Thursday, May 01, 2008

Karmic Clunking

This is the Thursday interim between yoga, and gym which follows at 1430h. The yoga practice is more about breathing and making loose movement with the present instructor who began in 01-2008. But it always feels beneficial, even if it gets noisestalked with clunking noise from below, above and the same floor, as if "somehow" this universal noisestalking source can move around, and even replicate itself at my apartment, as I type this no less. There is some kind of curious early start that everyone but me knows about, and even the regular dude who comes knew about it after being absent for three weeks. I arrive early, but not early enough to catch this seeming meditative session that has been added, and no one has told me about. Most curious.

And a visitor to the class, a young woman who is to start another program elsewhere, so we had to introduce ourselves. I often wonder what this is for, as it used to happen at gym too, and then suddenly stopped, no matter the turnover of class members.

The yoga instructor uses plenty of harassment theme words, the most common being "energy". This is a huge part of the harassment vocabulary, and there is plenty of imposed "interest" in this topic in my regular bookmarked daily web site surfing. And no less, we were instructed to focus on the color of yellow today at one point in the session. And yes, the perps noisestalk me anytime I mention a color by name, or even in thought.

Regular readers will know that the post-yoga session walk back to my place is fraught with increased ambulatory gangstalking, and today was no exception. The first thing outside the rear exit doors, me being the only one who uses them curiously, was an Asian kid, some 10' from the deep red metallic minivan parked outside the yoga practice room, and he was overdressed in a light blue colored coat. It seems that light blue, a sky color blue, is one of the perps strongest reference colors after greyscale colors of black, white, grey, and for the purposes of this harassment fuckery, silver-grey. Then another Asian also overdressed in a heavy coat of deep brown color, and so it went. Even the police van got its gangstalking in, as the perps once had a military dressed gangstalker on me about 80% of the time after yoga. As the walk back to my apartment is much shorter, I suppose they have to be more selective about the gangstalking themes they want to introduce.

And to no surprise, the perps are having their gangstalkers attempting to get in close, and tail me for longer; the dude in the faded orange dayglo sweat shirt "happened" to be on me for some 5 minutes, and then "arrived" right beside me while waiting at the last traffic light. Then, a woman in navy blue was in left-hand drive mode and walking toward me, looking sideways at utterly nothing, and then makes out that she is surprised to be walking in my path. Fucking outrageous bullshit. Someone tell me if the right-hand drive walking pedestrian habit (like vehicles) has changed, as I almost see as many gangstalkers in lefthand drive mode as the conventional alternative. As if that isn't stupid enough, but looking ahead and seeing a pedestrian some 20' ahead, and then looking sideways when closing in for no apparent reason takes the cake for managed fuckery. Onto the great outdoors and another round of walking and stalking, this time to the gym, 30 minutes each way.

And then to finish off the absurdities, when I got into the lobby of the apartment building both elevators doors were closed, and so I pressed the button to summon one. The overhead light indicated that one was on the Main floor where I was, and after about a five second delay, the door opens and there was a gangstalker dude standing in the elevator behind the door who then walks out. This isn't the first time the seeming availible elevator at the lobby has been closed when it should of been open, making for a delayed opening to reveal a gangstalker in position behind the door.

This idiotic stunt has also been done with gangstalkers "hiding" behind a door as I have been unlocking it. It makes me wonder how long the fucker was really there; my cursory knowledge of a full gangstalker "acclimatization" to one location is that they need the fucker to be posted in one place for 30 minutes beforehand. Hence the preponderance of "just standing there" (no matter how stupid it looks), and the sentry type gangstalkers. The plethora of gym members doing utterly nothing would be another case of orchestrated minimal activity among the gangstalkers.

Back from gym, a stop by supermarket shop, and then tea and chocolate after putting the groceries away. And lo, when the mug was full of tea, twice- the first cup, and then it was replenished, and with chocolate in hand, and then placing it into my mouth and chewing it, two sequential identical circumstances, a loud and prolonged vehicle noise (muffler and Harley Davidson motorcycle noise) started up and trailed off for about 10 seconds. An astonishing coincidence that these most-loathed noises wer put on at the same juncture, vis a vis, drinking tea and eating chocolate.

At gym class, it was only a one freak showing today, though plenty of other scuzzy or large gutted males perambulating who are not part of the class while I was on the stationary bicycle. The perps' biggest excess during the gym class was to irradiate me with something that was causing temporal lobe floaty sensations and other cognitive depredations which feel totally abnormal. Running my hand over my head will give me instant and temporary relief as my bioenergetic signature will be changed some. The only two women in the class were both wearing brown, and lo, if they didn't line themselves up facing my mat during the floor exercise portion. One had a brown shirt on with an orange one underneath, and the other had her usual brown pants on and blue sweat top. And no major games in "featuring", a gangstalker showing up in my sight each time I look up. There were plenty of gangstalking behaviors, but none of the constant hounding that has gone on in the past. This makes me suspicious that the perps have something bigger lined up as they have backed off on two accounts; the "featuring"/hounding and the freakshow count. And of course, the perps like to use such an interpretation as to their planted thoughts of them terminating hostilities soon, but I would rather believe in the Easter Bunny than that bullshit which is still being heaped on, every day for over a week now, also highly irregular perp behavior.

