Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Brown and Yellow

It was a well coordinated "yellow experience" this morning, or more like, yellow and brown. I had my "usual" (read mind-fucked) 100g of chocolate for breakfast following peanut butter and jam on gluten free bread, all with coffee. After my shower and another incident with red goo "arriving" on my towel, I shaved and did my dental routine. The final act of this daily event is to ingest the omega 3 supplements and my medications, one of which is in the form of yellow and white capsules. Following that, "I" decided to undertake laundry by first checking that the one washer and dryer on this floor was availible. And as I turned the corner to go by the elevators, out "pops" an East Indian man and his toddler age son, the latter wearing a bright yellow jacket. For me, this was another color combination event, the supply of two predominant colors similar to those I had just ingested, brown (East Indian skin color comparable to chocolate) and yellow (son's jacket similarity to Rx). There are at least 10 to 20 of these events in any given day, even if I am apartment bound, and this is just one more.

When the Rx for the yellow and white pills expired a few weeks ago and there was a mind-fucked lapse in getting the new Rx, the perps got serious about exposing me to a whole lot more yellow props, clothing and the like than they ever had before. Every day I take this medication I get noisestalked at that moment of ingesting them, so the above color combinations and coincidences are not unexpected.

Another round of "forgets" in making my lunch again, the same kind and method for over four years now. This is to interrupt my lunch, and have me attend to the broiler being left on, something that is "happening" 80% of the time, up from zero when I last had a full oven.

A exercise afternoon, yoga and then strength training. At present I have clunking and tapping from the apartment above, and that does sound like a familiar complaint about the last residence location, the putative rooming house. To legitimately pull off that noise in this building the floors would have to be tiled and not carpeted, and that isn't the case. This same bullshit scenario unfolded at my last concrete apartment building, where no end of overhead floor whackings, clunkings and other noise erupted. And funny how this keeps happening to me; the same overhead noises in at least five previous buildings since this harassment began in 2002.

And a mysterious source of late evening light came through the window and brightened up the apartment while eating dinner. As this is a East facing apartment, it is in the shade at this time of day, and there was no accounting for how this apartment was lit so brightly. Even more mysterious was the flickering of the light; as is how is this possible that a mysterious source of light to be manipulated even more? Again, I suspect the perp's fixation with me eating brown colored food is the attractant, and their noise and light games are being continued overhead as I type this. There is plenty of the regular street noise and even a siren cascade has erupted.

Earlier in the afternoon I had my yoga, which was populated by the usual cast of characters, one of whom was decidedly obese, and the perps made sure I saw that. One forced look, and I looked away from her for the rest of the session. There was the usual maser and plasma flitting about; overhead, behind the others, across the floor etc. In fact, my mat was seething with this vibratory energy. All of us had variants of blue mats, mine was navy blue, one of the perp's preferred colors after the white, black and silver grey lineup. And lo, if some brown crumbs didn't arrive ahead of me, nicely arranged on the mat. And I also noticed that the black garbage bag, (a frequent accouterment to the "plastic bag people" (gangstalkers)), used for carrying the yoga mats has now been replaced with a plastic coated fabric bag of the same material as my laundry toting duffel bag I used for the past seven months at my last residence location.

And the others closed in on me while I was taking my shoes and socks off, as well as my teal blue wind blocking vest. Midway in the session, someone's red coat was moved onto my vest, one of those "errant" color mixing moments again.

I went onto strength training, and lo, if the bus and locker fare (coins) I took with me didn't all disappear, and I was fucked out of getting a locker, and instead, I had to trust the perps to not steal my vest, and place it in the cubbies near the exit. But as it happened, the vest did not get stolen, and the planned stunt was that I had to put on the vest in the proximity of the gangstalking negro dude who "just happened" to be on his cell phone only 6' away. He was lifting weight earlier, ans as regular readers know, skin color is a consistent fixation of the perps in their brown color games that they are obsessed over. He was part of my honor guard, at every entrance and exit I use now, especially this apartment building.

