Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Dental Cleaning

Another holy gangstalk event is teeth cleaning, and this time a new hygeinist with a reddish brown hair, who also "popped out" from behind the wall as I was turning around it. I got to lie down on the camel brown chair again, and watch the plasma and maser show that erupts anytime I am there. She did her cleaning, and afterward I imbibed the special bright green colored solution in two lifts to rinse out my mouth. Then the female dentist came in and looked over my teeth and gums, as I had indicated there had been sore gums two weeks ago.

I suspect the sore gums were planted on me to give the black, now slightly grey, haired dentist to look me over, and then exchange dialog over my diet. Regular readers will know that I am mind-fucked into eating nearly the same food all the time, and "somehow", I don't seem to mind, another mind-fuck. Anyhow, I was almost inveigled to reveal this to the dentist, but I said that there wasn't much of a change in my diet, so which she seemed to express a subtle fleeting smile. I am sure I was to see this, but it does amaze me that the perps plan these sub-second visual clues for me to pick up, and they do this successfully all the time as far as I know.

A busy afternoon; I walked back some of the route I took the bus on for the above morning dental appointment, and went to my strength training group that is run by the mental health program to which I must submit to recieve my subsidy for rent.

This was the same route I walked yesterday, and it would be a fair comment to suggest that it was no coincidence. I should mention that I did aerobics, cardio-kick and strength training when I was in Seattle for 3.5 years begining in 1999, the "warm up" time before everything crashed down on me and I was cast into this sick pit of perpetual torment.

The planted notion, and possibly true, is that the assholes are now resuming this particular angle of "investigation"/harassment which ended in 2002. It was much the the same vibe as any of the gangstalk scenarios, and I was one of three newbies inducted into this ongoing session where there were already over 20 of them in place. This was at the revamped Oak Bay Recreation Center that was expanded in 2004, and from my perspective, it would seem for the purpose of continuing the "exercise" option of harassment. They can have their fuckers move onto equipment before or after me, and it is all perfectly normal for that social situation.

I thought is was interesting that one of the regulars, who I know to be one of the gangstalk assholes at the hospital in 2003, was there, and asked me what some equipment was called, as he had to log the use. Funny that he should of asked me, first time there. And then I thought more about what had transpired; I was working out nearby on another piece of equipment, and "I" had (was planted with) the notion of upping the weight level at the end of the cycle of 12 reps, what we are to do. As it "so happened" he asked me this dumbfuck question (in hindsight) at the very moment "I" had the notion to change the weights, and "somehow" that notion did not get exercised. So there must be something the fuckers are looking for in terms of neural energetics that relates to intent, and by thwarting it, they think they can identify it. This is consistent with the assholes changing my mind for me when I make a decision, or sometimes they will change the parameters to force a change in the decision.

So, it is clear that all my self talk is now polluted with the perps planting notions to "guide me", and it could be to do anything. My moral reasoning is also controllable as I have come to know, and "I" have been fucked into reasoning the wrong solution altogether so often of late that I cannot trust my own thoughts. I am totally dependent on these assholes for everything I do.

It was a decent workout, and it seems that the perps have stacked Tuesdays and Thursdays with both yoga beforehand, and then this new strength training afterward, save today, where instead I had a dental appointment, which has to be nirvana for having the victim (me) captive and someone working closely on them, and in their mouth. Never mind all the brown color exposure from the dental chair and the dental hygeinist. The number of "open mouthing" or bared teethed gangstalkers has gone up of late, and they don't mind how fucking stupid they look while they are at it. And they make no bones about covering me with gangstalkers before or after I enter this apartment building, and are on me if I take the stairs instead of the elevator with more blatant gangstalking assholes and their funny hats.

At the workout there was a negro woman circulating around me, and lo, if she didn't end up beside me at the organized group session for doing floor exercises. As mentioned in the past, I don't have any issue with any racial group, I only report on the sicko's games in stacking the deck with various racial combinations, some of them ludicrous for this city, which has very few black people. In the past I have worked with blacks, and I really do wonder if these weren't arranged as well.

While walking and from to the recreation center, it was apparent that another game that the perps like to show me is vehicular bozos and the strange driving behaviors they have their operatives perform, to be observed by me. An example is the cyclist/operative cutting in front of a 5 tonne commercial truck to make a lefthand turn without the cyclist even bothering to look. Then this same slower truck has a "Cheers" moment in the center of the intersection where all the passengers in the cab start waving to one of their cronies standing at the intersection, and lo, if the driver/operative didn't sound the horn as well. It is fucking absurd, all these orchestrated "friendly exchanges" that erupt everywhere I go.

