Thursday, May 10, 2007

In the Beam

I am getting the dusk time reflective beaming from the glass of an building 120' away, and as mentioned in a recent post, not only does it "find its way" into my suite, but now flickers and has sudden onsets or shut downs, even as I type this. It seems that someone is fucking around, and they don't have much of a clue as to what they are doing.

I had a busy day with laundry and the insufferable parade of the gangstalker freakshow, then yoga, and then afterward, the recent addition of strength training. This was the first attempt at laundry in this new apartment building, and it was duly arranged to be a fuckover event. The soap and items were placed in the washing machine, and the coin operated device needed six quarters. A gotcha; all my quarters have been used for the bus fare increase, and I did not have six on hand. The washing machine's coin collection and handling device is straight out of the 1970's. We had one dollar coins in the mid 1980's and two dollar coins in the mid 1990's, so WTF, with quarters only?

So, I had to haul the clothes out of the washing machine, being careful not to have the liquid detergent leak, and then transfer all my laundry to my black duffel bag and take it to the erstwhile regular gangstalk show, the Maytag Laundromat. There, the attendant, Goth Girl, was outside in her shades with one of her Cheers like weirds/friend, and they were having coffee, the portable brown color reference substance. Regular readers will know that the perps have a fixation on all things colored brown, and also with all things related to doing laundry. Anyhow, these two sentries of the laundromat, were in the shade, and still "found" reason to both have their sunglasses on. Goth Girl saw me coming, and wasn't too moved as an employee to get inside ahead of me and sell me the plastic tickets for the washing machines. But she did follow me in, consistent with all the goings-on anytime I enter or exit any building.

Yet again, I needed her help as a ticket failed, which they do for me at least half the time. But I did get two washing machines started concurrently, after the false start of attempting to use the washing machines in the apartment building.

On the way to the laundromat I had an white duffel bag toting gangstalker on lead-ahead gangstalking duty until he pulled a "street theater" stunt and put his duffel bag down on one side of the sidewalk, walked to the opposite side, bent over, parked one foot on another, and then proceeded to light a cigarette in this bizarre posture, remaining still like a mime. This dude was acting too strangely to be genuinely afflicted with a clinical condition,- one of the rare "extreme freaks". And it was a given that I had to pass between him and his white duffel bag as part of the setup.

Then the parade of laundromat weirds began, and some had laundry on the go, some dropped it off, and others found excuses to come back again for unfathomable reasons. The biggest act was a woman who later came and was on the cell phone most of the time, one of the signature gangstalking devices. She even had little running-out-the-door routines scripted, and besides the EMF energies that go with cell phoning, her act was to stay talking with some kind of European accented English. After a 5 to 10 minute warm up, this was the cue for other gangstalkers to start simultaneous conversations, and so there were at least three parties gabbing away in some kind of energetics tracking testing, IMHO. Not that anything was intelligible by then, and I suspect the perps wanted it that way, just conversation tracking, ramping up from one, and her run-bys to outside and then back again, to three concurrent conversations. If this is where the perps are at, I am looking at least two more years of harassment while they fuck around attempting to map the energetic signature of every thought and everything I see, hear, sense, read etc., all simultaneously. It is fucking depraved that anyone should be submitted to this level of scrutiny and surveillance.

The perps did put on some recent magazines to read at the laundromat this time, as I had been burning out on the same Flare, Vogue and the rest of the women's publications, when in fact, there is about an equal gender frequency there, albeit from the perverted view I get of the gangstalking show.

True to form, she was the gangstalker for laundry unloading time, as I always get at least one to crowd me, or otherwise discourage me from using the closest table to the dryer I am using. I didn't recognize her, but for the amount of time she was "featured", 40 minutes, she could of been a morph-over of someone I knew. Anyhow, I was out of there in reasonable time, as there were no more perp sponsored fuckups.

The perps like me going to yoga, especially the more vigorous class on Thursdays, and I don't mind it either, even if I get plenty of light and/or plasma spatter. This time there was a place for me to put the mat in a new NE facing location, removed from the usual N facing mat situation which is arranged for me in advance as I am the last to arrive usually.

And indeed, there was the simulated "retina burn" from "reflections", which is really plasma being placed in my vision for tracking objects and other energetic interaction testing. My mat ended up being near the chairs at the back of the room, and one class member's white workout jacket was draped nearby. When was looking at the white jacket and and considering moving my mat further away, there were horizontal yellow plasma beams 3" x 1/4" placed in front of it for a few seconds until they dissapated.

