing a ticket, if the civilian mentions chemtrails.

(Reminiscent of the British police detective who wrote to me saying his department was under orders to deny the existence of organized stalking and refuse to help anyone complaining of that.)
Interesting, that the doctors know a whole lot more going on about the big picture, and are even partaking of it and keeping their knowledge secret. We are all being experimented on to greater or lesser degrees, and we have no idea as to why, and what the after effects may be. Outrageous, and yet nothing is done about it. As Richard Hoagland says, "the lies are different at each level", and I suppose even the doctors don't have a full story.

And it is most odd that when I got to "meet" the police after being attacked on the street, and they kept asking about my work (har, har) and extricated the harassment story out of me, that I didn't ask them about submitting a complaint about gangstalking. And nor did they suggest I submit a complaint, something that they are bound to do as their job I would think. Funny how that next logical step never happened.

A trip to the days of yore, when I was an Oracle database designer; I had a visit to the Oracle download site, investigating the possibility of creating a database of my movies of interest. Now that the perps are putting on the claim that the Firefox Bookmark manager is getting overloaded with some 30,000 bookmarks of movies, it might be prudent to move it out. Past forays into this have been met with arranged obstructions, and it was never worth the agony of continuing the effort. Which is the constant threat as to any new endeavor; am I going to get totally screwed in doing this or not? Any new activity is nearly always a total harassment scene, and with the degree of cognitive fuckery they can now exercise, down to "not recognizing" individual alphabetic characters in a word, and thereby misreading it entirely, undertaking a technical quest such as a database design is bound to be a fraught experience. Even typing out this paragraph has been so. Sounds like a no brainer; do not undertake anything technically taxing until the perps are gone for good, and they will be.

The perps have been creating many, at least 40, red, orange or yellow plasma displays in my peripherial vision today. Some of them have been placed just below this LCD display as I type. They seem to be needing to test me all the more, and have even taken to noisestalking me as I type out the names of the colors. There is more attention on this of late, and the mention of them by others. That and numbers; more bullshit stunts over re-stating phone numbers to someone who "didn't get it". And this is the dusk onset silly time now, and there is even an "all-quiet" order in effect, save overhead rumbling and clunking.

I am being kept positively verbose tonight; perhaps it is a dusk onset test, to keep me coming back to the same display and doing much the same thing, typing away. They just had me put on my lights, after allowing me to get light bulbs yesterday, and mounting them this morning. This is the first hallway light I have had for three weeks, after they knocked out the existing bulbs, and then when replaced by a single new bulb, they knocked it out too. Of interest, they had me use incandescent bulbs, not the compact flourescents which I don't like much in any event. And they give off plenty of magnetic radiation I came to know in my days of using a Gauss meter to test what was going on. Yessir, at least 200 Gauss in late 2002, when normal background levels are 0.5 Gauss. When the head of the hospital's psychiatric department cannot look one in the eye while saying "no" to the question "am I being contained within a densified electromagnetic field?", then I think I got the real answer in his evasive body language. Just another criminal harassment abetting shill along the way.
Three serial loud chopped motorcycle noises ripping along in the distance; this must be an important harassment moment. I have taken to calling them "motorcycle moments". And the assholes have me ranting about more perceptual games, typing "50" and "thinking" (per planted thought), "40". I get extremely pissed at these intrusions, and the perps make sure I am that way. The caveat of no biker bar within 5 miles applies, and also, there really isn't that kind of population here in this city, it is much too toney for that crowd. And yet, some days, there has to be over 100 motorcycles of the 2 cycle noisey kind per day, if the noise events are to be taken at face value. Regular readers will know that I maintain the noise is projected from an electronic source; I cannot count the number of times where I have looked for the source, and it isn't there. And in fact, there has been many of these in the covert years; I am in the wilderness and "hear" a helicopter, the expected vehicle for pickup, and yet it doesn't arrive for another hour.

A procession of loud mufflered vehicles was the warm up to a siren cascade, timed for me reading an almost local article about the US Border Patrol and their new policy of checkpoints over citizenship. It seems that they can go wherever they want, even far from a border, and undertake this action. As the crossing of borders is of great interest to the perps, and I did this on alternate weekends for 3.5 years of child visitations when I lived in Seattle and Everett, the timing of the noise flurries was most predictable. Usually the perps delete my knowledge of their objective associations before I begin reading, and thereby obtain a (forced) "naive" state of perception as to perp/harassment setup, and let me in on what I would ordinarily know in the latter part of the read. Meaning, that I am not allowed to recall what I know when I want, and am led into all manner of situations that I would not choose for myself. Fucking sick.

I have been getting some insect crawling sensations tonight, and the purpose of that stunt is for the perps to have me directly look at the skin location where it was sensed. And at the moment of looking at my own skin, why, the assholes create more pounding and clunking noises overhead. The usual caveat applies; the floor/ceilings are 12" thick steel and concrete, so how could anyone cause that to make noise?

Earlier, another new stunt; they created a visual jitter/impairment while looking at this LCD display, and at that very instant, they then pounded the ceiling, or more like, the noise thereof, as if it were wood joist. There has been more combinatorial stunts of late, and this is another that I am sure will be applied more often.

Time to call this one done for the day, and perhaps catch some music before going to bed, assuming it is allowed and not blocked.

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