Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Rare Mellow Morning

While I have been harassed when making breakfast, specifically with chocolate crumb inundation, peanut butter and jam on toast extra-conventional gravitic harassment and a few others, I would have to say this is a rare morning where I haven't been wound up into a rage-ified state. I still get the plasma and masers, the odd tick, faux neighbor noise, and others, but nothing too much to get me highly irritated, which is where they like to keep me. Something is definitely odd, and it may represent a lull for a later salvo of harassment and sustained vexation for later.

And there are important harassment games in progress; tomorrow, the pest control is to spray this place, to take away the excuses for all the ticks "arriving", and I am to prepare by pulling all furniture from the walls by 2', something the perps will like very much, as this investigation technique has already been evident at my brother's place when he stored my belongings, and at my parent's place where the bed I use is strangely pulled from the wall.

After spraying, I will have to vacate the apartment for six hours, and that will likely mean an extra Monday night stayover at my parent's place. And lo, if my mother didn't suggest bringing my bedsheets to her place and getting them laundered there. Regular readers will know that the bedsheets are spattered and smeared with blood-like stains, but as I have no bites or other skin lesions, it remains a mystery as to why this is happening, save the usual sabotage with no causal event. The stains and spattering are on my new pillow cases and top sheet as well as the fitted sheet, and it is a mess to say the least, and laundering will not remove these stains.

I have also been getting towel sabotage of late; one towel self-ripped and had to be thrown out. So it looks that my big excitement over the next while would be to get new bed linen, just the kind of domestic bullshit I have no desire to acquire unless necessary. Never mind that I have no funds to pay for this sabotage, or have no idea why this is happening. The pattern of the smearing on the bottom sheet has crop circle like design, the smears being arranged in a circle of 2', with the angular smeared portion changing a few degrees each increment around the circle. I will put some pictures up at next post, likely two days from now, as the PC at my parent's place is an exercise in frustration, probably by design.

In past blogs I have remarked on the perps seeming to have an objective related to the energetic effects of humans in sustained enclosures deep under water. Another way of saying that they may have had a hand in some of the cruise ship sinkings in the last few years, one in this province, where it went down at night with a two passengers "undiscovered" and seemingly unaware of the impending disaster in their sleep. The perps tell me that the human energetic interaction of neutrinos varies according to whether one is in daylight, or through the earth at nightime. At least one neutrino observatory is due for placement in Mediterranean deep water, and another for placement in deep ice in Antartica. There is another one in Sudbury, Canada in a deep mine shaft. It may well be that the unfortuneate victims of the cruise ship sinkings, who went down with the ship into deep water, may have been sacrificial subjects as part of a neutrino-energetic interaction study by the perps. And I now see a "trend" in ocean divers being abandoned by their tending watercraft, and spending the night in tropical waters afraid for their lives, and ultimately getting rescued. It does make me wonder if these are not managed events by the perps, and are covert neutrino studies on the hapless victims they selected. There has been at least three such stories in the past six months, and here is the latest, though these divers made it to land and had to fight off a komodo dragon as part of their survival. Another abandoned diver story is here, or at least the filmaking of it. All very speculative for sure, but I do see plenty of world and local news events that fit the harassment pattern and objectives that I get to see all day, and thought it was interesting enough to post.

I had my one tortilla slice lunch, and afterward, the noise dynamic changed altogether. The parade of hoarse mufflered vehicles, lound chopped Harleys and a few others have been arranged in a sequence to promote finger blocking of my ears until it passes, and as soon as my fingers come off, why, another noise is scripted. And the plasma flashes on the wall has started up, along with chirps of indeterminate origin. Back to the imposed "normal" again. The barrage of vision impairments also increased, while going through my daily list of personal and lifestyle blogs, and even offering the odd comment.