The white jacket belonged to the woman 3' away, on the next mat, with me between her and her jacket. She is the one who gets "featured" most often in after class placement, often nearby while I wipe the mat down with the brown paper towel. Though today, she scooted out fast to go to the nearby washroom across the hallway, possibly for a concurrent reading of her in there, while I was still in the classroom wiping down the mat. I don't know her, we don't exchange greetings and there isn't any seeming commonality, and I have no interest in her, though at times, I do get my attention controlled to look at her or her dye-job hair for no connected reason for the circumstances.

And to be clear, I don't seek any romantic liasons whatsoever; as one can readily surmise that if I have an infinite horde of high-tech barbarians on my back 24/7, I have no expectation that anyone would step into the world I inhabit. Explaining the total life harassment is bad enough. Social isolation is what is what the perps want in any event. Any interaction that I have is scripted well in advance, and even at that, I often get the passive aggressive routine, pleasant, then unpleasant, then repeated. It is not too different than what I get from the ex, my daughter, and some of my thought-to-be colleagues in my working days.

As it "so happened", one of the regulars at the Thursday yoga class was at strength training later in the afternoon, though I did not see her at the Tuesday strength training class, curiously. And she doesn't exchange greetings with me at yoga where I have been attending for over three months. Though today she was compelled to tell me that if she doesn't make yoga next week, could I inform the instructor that she has an injury that prevents attendance? I said yes, I would, and she then introduced herself as Christina, which also "happens" to be the name of Ms. C in the story (how it all began in 2002). I am sure she can make a phone call like anyone else, but anyhow, it wasn't a big deal. I didn't get the warm fuzzies from this, an ulterior motive is always assumed by me, like regular classmates gangstalking in new locales, though I suppose each shill's response to doing the perp's bidding varies.

In this vein, the yoga instructor also "happened" to drive by when I was walking home from her class, and she is young and very attractive with reddish hair. Just as I was lining up my gaze on this shiftless male gangstalker across the street, she calls out my name, and I exchange greetings as I am crossing on the crosswalk in front of her and vehicle. This was preceded by the perps placing a kid on gangstalk duty with this abominable red afro hairdo in my gaze, putting two perp obsessed demographics in the body of one person, red hair and fuzzy afro hair. See this more recent summary of current perps obsessions.

Having me hear or articulate the names of activities, persons, specific verbs, nouns, proper nouns, adjectives and adverbs is a big deal for the perps these days. Very often someone will repeat a word needlessly in the course of speaking with them, though they don't overdo it as a rule. I am hypersensitized to manners of speech and the repetition of words that don't seem neccessary, especially when I get noisestalked over them as well. Yesterday's blogging of the over used word of "constraint" at the doctor's office is an example. I had a "words du jour" noted at the end of my blogs for a time, the list of the most noisetalked or mentioned words of the day, but that has "somehow" stopped, though this perp activity hasn't.

I was too wiped out from strength training and the 30 minute walk there that I took the bus home, and I noted I had three blonde women around me when I was seated. Only two seats away was a male suit, (wearing a suit, another perp fixation), and it made no sense this dude was taking the bus anywhere at 1530h, never mind becoming a "fellow traveller", as he got on and off at the same stops as I did. Very strange for his get up, and he was also on lead-ahead gangstalking for the first 60' of sidewalk until I split for the grocery store.

I had another planned flashback from my last residence location, the putative rooming house. It was a roundelay of contrived coughing, (coughstalking as I term it) when I was in the hallway waiting for the elevator to arrive. It started in one apartment and the "residents" took turns, and its timing ensured a geographic dispersion of the sources. It would of been fucking hilarious if I wasn't so fed up with this crap all the time.

I am getting blanked out as there was plenty more to write about, and all the weirds at the laundromat (as usual), but for some reason I am lacking recall, and very possibly the motivation to mention it.

That is enough for a blog posting I reckon; tomorrow I get a rest from the activity classes and moving of nonessential items that will likely play out on a once a week basis for the next few weeks.

Postscript; I was reading Lymeblog, about the horrors of this likely designed introduced biowarfare disease (I am not sure I buy the "mistaken release" part of it either), and then the assholes put on the rumbling noise and zapped me at the same time. Curiously, they didn't fuck me into yelling about it as "I" usually do.

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