Sunday, June 01, 2008

Five Dudes Abreast

It is hard to believe that even looking out the window for a quick two second glance is an orchestrated experience in this imposed netherworld of strangeness, but no matter how often I am inclined to disbelieve it, there is an arranged vignette to disprove this notion. Or more likely, a planted notion of disbelief, when I knew this to be incontrovertible fact at least four years ago. Imagine that, a murky world of planted mind control notions of disbelief when there is an overarching agency controlling all my perceptions. Got that? At least I know where all the bullshit is coming from.

Anyhow, this is to explain that as I sat down after lunch and glanced out the window for all of two seconds, there was a five abreast row of dudes "happening" to be in the small street frame that I can see from my office chair. One prominent member was in a crimson red jacket, and one beside him was in a light brown jacket. And at least one was doing the wide arm waddle pose, arms bent, and hanging down from the shoulders but kept wide enough to see the outline of the dude's torso. I don't know why this pose is so frequent among the male gangstalkers, though it has its genesis in the muscle magazines where a wide arm stance is part of the display. Anyhow, there are no end of males adopting this ridiculous street pose, and making sure I see it, even if 400' away. The other characteristic male comportment is waddling, and that applies to all of them, and not just the halfwits or faux autistics they put on for me.

Outside of a geek convention, I have never seen so many males associating publicly as described above. It is patently absurd, unless any readers out there have any thoughts as to why this would occur on a Sunday noontime, four blocks from any church, at the loading area of a drugstore.

The plasma games have been going full time since I went online, and in addition, much of the web page content imagery is of the same colors, supporting the plasma fuckery; so far, reds, dark reds, deep pinks and a yellowish buff color are being highly featured, and are made to be highly annoying to me. Normally I don't react to these colors, but the perps are grinding me is such a way that I now do. As mentioned in past blog postings, they seem to be attempting to bypass my learned accomodations and are directly stimulating subconscious recall of past traumatizations. Again, this is what they tell me, as I have no direct recall of such events. These events have associations with certain colors and types of people, and are detailed in the Favored and Unfavored posting at the right.

I had my tea and chocolate break, and the noise of a jet was put on for my first logon moments. No visible aircraft of course, but that is how it goes. I don't expect causal to be 100% conventional anymore.

Speaking of tea and chocolate, yesterday's teabreak and the "accident" that happened to supply the excuse for an ambulance to loiter in the neighborhood while imbibing and eating, here are pictures from yesterday. 05-31-2008

This "came for tea", the ambulance in the standard configuration and livery, white and red. So far, and additional white parked vehicle in front of it and partially obscured by the tree foliage, and a red coated pedestrian at the right. Beside the ambulance is a dark green minivan, one of the supposed accident vehicles. Later, there was no debris in evidence or tow truck goings on. The perps love to station a vehicle in mid-street as much as they can, and having an ambulance is their excuse to do so. In other locations, I have seen private passenger vehicles sit in mid-intersection with a green light, unheard of driving behavior.

Take two four seconds later, a red vehicle arrives at the intersection and waits for the pedestrians to clear before making a left turn.

Then a white vehicle six seconds later, an absurd Sunbeam Alpine of the early 1960's arrives with a navy blue vehicle on its tail W. bound. A navy blue color vehicle is also waiting at the traffic light, S. bound. Each time I go out on the balcony I get these setups, and I truncate my picture taking to be minimal to demonstrate what is going on around me and how it is all color coordinated.

Taken 1751h, 05-30-2008. Last by not least, more of the "beaming games"; I posit that this is an arranged plasma concentration placed there by the controllers of the "omniplasma continuum", what T. T. Brown called the "vacuum", or empty space. It wasn't enough to have one beam coming in each day, the putative reflection off the windows, so the harassment manager ordered two.

This being Sunday, I will be off to my parent's place shortly, so I will call this blog posting done for the day.

Wouldn't you know it; my mother phones with two seconds of taking my fingers off my ears for noise prevention. That is, having me a place black plastic (handset) to my ear following my fingers being there. And some outside dude talk has erupted while I was looking up an acronym.

Now, I am getting red, pink and a yellowish buff color plasma sitting over this keyboard as I type, and then on the LCD display. Then an "eruption" of overhead rumbling. Time to end this before any more of this self feeding storyline gets written up.

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