Wednesday, June 25, 2008

PC Shutdown Games

If I go "offline" for a week or so, don't be too surprised as my PC front panel switch is getting routinely messed with, and forcing time spent reading, and dealing with visual debris from the plasma and maser show that is constantly in view.

The big issue is how much will it cost? Is it going to be the replacement of the switch for $20, or a whole new case for the PC. I don't know, and really cannot afford another financial hit, even if the perps have been grooming my "covet list" with visions and notions of a quiet PC case, a new video board, and other performance trimmings. Though they did allow this PC to come on for me to print off particular listings, possibly to be used for information to be helpful in ordering a new silent PC case. The perps have me cranked up to get an Antec P182, and I phoned to a local PC repair shop and they want $230, and it can be had online from Vancouver for $130. It wouldn't be the first time they had me purchase PC parts online and delivered to the shop that is going to put it all back together, as their prices are too expensive. On the other hand, it could be a game to keep me in FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt), a significant part of the harassment-sphere.

They took the PC out in 08-2006 by burning something on the motherboard, which dictates a major PC upgrade. Then they took both (dissimilar) hard drives at the same time in 01-2007, which meant both were "upgraded" then. The case is the only old part, and perhaps the perps want either a black or silver-grey colored case to aid in their remotely applied harassment games. They have long promoted quiet PC's, and so they might be demanding this transition now. It is my experience that they can work years ahead of what I am to have, repair, buy, fix or any other such condition of ownership, right down to the example of the disposable razor blades I mentioned at least a week ago. (They had me buy them eight months ago, and now have set up the scenario to now use them).

This is a dull day, apart from the laundry, always a perp exercise in vexation. The last of the old detergent was used up, and so onto new detergent, and for them, this is indeed fascinating. For me, I couldn't care less, as they mess with the laundry anyhow, keeping dirt on the clothes if they want. There is lint and fluff on my clothes when they come out of the washing machine, leaving me hoping that the dryer will take care of it, which is not always the case.

The perps have laid on plenty of sirens today, the fifth cascade is on as I type this, and one was coordinated with the ex phoning about arrangements for tomorrow's graduation ceremony. I can both catch a ride and take my PC in for repair, and whatever the aftermath will be.

I see my mind-keepers have been busy deleting my email, and then also obstructing access to the bookmarked web pages of the same. These were all job listings, and as one looked interesting, why, it had to be deleted because they knew I would be coming back to this very web page. A total setup; baiting me with email, and then deleting it on me.

More planted confusion as to which Antec case might be best; the P180 or the P182, and more FUD over the size of my motherboard. Conveniently, the Foxconn motherboard manual went missing, but I see the phone manual has now come back, after being missing when I needed it. More grist for the assertion that many of these games are about setting me up for an impasse, and then the item "shows up" again. The car stereo they stole from my parent's place was "found" in my boxes last year, which were packed before the stereo went missing. Go figure. I have yet to get a number of stolen items back, lest one gets the impression the assholes are "kids playing pranks". An entire washing machine load of laundry was stolen in late 2002, and none of that has "happened" to show up again. The usual strategy for the perps returning anything is to plant it in an obscure location, or even boxes in storage, as if it were "overlooked".

06-26-2008, 2130h
A messed up day, theough it was my daughter's graduation ceremony earlier, and that was a full-on gangstalking with countless dudes bumping into me, plus a posse of skinheads, three, around me in the seats. One was an East Indian skinhead, and I find brown shiny pates yet more disgusting and loathsome than Caucasian ones.

I just got sabotaged by two paragraphs that were deleted on me. I am at my parent's place on their wretched clunky machine. My PC is in for repair, and may be out for a week. I will find out which tomorrow, 06-27-2008. If the switch cannot be replaced then I will need to get a new case. And this looks like with the adroit timing of a weekend and a July 01 national holiday, that I could be down for a week.

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