Other driving stunts are to have vehicles pull over to block cycle lanes, sit in mid-street to make a left turn and refuse to take safe opportunities to do so, the mid-street turnarounds are still going on quieter streets, and some coordinated "near misses".

I am getting a new form of harassment in this new apartment; the sun is setting in the West, and is "happening" to reflect off the windows of the apartment building some 120' away, and the seeming "residents" have now taken to moving these windows up and down to create flickering, flashes and targeted beams, exactly on me. As with anyone's apartment window, no one really moves it more than a few times a day, and I "happen" to be at the butt end of a hyperactive window adjuster "resident", and as mentioned, this is directed as me as I am typing this.

Obviously the static window reflection version, mentioned a few days ago, improbably probing the back wall of my E. facing apartment of the last few days, wasn't enough fuckery games. Then the tower that is a block away will start to glow and no doubt someone will attempt the same stunt from 200 yards away. Perhaps not today, but soon. Based on their infatuation with this game, it is going to be a long hot summer, as the sun will be brighter until the summer solstice in late June.

The second reflective tower's light is trained on me as I am typing, along with some vision fuckery to go with it. And as if on cue, the cathedral has started up it's Tuesday bell ringing practice, one of the regular ringings that I came to learn of in this neighborhood before the last residence location.

And while that background of light and vibrational energy is going on, what a coincidence it is that I should be reading this Nexus article on energy fields that can be seen in three dimensions, the successor to Kirlian photography. It seems that this energy can be seen with Dr. Oldfield's equipment, and that they correspond to the energy meridians of acupuncture practice. That Dr. Oldfield recieved a prestigious award from his peers suggests that he is onto the real deal, and is following in the footsteps to some degree of the sick assholes hounding me 24/7. Though I sense in the latter case they are substantially further ahead and can artificially generate these energies to control brain and body function, at nearly every possible level. This may even be a "gimme" from the perps, knowing that there are some obstructions planned should researchers come too close in emulating the perp's current remotely applied operational mind control activities. And that isn't even the half of it from my experience, as these capabilities seem to be applied to animals, weather systems, plant growth and other living systems.

I also thought it interesting that Dr. Oldfield had an experience with a ghostly dog in one of his field recording setups at an ancient worship site. His experience, which he attributed to the animal being on another energy plane, was exacerbated when he inadvertently scraped a metal recording probe with a rock. This ghostly dog reacted to the energetic interaction and came at him with bared fangs, and Dr. Oldfield calmed the dog down with soothing words, though in retrospect, he said he didn't know how he managed to find such calming words. And that too is a familiar, almost everyday experience, words coming out of me that are not mine. Hmm... could he be under the perps' mind-fuck operations?

But it is clear to me that the perps often arrange rock scraping, grinding, hauling, and other games in my proximity. Some parents even have their kids go and bash rocks for no apparent reason when I show up, usually meeting them on hiking trails. Very curious all this.

As I do more reading on the above topic and explore the links, the perps have started up a rumbling noise, making it out to be the sliding glass door of the "neigbbors", but it just so "happens" that this noise is also on a hyperactive schedule, is 10x louder than it should be, and is occuring right over my head, when it should be 10' away or more, where my sliding glass window is. The fuckers went silly on this noise last night too, just after I went to bed, they went into a hyper state of putting in on, some dozen times or more. And who accesses their balcony door that many times at midnight or so? Only the sick assholes who have unilaterally trashed my life, reducing it to an subsistence, after fucking with me covertly for over 47 years. The worst exposition of pernicious thanklessness that I ever want to know about.

I am reading another fascinating Nexus article, this about T. Lobsang Rampa, who I had not heard of before. And while I read this, another round of accelerated rumbling noise has started up, and the fact that it in no way emulates real life neighbor activity, that it comes from many directions (and my sliding glass door doesn't make a tenth of the noise), suggests that it is back to the extended noise assaults of the last residence location. It seems that anything I do, or more lie\kely scripted to do by the perps, is total noisestalk bait, and the rest of the phenomenon they continue to fuck me with.

And just to emphasize that, I was noisestalked with the near ubiquitous glass bottle bashing noise that was in evidence there too. Nothing much changes, save the noise mix; the absurdity of any human making this degree of noise and disruption is nigh impossible. Back to the control room theory and the ability of the fuckers to project sound and vibration from remote locations, and specify the volume and sonic frequencies in advance. Back to the under assault regimen, as if had lifted for a week, which it surely hadn't.

More readings with ferocious emanations coming from the LCD display; all day I have been plagued with the vision impairing emanations, and it is not the usual maser zinger balls and filamentous trails floating around.

Time to blog off for another busy day, and back to the same location as yesterday; the pointless doctor's visit.

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