Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Three Faux Emergencies by 0930h

So far, there have been three lengthy siren cascades, which would normally indicate a significant event in this city for a Wednesday morning. But in fact, it is the projected noise games that are continuing, and are in concert with a new round of overhead rumbling and shaking in this concrete and steel constructed apartment building.

The assholes started more of the overhead rumbling after I went to bed; that transition from vertical to horizontal is a huge area of perp research, and it is no surprise that after pulling this unpleasant noise and vibration, which is not causable by normal human activity in an apartment, that the fuckers resumed this as soon as I was in bed, and had it accompany me into sleepland. I call this noise-tracking; where the same noise is seemingly used as a neural energetics reference between activities, my location in the apartment, or to cover transitional events, such as apartment entry from outside.

And as I write this, another siren cascade went off, and no visible source of the emergency vehicles, meaning this was another projected sound noise game for putting on high pitched noise.

More non-standard Windows and Firefox fuckery; closing down a open tab, which happened to be my email account that I was actively reading. I get these every so often, but as this was a forum for harassee's, aka Targetted Individuals, the purpose of this jerkaround is clear; suddenly cut me off from the web page and see if that has any psychic or neurological energetic effect. Of course, the piss-off factor is a given, as it predominates with many hundreds of like event outcomes in any given day, comencing often before I get out of bed.

Make that eight faux siren events by 1230h; the biggest string of "emergency" activity yet. The occasion could of been a lead-up to the act of completing and signing post-dated checks for my apartment rent, and after lunch oddly. (Having eaten brown colored food). As mentioned in past blogs, the perps go silly anytime I sign my name or fill out a check. Ditto for paying for my groceries or anything else for that matter. It is a big deal, and cashing checks or any other financial transaction always gets noisestalked, unconventional phenomenon stalked and the rest of the intrusive outrages I get all the time.

I made a bus trip out to my parent's place to do watering of the potted gardening plants; not a big deal, and it gets me out my apartment to avoid a "shut-in" day. It was the usual freakshow, and I got my demographic gangstalking; first the geriatrics, then the Asian came on board for the latter half of the trip. And there was more evidence suggesting that the whole show is choreographed by unseen hands. One ambulatory gangstalker was buzzing around me at the bus stop, and when the bus came, he immediately scooped someone's seat at the bus stop. In doing so, he walked by the bus as it was still there, and would of been mistaken for a passenger, as this bus stop served three separate routes. But instead, the bus driver wasn't very fussed, and kept the door close and took off. All my observations of bus drivers indicate that the driver would of kept the door open, or re-opened it, thinking that this fucker bolting in the bus driver's direction was a passenger. No, it was just an operative on the script, having a desperate need to occupy a recently vacated seat at the bus stop. And also, as this asshole was on the opposite side of the advertising panel, how did he know a seat was vacant in the first place?

Anyhow, the perps are really into the arrangements of who sits where, and who replaces the former seated individual and how soon afterward are they to leave a vacant seat, and which clothing colors follow which? The amount of re-locating bus passengers is absurd these days, and the Cheers scenario where the gangstalkers "happen" to meet on the bus and then lapse into conversation is also getting absurd. I had a young blonde woman beside me, then she vacated the seat, none of the standing passengers would fill the seat, and finally, some kind of chinless mental cretin in a puke yellow shirt came to sit beside me until I got off. His pal of the bus stop came to sit immediately in front of me.

He "banged' into me in sitting down, and so did this horrendously large native Indian on the outbound bus trip, who piled onto the nearest seat ahead of his putative girlfriend, and the arrangement was such that he wouldn't have been sure of her getting as seat on this shared bench seat in front of me. But somehow he "knew" she was looked after, and that the white cane on the seat would be removed in time. (It was). I got a slight nudge from this fucker, the mannerless lug, and then was treated to a look at his green tatoo on his bare arm in front of me. Tatoos are another thing that I loathe, and someone else knows that, and judiciously plants them in front of me.

I am getting another round of overhead floor whacking and rumbling; it is that pre-dinnertime noise flurry time of day again. This is an emulated furniture movement, and it just "happens" to be the same time each day, and the most absurd cover story yet.

I have been engrossed in updating my substantial Bookmarks on films of interest, should the day come when I am allowed to see them again.

In the background were the usual noisescape elements, and in the last 20 minutes they added a vacuum cleaner noise with clunking upstairs. Yesterday the perps arranged a vacuum services truck on my walking route home, obliging me to step over the suction pipe.

Anyhow, time to blog off as the vision impairments have been coming on for the last half hour.

I must report a hot rod race that is "happening" within earshot. This is a Wednesday night, and this kind of collegial performance car racing is totally at odds with this neighborhood. It seems as if my mind-keepers are busy with planting projected noise for me to hear, and for them to detect the neurological energetic correlates.

Now glass bottle bashing noise from outside. Earlier it was coughing and hacking in the hallway following an unbidden (non controlled) thought. Familiar?

A new harassment method, called chin dinging, is becoming more apparent. This is the remote invocation of having my chin spasm momentarily, which I think is related to some kind of emotional response, though never in my case before this fucking nightmare began. These sensations and minor spasming are applied anytime I see something novel or interesting, recognize a number, face, location of my last reading location on a web page, and like cognitive determinations. It seems that the perps are riding some kind of neural network by invoking movement in a secondary pathway to the part of the brain that mediates these kind of events. I suspect it is at the brainstem area as I am also getting plenty of maser hits above my Adam's Apple in my neck at the very same instant. The assholes are attempting to send a magnetic field underneath my brain stem in this case, to better assay the energetic correlates to the above cognitive responses. That is, it is the only remaining area of brain activity they cannot yet fuck with IMHO.

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