The strength training class had its swarming moments, and at least once, had themselves communally blocking egress, while pretending to be unaware of their aisle blocking asses. This fucking act also repeats itself in every visit to the grocery store. The perps let me run on the tread mill for 14 minutes today, and put on their show of gangstalkers and other detritus parading about outside (through the glass windows), retracing their steps, standing over their bicycles doing nothing etc. In the floor exercise workout room I got to see myself in the mirrors, and I could not believe all the white plasma flashes coming off me. I am like a plasma beacon. Perhaps as a result of that, there were no more standing up exercises, as the weight workout seemed truncated.

As I walked to the strength training and back on two major thoroughfares, I got the full-on vehicular gangstalking. My estimate was 500 to 800 vehicles in formation by vehicle type, size, color and make. The usual marker for the intensity of vehicular gangstalking is the one glance count of red colored vehicles. Today, it was five at a glance including parked vehicles, but there were at least a dozen clusters of three red color vehicles together, often crossing paths in the intersection. The current record for red vehicles in one glance is eight, and the current record for red vehicles in an intersection at once is five. There are a few other variants of this game, as white and silver grey vehicles are usually clustered together.

And there was also a high obesity count today; about every five minutes of walking there was a planted obese gangstalker sucking on a cigarette. The usual cover story is that they are taking a break from the proximate business as a cashier or like, but I have never had so many "obesers" in a half hour walk, and to have them at such regular intervals. Simply amazing.

Another demographic that was featured at the recreation center and the walk home was red haired gangstalkers. There was about 12 in total, finishing up with the cashier at the grocery store and then a woman in the apartment lobby as my final two red haired gangstalkers. I don't know why the perps are constantly fixated on creating exposure to this demographic by planting this hair color in my proximity, but as I have said before; it is not my problem, so why am I being fucked over about it?

A variant on the red hair color is the brunette hair with a reddish tinge to it from hair dying. I can pick out such a hair dye job a mile away, and again, I don't know the perps have planted this on me. The last significant exposure to this was my daughter who had her hair dyed brown with the resultant reddish (and loathsome) iridescence. My expectation was that meeting her for an hour or so two weeks ago was sufficient exposure to this, but apparently not by the perp's reckoning, as they are monitoring my realtime brain function at a deeper level than I am aware of.

And that is the part I don't get; all these long past events, features and colors are being replayed for me in their attempt to obtain some kind of neural energetic response at levels that I am unaware of and don't care to know. Now, they make me aware of their entire suite of fixations over what I like and don't like, when I really don't care, e.g. blog on demographics. It is plain fucking nuts to have a party that won't front for itself, remotely accessing and assaying my brain energetics over long past events/features/colors.

The church bells are ringing to improve the noise and vibration energies, which is a block away, as this appears to be their regular practice night. And concurrently in the hallway, there is some kind of maintenance act going on, which involves smashing glass together. And could it be that this serves the same purpose as the bottle bashing noise that went on in the putative rooming house that I lived in for the previous seven months (last residence location)? I suspect so, as there is a long trail of glass smashing activity over the last five years of harassment, and it always "happens" to me. Once, when I kicked a planter on a window sill, the glass in the window self-broke, as nothing contacted the glass. Another repair I was obliged to pay for that was not my doing.

This has been a very noisy evening, and it has only just started. Could it be that today's out and about activities offered the perps more opportunity to dig into deeper brain functioning, especially with the spinal twisting of yoga, and the too-eager gangstalkers to jump on the same exercise equipment I was working on at the rec center?

I am getting the knee torquing torture tonight; the twisting of my lower leg by remote means, and usually in conjunction with a noise, and very often, the picture of someone on a web page, often at the very first instant of display. That spells acute timing, to put a pain, noise and a display item altogether for a specific moment.

I am getting severe vision assaults; in both eyes simultaneously as I am scanning a list of musicians and groups to find album reviews of interest. This kind of activity gets the sickos cranked up bigtime, as they jump on me with noise, knee twisting or more vision assaults if I find a musician name I am familiar with. Perhaps this is the tail end of the fuckers attempting to master how I recall specific items. I don't know for sure if they can trash my recall, but they can certainly fuck with most of it.

My later evening was messed with by continuing vision assaults which made online reading impossible. Once I shutdown the PC and picked up a book, why, the vision assaults just plain stopped.

I will call this a blog for the day, and start one later for more travails of the harassment sickos.

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