Thursday, June 12, 2008

Forced Coughing When Touching Brown Objects

This is the post dinner digestion period, always a big deal for the perps who have sustained plenty of annoying noise from outside for the last hour beforehand. It would seem that keeping up the same noise is a method of retaining their neural energetic correlations after eating brown colored food.

They started me with forced coughing at breakfast when eating cereal (brown colored), and then when eating chocolate with coffee, also brown colored. And lo, if they didn't make sure a wad of phlegm didn't arrive in my mouth and then was swallowed as the prelude to eating the last chocolate square. So far, this intermittent cough has been mostly a morning and then an evening event. though they did make me splutter some in yoga, after lapsing into some uncontrolled thought. There isn't much of my thoughts that are not controlled it seems; only retrospective judgemental determination seems to be not yet mind controlled. Very often I will make a judgement, like most people, as to a person's behavoir from any source; observed, read, or from my own recall of past events. As soon as such a determination is made, I get a kerchunk noise from above, a forced coughing, a crackle in my ear, a thwack noise from my jaw joint, overhead rumbling noise and other phenomenon. That doesn't leave much that isn't controlled. They did fake me out in the latter part of 2007 when I was writing up their accomplishments, causing me to think that I was totally controlled, which wasn't the case. Near enough, though.

Being a Thursday, it was yoga at 1130h and then gym at 1430h. The perps are decidedly planting negative thoughts about gym, the usual passage of events to have me end my involvement. Today's red shirt games was decidedly off-putting, lining up four dudes in the same crimson red shirts, each about 10' apart in a N.-S. oriented line. Mr. Sometimes was one of them; ostensibly a class member, and he has exonerated status to come whenever he wants, usually months apart nowadays, which is not allowed; the deal is full time or else you are out. This tubby dude was one of today's redshirts, and was doing all manner of posing and re-orienting himself for no seeming reason on the equipment 8' away from me on the stationary bicycle. I have never seen anyone in a gym go to such lengths to do so much standing around; back facing me, and then he would turn 90 degrees and stand there as if totally dumbstruck. I reckon he must be my out-of-town brother in morphover, as he also engaged in ambulatory gangstalking as well. He was walking away from the gym class as I was walking there for at least two appearences. Go figure. He seems to be arranged for big gangstalking events, where the perps have high expectations for whatever reason.

I saw enough red shirts at gym to make me hurl. The above four were aligned at one point, and there was at least another two who were in cirulation nearby. Later in the "transitional" group in the public warmdown area, there were at least another two red-shirts, same tone of red again, one being a woman on my right side who then passed onto my left side while I was doing floor exercises on the mat. Maybe the perps will let me be bold and cancel out on this bullshit, and today's extra attention was the finale.

Another gangstalker, a male in a blue camo jacket was on me for six return gangstalkings while I was at the gym. I passed him by with his skateboard at the ticket booth, and only five seconds later he was 2' behind me at the base of the stairs without his skateboard, following me up. Then when I exited the change room he magically was inserted 6' ahead of me, when he had enough intervening time to be working out. The he "disappeared" until the end of the class and "happened" to arrive in the workout area, and the class coordinator somehow knew him, even if he wasn't a class member. Once I was out on the street after some three minutes, he was on my ass again, skateboarding, and turned a corner in front of me. Then he skateboarded across the intersection on the crosswalk, and some minutes later, when he should of been long gone, he was paralleling me from across the street, and then turned another corner again. I don't think I have had a gangstalker who was as brazen as this one, which includes his skateboard ditching that he accomplished somehow.

I should relieve myself of this hassle and end the gym involvement, as it is getting to piss me off all the more. Too many wackos, and now that they have separated me with two others for some strange indeterminable reason from the rest of the class in the floor exercise room, the perps made sure I was getting fed up of it. We shall see, and I wouldn't mind getting some working activity instead of going there for the biweekly gangstalk swarm.

This morning, when at yoga, I had the class ringed around me, and they had me between two dudes; one who took my usual spot on the S. wall, and then one who came some 10 minutes later, after some "auric adjustment time", the term I use for the perp's incremental addition of the Unfavored in my proximity. And so, with all the promotion of heavy pranic breathing, I had these two puffing and huffing in stereo. The "bread lady" was also there, regular readers will know that she was the one waving a bag of bagels around after class, "offering" them to anone who wanted it. Is it not enough that I go past a bakery when transiting to/from yoga? Seemingly not, and even the police get in on the act when I was walking back on the sidewalk, arranging their tall brown colored police van next to me with the closest policewoman passenger eating a sandwich with her head turned 90 degrees for no reason.

I don't know quite what the big perps were so excited about today, putting on Mr. Sometimes at gym, and having me arranged between two dudes at yoga. I get plenty enough male gangstalker action as it is these days, and also in absurd clusters of them when there is no reason for all this faux conviviality. I even got a blatant negro woman gangstalker on sentry duty at the first intersection I encountered when heading off to gym. She was in an absurd long brown leather jacket, and standing at the intersection as if a pedestrian, but instead, elected to stay standing there, missing two lights to go in either direction. That she has some way fugly hair was likely part of the deal, more hurlworthy events from the Unfavored.