I had the usual 500 to 1,000 vehicles coursing around me in traffic in color coordinated clusters. The perps have also been busy on arranging the vehicles by front rake angle of the windsheild, tailight similarities and a number of other vehicle features or vehicle types, e.g. SUV's, pickups, two door sedans, four door sedans etc.

When I stopped in at the supermarket my tail of two blocks, a strange dude in a burgundy colored sweatshirt and big silver-grey headphones on, also "joined" me in the store. He "happened" to keep showing up at all store locations, four times inside of five minutes. Just another gangstalker being utilized for more coverage, from street to store, and then all over the store. At least two members of my gym class have also "showed up" in the same supermarket at this same juncture without tailing me though.

And at present they are starting up some right jaw pain that has yet to culminate. And note, I have never had such pain before, and there is no apparent cause. I wonder what this one is about. I have a dental cleaning appointment next week so perhaps this is a jerkaround to get me to the dentist's chair in advance. Most often, there has been some kind of dental "problem" in advance of the appointment to have the dentist at least visit and probe around, usually after teeth cleaning, and another $30 on the bill.

When walking to the gym and back, I had my usual ambulatory freakshow; the wheelchair stunts, the vagrants, the suits, the shifltess males and others of the Unfavored demographic groups. The perp gangstalkers are wearing more brown colors these days, mid browns to dark browns which has been an "advance" over two months ago. What this greater color complexity portends, I have no idea.

I have been getting more red plasma flashes today; often after changing my seated or standing location, the perps will place short and small plasma bursts to divert me, or otherwise do some kind of neural response energetics testing. They also put some plasma behind me while doing floor exercises, a checkerboard like spatter that was visible between my legs when doing touchdown lunges in the floor exercise part of gym. Funny that no one else behind me mentioned anything, har, har.

The first thing this morning the perps pulled a rage show by dumping the cereal from the bag onto the counter and stove tops, a cupfull at most. The brown gluten free breakfast cereal has become a fuckover game for some reason. As mentioned in a past post, they changed up the minimal packaging to have brown and red colors on it. So the "solution" (read, planted thought) was to reuse the old bag by cutting it to be fully open, and then dumping the contents of the new bag into the old one. This was accomplished yesterday, and I suppose it was fuck-me time this morning to then dump out the cereal over the counter and then enrage me by dithing my finger control and not allowing me to pick their mess up. Just the usual games, rage-ification over every pecadillo.

I just finished doing my monthly Quicken entry and online account reconciliation, always a total jerkaround with perp mind-fuck invasion and beset by no end of forced "mistakes". I am $50 in the hole for the month, with $200 of extra help. The imposed chocolate "habit" is worth $160 per month, all to have the perps remotely assay my bioenergetics with respect to the color brown in my mouth. How bizarre is that, and why don't they pay for this? They could teleport all "needed" chocolate to my kitchen cupboard for all time, and not the once that happened.

I had just begun my Quicken update for all of April expenses, and lo, if the tapping floor/ceiling noise didn't start up to "accompany" me undertaking the task. After yelling at the assholes twice, likely as a mind-fuck stunt, the noise finally settled down. It is unbelievable that the simplest things keep getting noisestalked, and it is every inconsequential aspect that gets repeatedly noisestalked. Someone is looking over my shoulder every virtual second of my life.

Now, I am getting shafted with on/off video access on YouTube, my imposed "treatment" to keep me off videos tonight. And while the headphones were on, the overhead pounding started up.

Taken 04-23-2008, 1115h. Nothing too odd here save the off-lot parking by the white van, and the attending MIW, Man In White (enviro suit), visible through the trees. One Plastic Bag Man is perambulating, and one dude is loitering. The parking lot and off-lot vehicles come from the top five gangstalking colors, white, silver-grey and deep metallic red, but you will have to take me on my word on that, or else look at the pictures of the past three blog postings.

Here is a zoom in on 04-23-2008. Three silver-grey parked vehicles, one a light metallic tan colored vehicle, and a silver-grey vehicle passing between them. Four of five vehicles in the picture are the same color, and the fifth one is a tan hued variant, still a metallic finish.

The overhead shuffling and pounding seems ready to start up again, and it is time to call this one done for the day, that being the two event Thursday, and with a shut-in day tomorrow if past patterns repeat themselves. My father is in adult daycare, and my mother flew to Kamploops to visit my out-of-town brother and family. Which suggests that Sunday might be also a shut-in day, which could then extend to Monday, as there won't be any parental visitation and stayover this weekend. And true to form, the perps have fucked up with my regular Tuesday activity (gym) by taking on picking my mother up at the airport. The perps like me to be around those who have just come off a flight, as there seems to be some kind of energetic interaction result they are looking for. Which makes me wonder how often do they covertly follow, if not fuck with, aircrew personnel? Regular readers will know of my views on the aircraft crashes and the seeming synchronicity that goes on with my own circumstances.

Time to blog off and call this one done; no sustained headphone use was allowed tonight, back to that again.

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