some eye pumelling time spent on film criticism blogs, another long daily list I trove through with the usual attendant noisestalking and plasma and maser activity. One can get to notice the trends in the presentation of the Unfavored, one in particular, bald heads, aka skinheads. The perps are arranging bald surfaces at the bottom of the display, and then when I scroll down, it could be a male skinhead, a pool ball, or any other like surface. And I note today, they are including female heads in this image cut-off game, though with hair thankfully. The perps seem to be reducing this particular Unfavored class, bald heads, to smaller sections that are presented in part, with the delay in scrolling down to see the whole thing. I see that a recent female bald head event was in the news, a waitress who lost her job for cutting her hair off in a charity event. It is a big deal in these parts, as the police do a Vancouver Island bicycle relay, and part of the charity is to shave their heads. So far as I know, no female officers have been involved. And if I subconsciously don't like skinheads, why do I have a billion dollar budgeted covert agency hounding me over this when I didn't know that I disliked it? And what exactly happened to create this situation that I am being hounded for? The perps also put on chinless dweebes/gangstalkers, another body form I subconsciously dislike I have learned, thanks to them. So... bald heads, chinless chumps; the perps intimate that this is related to past alien exposure, though all recall has been deleted. One cannot take the fuckers at their word, and it could of been one of their medical staff who was similarly conformed. Not my problem.

And I also note that the perps have moved up the brown color chart some, and are putting on taupe colors with web page design, and less of the tan colorations the have been working on for the past 12 months or so. It remains to be seen if vehicles will also be accorded this same "more brown" status, though I will find out later today.

And I see the enragement games are on again, pissing me off over typo sabotage, and then invoking the overhead rumbling noise while swearing at the assholes who can now fuck with every word and letter I know, and in a recent development, can now fuck my typing while I am looking at the keys. This was my last resort of preventing typo sabotage, but now it is breached (totally fuckable by remote means).

Back to the online world after tea and chocolate, duly noisestalked and with extra crumb arrivals and flipping, as well as breaking the chocolate that was in my hand so that I trapped it between my legs. That is correct, self-breaking chocolate, the free end, and it knows where to go for more brown chocolate energetic games by lying against my jeans. And having one's limbs pinched together is also a big energetics deal. Hence the number of oncoming weirds on the street attempting a right side pass, walking in left-hand drive mode when the implicit standard here is right-hand drive, just like vehicles on roadways. And I suspect the plethora of imported Japanese used left-hand drive vehicles that "erupt" in my proximity are part of this left/right energetics study they contain me in.

And I noticed at yoga four days ago that the perps arranged the colors of the tops of the other class members differently on each side. The three women took off their outer garment all at the same time; the right side woman had the fugly carmine red top, the instructor was in pink, and the closest woman on the left was in a tight checked green and white garment. The other woman in black and grey did not remove any of her clothing at this little color game I was privy to, like every Thursday. The usual intense gangstalk scene erupted on the street when I was walking back from yoga; the ladies in red, arm in arm under a red umbrella, the vagrants attempting a left-hand drive right side pass and getting pissed at me because I didn't move, (wasn't allowed to), and the rest of the strange dudes backpacking at 1230h on a Thursday. There are no office towers around here, so where do all these supposed "workers" come from? Like always, it is their job to harass victims, and the pretense of a cover story seems to be less important than it once did.

The dry coughing jags from yesterday have continued today, along with some extra chest sensation as a source for the hacking they have me do. Given that the timing of the coughs is highly tactical, and relates to thoughts, noises, and the usual list of stalkable events, none of the coughing is genuine.

The perps also put a bruise on my right shoulder three days ago, and it too seems to take on differing colors by the day; first blue and grey, then greenish yesterday, and yellow green today. I suppose the big deal for the sickos is that it serves as a portable color reference, one from skin. And too, the fact that I draw my grey plastic shaving razor through it each morning must also offer boundless opportunities for the sickos.

It is time to call this one done and blog off. I will be moving my furniture 2' off the wall fro Monday's insect pspraying job, and then heading off to my daughter's 18th birthday along with my parents in this scripted and rehearsed event that is surely arranged to subsecond levels. I had the sense that I was like a skunk at a garden party the last time if I read the kid's faces correctly. As if I was the source of odium when I said or did nothing offensive in the least. One cannot be sure that this was meant to be "my" determination, as the adults have been putting on the doleful faces of late in an exaggerated manner.

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