Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Imposed Coughing Jag

As I write this the perps have sent me into a coughing fit for no reason but their own fuckery/depravity as it relates to me begining my regular daily blog reading session. And then they re-directed me here to complain about it. The perp's need to interupt routine activities is highly predictable as is the similar imposition of only being allowed to undertake activities in progressive increments until they are satisfied that all the steps are known to them in energetic assay terms.

And, to no surprise, the perps are putting on the noise events that are also timed with the forced coughing, and having my vision temporarily impaired at that moment is all part of the game.

Though it hasn't been a shut-in day, I suspect that they will have me apartment bound from now until yoga tomorrow at 1130h. Last night, while cleaning the green gunk off the silicone nosepads of my eyeglasses they regularly apply, they planted the notion that it could be lost down the sink, and lo, if they didn't just then pull the very nosepad out of my hand and fly it laterally to then end up down the sink drain without even a sporting chance to trap it before it got there. For a soft plastic, it took on some strange properities. And this was to enrage me before going to bed, the final clothes changing of the day, and always of interest to the perps. And of course, to set up today's activity.

So, an outing to the nearby optician was in order after my breakfast and shave, shower and dental hygeine routine. There was additional prior disruption in the use of my towels last night. As they had ripped up one of the three white towels last week, and then had me "forget" if I was on white towel #1 or #2 on the towel rack, I got sucked into using the last remaining towel, a blue colored one that hasn't been used for three years. And of note, I slept under a new light yellow colored top sheet in my bed after the assholes converted my light brown one to a peach color over the weekend. And I was subjected to a forced pee before setting off, more yellow color sampling IMHO.These differences might seem fairly trivial to most people, but for the perps, these are wholesale changes, especially having me keep the blue towel at the ready for over three years, and then have me use it before setting off outside to the optician.

And even if the optician was two blocks away, I had my same-walking direction ambulatory gangstalker posse dudes as soon as I was on the street, and the usual "cyclist" crossing my path with his ridiculous helmet on. The MIB in Fleece 30' ahead of me was on his cellphone and occasionally flashed his brown large envelope he was carrying in his other hand for me to see. And true enough, at least two others were packing coffee, the ubiquitous brown color reference substance they pack around in my proximity, they of the Coffee Corps. I had two goofs wearing Tilley hats gangstalking ahead of me, taking over from the MIB who turned the corner. I cannot get over how often these twits put on these hats for no seeming reason. I also had my concrete redi-mix truck delivering a load within 20' of the crosswalk, obviously some make-work project for this to "happen" in my proximity for this one time.

At the optician a tense red haired woman dressed in blue attended to my glasses by putting in the new nosepad pair. There were four more women staff, seeming part of an associated business addition of eye surgery. I paid for the new nosepad pair, and asked the red haired woman about the the new eye surgery/vision correction business and then as it "so happened", the new business initiative was the offering of Lasik surgery, and other like procedures for vision correction, a long time wish list item. And after my question, the red haired woman called for the attractive blonde woman to tell me all about it, as she was the designated representative. And true to form, the perps had the red-haired woman stand behind the blonde woman for a few minutes, and then she rotated out to allow a black haired woman to do the same, and then I was distracted to not notice if another woman was also similarly staged to bask in the blonde woman's "auric glow", or "auric penumbra" as I call it, the only descriptive term that I can offer. Regular readers will know that the perps routinely stage the Unfavored, including those with red hair, to bask in the proximity of the Favored, attractive blonde women being the most eligible candidates. Most often, the Unfavored demographic group member will stand behind the Favored individual, aligning themselves in a single direction; me, the blonde, and the Unfavored individual in a near straight line.

And while continuing the discussion with the blonde about possible eye surgery, an Caucasian MIB dude "happens" to arrive in the optician's with coffee in hand, aka, the Coffee Corps. He sits down in the new Lasik surgery business area where the brown cookies were, and is later attended by one of four other women, likely in the capacity of some kind of energetic transference between me, her, and then her to the MIB. And at the end of this five minute conversation with the attractive blonde woman, she gave me a navy blue colored brochure package with a DVD inside, all to explore the wonders of having such surgery. This has been at least a ten year old (futile) interest, and given the way the perps have me in hock, it isn't going to happen anytime soon. And given that the perps likely messed with my eyes to create nearsightedness, they have a huge interest in keeping eyeglasseson me, that metal abutting my skin, and all the energetic absorption it affords them.

From there I set off to go to the grocery store, taking the identical route when I had the last pair of new nosepads some four months ago, and of course I had my posse of redcoats around me, and lo, if they didn't script a navy blue and white colored bus to be "stuck" in the intersection due to traffic conditions, an improbable event for 1030h in the morning. Note that I had my navy blue brochure in hand. And at the same intersection, when waiting for the traffic light, and the intersection to clear of the vehicles running red lights, now an operational standard practice unlike any other city I have driven in, including Los Angeles, the perps arranged a long yellow school bus to turn the corner immediately around me. In the next block, I had a large waddling blue poncho dressed gangstalker, and it maybe it was to attempt remotely detecting some kind of blue color interaction off me due to my earlier blue colored towel use. And I suspect the school bus stunt, only a minute beforehand, turning into a dead end street as it was, might have been the same kind of stunt in the capacity to elicit some kind of yellow energetic related interaction owing to the prior first night of using a yellow top sheet in many decades. Then onto the grocery store to do a Chicken Run.

