Saturday, June 21, 2008

Insects Again

The bed bug spraying was almost a week ago, and I have had a few of them invading every day, and about five times that in faked creepy crawlie sensations, remotely invoked of course. Usually after a real insect the perps put on black dots, or other point sources of light phenomenon to emulate an insect for all of a fraction of a second, as if the black dot/spot has significance as well as what it is. I got two bed bugs this morning, one unloaded a flood of blood on my fingers, and the other just went flat, no squeeze-out. As always, these timed disruptions are the means to get me off my chair and clean my hands in the bathroom. Hand washing and drying has been a major behavioral change since the perps began their overt harassment campaign in 2002.

And likewise, forcing me to scratch the faux insect sensations is another one, especially at the base of my neck behind my head. And, they like me to sweep my fingers through my hair, the most effective means to sweep a live insect out. Almost always, an associated noise erupts at that very moment of contact. This is what assholes do when they lack the gumption to personally front for their covert human experimentation, as if 47 years of it wasn't enough. It was already enough then, as I still had to get divorced from the spy-spouse, an ongoing chaotic element in my life at the time that was getting strangely weirder all the time. Now I realize it was part of the script to crank up my angst all the more; the dysfunctional nitwit creating yet more FUD (fear, uncertainty and/or doubt).

Mostly, that episode is over, and even the original hefty spousal support payments ended when my so-called long term leave (two years) benefits ended. The entire divorce proceedings were all about protracting it, and costing senseless amounts of money as it turned out, cleaning me out of my savings. It is odd that the legal bills are not included as liabilities in the divorce proceedings, as they have the effect of being cleaning one out again, after the division of assets.

And I have no idea why the above topic "came to mind", save the perps noisetalking it extensively as I wrote that. It seems the topic of matrimony, and associated downstream issues such as divorce is also a big deal for the perps. They love me to read about such topics, and routinely noisestalk me when I do. (After planting the topics on my regular daily web news browsing). And it "so happened" earlier that one of the two insect events, as mentioned above, "happened" exactly when reading about a celebrity matrimonial situation.

And to be clear, the perps will not allow anyone close to me for any duration, as social ostracization is part of the "total human control" methodology they follow. And too, they make sure that I am not interested in anyone in the first place, so the entire situation is mutually (har, har) beneficial; no social contact in "exchange" for being not interested, as per mind-control imposition.

The vision impairment fuckery has been cranked up today; they are imposing the out of focus games for longer, and won't abate them even if I shake my head, a tactic that once routinely worked. They are also increasing the fake insect apparitions as noted above, and will increase, or decrease the size of these plasmic or maser feints. I am also getting plenty of bands of plasma in light apple green, deep reds and in bright yellows. The onscreen plasma color games have been increased of late, going on all the time as opposed to every few seconds. Invariably they put on some noise when they occur, and have me move my head at the same time, as if to shake it off. This LCD display is also getting flickering, as if the entire screen is being re-displayed after a momentary power loss. In addition, they also reduce the size of the text during these "drop-outs", all in less than a half second, but making sure that I can percieve it all the same. I have no idea what they get out of it, but perturbing my continuity of experience seems to part of it.

Another vision perturbing stunt is to change my visual perception to see double imagery, usually when I am moving my head or in my peripherial vision. I have never had any double vision sightings until of late, so it must be as a result of the same party who can dynamically fuck with what I am seeing and understanding at any given moment.

The perps got me rage-ified while doing the dishes earlier; the nylon spatula slid out horizontally of the dish rack three times from no apparent conventional source, and they had me highly irrate over that. Then brown crumbs came on where I was cleaning up, and the same "reaction". They also put on at least three "motorcycle moments", noisestalking me with the most horrid sound of Harley Davidson like motorcycles while reaching in the fridge, pouring olive oil and another instance I am not allowed to recall.

Before dinner I got a nap attack for 45 minutes of light sleep with plenty of dream invasion, and this has served as the (faux) causal to feel so buzzed out, stoned like. This is where they make everything seem surreal, which they did for all of dinner preparation, dishes and at present. They also put huge vertical pleated folds in my shirt, another casualty "from" the nap, and are insisting on keeping my shirt is this manner, even if it is wrinkle resistant.

I am "in the beam", a plasma light source made to look like a reflection off the opposite residential tower. There have been some pictures of these in past blogs, and as far as I can tell, it is represented as totally unnatural. This is an E. facing apartment that should not get any direct sunlight at this time of day, and yet "somehow" the windows unerring direct a "reflected" sun beam into my apartment each evening. Naturally, other lighting and plasma games are added to the mix to arrange quite an irregular display of lighting. Drawing the curtains usually ends this idiotic game, and it is time to do just that.

The perps screwed me out of joining my TI confreres in a conference call tonight, the norm. Then they put me through a number of futile attempts to listen to some audio files and finally allowed me to listen this recording on Talkshoe's FFCHS (TI activist group). The siren cascade noise started up before I put my headphones on, and now the overhead rumbling noise has begun.

It is interesting to note that one of the three guest TI's on the above mentioned recording of the radio show is permitted to keep a job and be in contact with her family who are entirely supportive. Normally social isolation is applied, as mentioned above. Another guest was permitted to retain various investigators who supported her claims of anomalous activity. I haven't been allowed such freedoms, despite my attempts. I phoned one countersurveillance operation when I lived in Seattle and they blew me off, assuming that I did in fact get through and that I wasn't redirected to an operative jerking me around.

And while listening the above audio file, the perps have me cough on cue; a new speaker, navigating to a new web page, copying a link into Paste, making a link (above) is all it takes to remotely invoke a coincident dry cough.

This video on YouTube has members of the Church Committee speaking about their experiences which included investigations into the FBI and COINTELINFO and the consequent FISA laws which they claim work, per conversations with the intelligence community. This on the eve of the FISA laws being eviserated, with the abettance of the Democratic members of Congress. Funny how that happens.

The Google Analytics access that I set up has gone "missing"; the statistics were to be accessible, and poof, no way to find them. And now, more creepy crawlies, as if an insect is on my back, under my shirt.

I am listening to a long video on the "Electric Universe"; a theory that explains the forces in the cosmos to a much greater degree than what they call the "Standard Model". Let's not forget what the erstwhile researcher of gravitics, Thomas Townsend Brown called empty space, the "omniplasma continuum". So it would seem that the perps can readily access this plasmic universe, and in my case, increase the radiation levels (magnetic energy mainly), to manipulate plasma around me all the time.

And how did something so fundamental come to be "fringe science", where it is an uphill battle to get papers published that don't conform to the status quo? Another work of deep and dark means it would seem. It doesn't take much to wander into the conspiratorial realm, and ponder the unseen force's degree of influence.

Anyhow, it has been a shut-in day and I am getting the imposed yawning and tiredness routine, usually prescribed to force my mouth to open, that highly problematic region for the perps in their ongoing harassment operations, which is in fact, nonconsensual human experimentation. The open mouthing of so many of the gangstalkers is an ongoing testimonial to this facet of their quest; to be able to dynamically model all the human body's bioenergetics, especially for the brain region. Not my problem, and here I am being contained against my will.

Time to call this one done and ponder what possible excitement will be scripted for tommorrow.

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