Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tetra Signals

I got a severe noisestalking from a bullshit siren cascade only minutes ago, all while looking at tetra signals (here, here, and here). As I type this, I have an upstairs "neighbor" bouncing something off their seeming smooth surface floor when in fact all apartments are alike in having carpeted flooring. A S. wall "neighbor" is also doing some kind of wall tapping.

As I am going to make lunch shortly, and the digestion of food energetics appears to temporarily foil the perps mind-fuck investigations, the above siren show and other associated noise represents the culmination of this morning's perp investigations into my neural monitoring.

It is just another day of the same noise and surveillance assault, and playing games with my perceptions and the rest of the mind-fuckery that is going on, most of which I am unaware, having had my defences and detection ability fucked with since early 2006.

The fuckers even put on the street sweeper again; it is simply amazing that they will send this out on a Sunday morning when normally one never sees these types of maintenance vehicles as they operate very early in the morning, and never on Sundays, as that would mean double time for the unionized city workers.

The maser and plasma games started at the first opening of my eyes this morning, and haven't let up yet. They like to add all manner of vertical or horizontal "enhancements" to the LCD display, and then skew them by 10 degrees or so for some kind of effect they are attempting to quantify in energetic terms.

The endless mouth and swallowing noises are constant, though for the most part the perps fuck me out of noticing this particular kind of noise invasion. I also get squeaking sounds from nowhere, and the same noise "from" towelling my face of late. If they really need to add a noise to perform thought stalking, they are not shy about adding a no ostensible cause noise into the mix.

And the fuckers screwed me out of posting yesterday's blog the same day, as noted. As soon as I posted it, the perps forced me to talke a pee, when there was no intrinsic need, judging by the volume excreted. And, I had already been forced to have a post-breakfast and pre-shower pee, again, for no intrinsic need. As the perps have routinely noisestalked me when I publish the blog posting, it is no surprise that they have upped the ante and resorted to what one might call "pee-stalking". I am one total playground for these relentless sickos, every second of the day.

I am getting this bizarrre on-off chirpy siren noise, as if the supposed police vehicle is randomly sounding off the siren for kicks. This is almost the norm for me now; a discontinuous and very loud chirpy siren. Like they are inculcating me with this for some reason.

After a stayover at the Feral Family house, and varioud gangstalking feints from the parents, I am back online, and will call this a posting.

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