Regular readers will know that I am kept on a single meat protein source, hot cooked chicken purchased at the grocery store, and then later used in chopped form to add into my tortillas I eat almost exclusively for lunch and dinner for at least a week. I had my gangstalkers to be sure, but the perps seem to be laying off heavy coverage when I am in the supermarket, likely because they have spent two years hounding my ass whenever I am there. The inaugural purchase of chicken, and taking it home is a big gangstalking event, or was, and has been named as the Chicken Run. I had my waves of freaks and weirds, as well as the Unfavored, one such dude waving his arms about dressing in a ridiculous bright yellow jacket. Once I get the hot chicken unwrapped after the rest of the groceries, I remove the fatty skin, and eat a first meal straight off the hot cooked carcass, from the cutting board. This has gone on for the last five years, and is likely a sequence that serves the perps in some way, likely as a variation to using the same dinner plates, otherwise it would never of persisted for this long. Once I have eaten, I then put the chicken meat on a dinner plate, cover it with Cling Wrap, and put it in the fridge ready for use at the next meal preparation.

All this is exciting for the perps, who make their presence known by noisestalking me while doing this, and also apply extra-conventional gravitic forces to piss me off, aka rage-ification, as that is their number one play in attempting to remotely detect and quantify my neural energetics that they cannot yet fuck with.

After that was done, the perps put me onto another of their favorite harassment topics, doing laundry. This was duly done without incident, and no rage-fication no less. And as today was combined with a Chicken Run, I did not have the usual lunch afterward my laundry. Again, I am sure this change-up was of intense excitement to the perps, and no doubt other variations of activity order will be forthcoming in keeping with their obsession over all the permutations of every move and thought I make.

The overhead rumbling noise has started up, signifying heightened perp interest at this very moment, and would be expected at this time, before having dinner. And some good news; I get two more days of helping out on the box store displays next week, which just might pre-empt a Sunday night stayover at the home of the First Feral Family, more deliberate disruption of established routine, though not one I will miss given the irritation I get over my father's gangstalking act.

More and more routines are being disrupted, and more often it seems. The perps have me going to the wrong cupboard or drawer more often, a mistake I would never make after the first day in a new place. And I have been here for over a year, so why would that happen? Funny, the two day ago visit to the shrink did not broach the topic of such fundamental recall being disrupted, as it would ordinarily mean a trip to the neurologist. That has been a mantra the perps had me drop; that the "mistakes" of routine habits, some held for over 40 years, e.g. shaving, can be "forgotten" in an instant. This is either a serious neurological deep brain problem, or else externally applied mind control. The last doctor blew me off when I posited this, all to suit the script I am sure.

More troving through web sites with strategically imposed coughing as I bookmarked or switched web pages. Back to that again. Now that I have the headphones on, there is even more of imposed coughing jags, and me vocalizing my annoyance afterward. The perps have me looking at employment posting on the web, and even entertaining remote camp jobs that are supposed to pay $134k per year. Too good to be true I suspect, and more bait for their perception decompositional games.

I was also beset with the creepie crawlies on my left knee, as if another bed bug somehow got under my jeans and reached the knee. There have been two bed bug incidents since I got back after the spraying on Monday, and I am not impressed. Bashing at my knee, and squeezing the jeans fabric wasn't enough the first time, and so the perps had me do this again in their typical style of requiring iterative rounds of any activity.

When the laundry is put on, the perps had me undertake cleaning the bathroom, a once per week event that they like done, though usually only specific portions. As tonight is the scripted bath night, I am sure the residual cleaning agent might be part of the plans, and who knows, it may well persist to tomorrow for the day's yoga and gym activities. I am never sure if it is the residue, or some kind of energetic interaction that persists for a few days, or perhaps even longer. Bearden, the fierce critic of our currently impoverished understanding of electromagnetic theory, (links to the right), maintains these scalar/etheric energies are stored for all time by all objects. The book, The Hidden Messages in Water, contends that water picks up energetic interactions from all things. Dr. Masaru Emoto describes the ability of water to absorb, hold, and even retransmit human feelings and emotions. He found that crystals formed in frozen water reveal changes when specific, concentrated thoughts are directed toward it. Which might explain why my brother came round to my parents place before my Monday doctor appointment, wearing a mid-brown coat, and packing a small plastic bottle of unopened water. Then he ran the bottle under the faucet in the kitchen for some mysterious reason, and then left the just wetted bottle on the counter as some kind of sentry for all the hour he was there. And don't forget, my doctor is East Indian, higher up on the brown scale than the previous Asian doctor, and we know how the perps love to experiment with all thing brown colored in my proximity. So it would seem that my brother was acting in some kind of brown "sparring partner"; pre-disposing me to brown color on him in advance of my brown skinned doctor visitation.

I added another Freedon From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS) link under the list titled "TI Blogs/Sites" at the right, the lawyer's letter to clinicians to consider that there maybe an invasive targeting causing duress, and not of any organic cause. I hear by way of last Saturday's TI conference call, that this lawyer has gone incommunicado, he suddenly won't return phone calls. A TI's life is never what it seems, and I am not surprised that these "glitches" are happening. Which begs the question, did anything happen to the lawyer? No one of FFCHS knows, and there was a suggestion to drive past his house. Just another planned disconnect/disruption from my perspective, but he did get two worthy letters composed, links to the right.

It is time to call this blog posting done for the day, and ponder what tomorrow's activities are going to bring in the way of strange public behavior and sightings. I will keep you posted, as much as I am allowed to remember; my recall is definitely being fucked with.

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