The perp's excitement might have been over their forced change in shaving routine they have me do, and that I have a Wednesday night bath to shave where I cannot conveniently access when standing at the mirror each morning. I used a new blade two days ago, and then turfed it last night after the weekly bath shave. Then, I started a new razor blade this morning while standing at the mirror, face and front torso. This added paragraph was so interesting that the perps started up the overhead vacuuming noise, hallway clicking sounds, and chopped Harley Davidson noise into the mix.

And there has been quite a few red vehicles put on for me today. I could see six or more red vehicles at a glance, usually at an intersection, at least three times today. While working out at the gym, and having only a E. view (leftside only) through the windows, there were seven red vehicles of varying tones, and at least two red shirts in the gym area on my right side.

The perps wouldn't let me purchase laundry detergent today, as much as I have been trying to for the last week. It seems much of the liquid detergent has suffered a "downsizing" of the packaging container. They all have got smaller since I last bought detergent, and the price remained the same. Regular readers will know that the perps are obsessed over my laundry, and of course, the kind and nature and container color. I intended to purchase some unscented Tide, but the dude at the checkout explained that it was "HE" labelled, for high efficiency washing machines, the new standard it would seem, and that it wouldn't be appropriate to use it as he made the same mistake himself a short while ago. Sure, all that talk time, and waving his hands around the white plastic container with the silver grey cap and as well as holding it in the other hand, I sure he could be very convincing when someone can turn off my bullshit detection neural circuitry from afar. So, I didn't buy in after all, and this vignette was all about getting some "contact time" with a gangstalker over the just selected laundry detergent. This would be another example of the perps' aims in functional decomposition of all my activities in incremental segments. That is how I seen it, but I still haven't figured out their objectives as my out-of-town brother has a commercial laundry, so why jerk me around over my once per week laundry detergent use?

I got a zapping with an overhead clunking the instant that I read the word "Nuforce" in relation to a review of this stereo amplifier, and prior to that, reading a review of the same amp. This is how it goes; everything I do, see, read, think or otherwise percieve is under intense scrutiny. Read a word twice in an evening, and zap, clunk and then I yell at the assholes.

Before that, they had me coughing on cue, this infernal dry cough they have decided to invoke, and with no other cold condition. And more coughing as I begin this line, all for resuming my blogging as an example of how trivial their neural pursuits are. It is fucking bizarre to live a life like this and be contained in it with no freedom to escape. Tomorrow I try Seroquel, to see if the "stress" becomes less. It either could be an orchestrated reduction in being harassed (removing the excuses), or simply the latest medication invasion along with the pill color for yet more deep neural trovings by my mind-keepers. My money is on the latter, being that is all I know; more harassment for more perp gains at greater personal expense. Like they care anyhow. The most depraved assholes of all mankind are at the levers of the controls of god-like powers. It is that bad, and more likely worse for all that I don't know about their influence, which I suspect is substantial.

More forced coughing, and now, overhead tapping noise. Not forgetting that there is 12" of concrete and steel between me and the apartment above.

I am getting a tinge of red added into white voids as seen on this LCD display. Back to that game again, and increasing my displeasure in seeing these colors. At dusk onset, the perps "yellowed up" my display as well as introducing yellow colored light from the "reflections" of the nearby residential towers.

I see the perps have resumed the black spotting and seeming blood smearing of my bedsheets again, under the guise of it being remaining bed bugs that survived the spraying four days ago. As usual, I have no bites, and it has to be the perps at it again, fucking with my bedsheets, an ongoing obsession of theirs that defies the cover story; the bed bugs are dead. These black spots are known to be loci the perps use to redirect maser beams I have come to learn. As before, the top sheet has been black spotted, and the bottom sheet has been given the blood smear treatment, no doubt building up into a radial pattern that will cover a circle by the time they are done. The pillow cases are getting renewed black spotting. If I am allowed to remember tomorrow, I will unload my camera's pictures to show the mess before it was laundered this weekend, and to some loss, as the top sheet was made into a peach color, and the bottom sheet was given a 3" rip. I also noted that the matress cover, which remained at this apartment, was also holed in my absence. The perps cannot get enough holes punched in my bedding it would seem.

I had some strange never-before dreams just before I awakening this morning; it was about Serbia, a place I know little about, have never visited, and have no other association with it. Again, this is dream intrusion IMHO, as this degree of specificity in dreams never happened before the perps jumped on my back in 2002. What their intent is with respect to this kind of dream property I do not know, and it is only one more tiresome intrusion into my life that I was never asked about being involved in. The supreme thanklessness of the perps after covertly following me for 47 years, and then jumping me with this life-rape subjugation I am being kept in will never be forgotten as long as I have a say in my own existence.

Time to call this one done for the day; all of the above was typed up while listening the the Wailin' Jennys, a concert recording.

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