Monday, May 14, 2007

Foot Pressure

I am constantly getting small pressures on my forefeet, usually the right side. This seems to wax and wane according to concurrent noise activity, or its abatement. Currently, the pressure is on, and a 10 minute stream of 2 cycle motorcycle (akin to Harley Davidson) noise is continuing, and there isn't a biker's bar withing 5 miles at least. Naturally, anytime I go to look for the source of the noise on the street, there are none there, and that will also "cause" the noise to abate. It is only one part of the total sonic invasion and amplification, and it doesn't matter to the perps one bit that their "street noise" would largely be abated at six stories up if conventional (unmanipulated) physics were applied.

I got another lot of items moved in today, and most of them were books, diaries (handwritten record of this torment), and audio CD's. In the latter case, I have had four CD players go kaput, and three pairs of headphones, and even this PC has a sound playing problem since its last visit to the technicians. One would be correct to interpret these acts of sabotage as a "message" that they don't want me to listen to music, and it seems that they want to only selectively add it in when in stores or other buildings. So, that means I store my CD's and stereo components in the basement lockup and don't bother to have more than a handful out.

I don't have much money to see live shows, and even at that, I somehow "forget" to get tickets and when the performance is on. Given this uncharacteristic string of behavior, I can only assume it is more mind-fucking in action.

I noted some more color games going on at my parents when my in-town brother arrived there some 40 minutes after I did. I wore a teal blue wind-block vest over a grey shirt when travelling to my parents, and took it off and put it in the bedroom once I got in. Then I joined my parents for tea. My in-town brother arrives, and is wearing a mid-brown jacket over a same teal blue color T-shirt. As he was sitting at the table, he presented various postures from the side profile that displayed his shirt, then the shirt covered over with the brown jacket, and repeated a number of times. So it would seem that the perps need to follow me with the same colors as those that I am, or was, wearing and attempt some kind of color correlation between them.

My mother was into crockery and cutlerly slamming again, putting on more aggressive actions in moving these items around in the kitchen and to/from the dishwasher. This, I suspect, adds to the vibrations and noise the perps covet so much in tailing me with their energetic research games. And it seems that they also manage the physical objects, as my mother crashed a mug into a plate while I was at the table, and I don't see why she did that, or why it did not chip one of the crockery items.

The perps gave me a full color coordinated cavalcade when I was driving my mother's car into downtown. They even put on two redi-mix concrete delivery trucks at once; both were travelling in opposite directions, both turned right at this busy intersection (at diagonal corners) at the same time, and continued heading in opposite directions once they completed their respective turns. The redi-mix truck choreography continues.

One of the more obvious setups was to test me on the color yellow; I stopped at the library waiting area and a yellow city maintenance vehicle was parked in the stall ahead of me. This would would apply where they were performing grounds work, but no, the skinheaded thug came from the library, and likely walked past my mother, and got into the pickup and drove off. I suspect the ashphalt, concrete and the building all retain some of this residual energetic color, and the fuckers were testing me on this one while I waited in the light tan colored Ford Escape.

Another setup was to dig up a road, and force all traffic to use a single lane, alternating bidirectional flow, controlled by a flagperson. This is routine, and I may even get three such diggings so the perps can continue their asphalt, concrete and earth digging games everywhere I go. One of my thought-to-be friends works as a foreman in subdivision services; performing digging, laying pipes, and the ballast material, and re-burying. So I imagine all his experiences are recorded and monitored as the perps continue their quest in determining the energetics of soil, soil organisms, plants and the energetic interactions with one's person, especially neural structures.

And the color coordinated action is getting more complex I noted when I was driving into town this morning; they put on at least four dark red colored vehicles, and then added a pickup truck with a dark red foliated 6' tree in the box. Only a few minutes later when I was waiting for my mother to return her library books, a dark red fiberglas canopied pickup then came by. It would seem that the fuckers need to apply these same colored items in different forms and substances.

Another new event I noticed was the dearth of parked gangstalked vehicles on the road past and near my parent's place. The motorhome, the three dark red metallic colored vehicles at different orientations at one property, the usual profusion of white and silver grey vehicles; all gone, it looks relatively normal for the first time in five years. I wonder what happened, or is it a mandated removal for some reason, so to detect how I know the difference?

And as I typed the word "five" above, a round of over faked coughing burst forth in the hallway. All the noise and commotion of the rooming house are being replayed in this concrete apartment tower, and that cannot be any coincidence.

The perps are up to the forehead numbing games again, and this gets to be an extreme pissoff, not having the sensation that one's head feels the same. More sick minded fuckery.

And at the moment I repaired the past two blogs, labelled them and published, the crying of a young child in the nearby daycare operation started up, and simultaneously, a siren in the distance. Did I not blog in the past two days as to being noisestalked at the moment I click on the "Publish" button in

If this is like the games that went on noisestalking me everytime that I got up out of bed for three months, then the perps won't quit. In late 2004 the fuckers were noisestalking me each morning when I was in bed, leading up to and including when I chose to get up, and on with my day. Then, one morning there was no noisestalking at that time, but I felt unusually compelled to get out of bed, which I did. Then it dawned on me that the fuckers were searching for the essential brain energies related to this feeling and decision, and had now mastered it to remotely apply mind control to get me up from bed. After a few more mornings I did not feel compelled as I had been, and ever since then I have assumed the assholes mind-fuck me into getting up exactly when they want. This is one story of hundreds where some capacity or faculty has been progressively fucked with and hijacked by the sickos.

More forehead numbing, and the assholes are keeping it to a barely tolerable level while they continue the noise assault; the Harley -Davidson motorcycle noise and "performance mufflers" are running at least three per minute for 5 to 10 second long trail-off noise. As before, this is at a noise volume that would occur at street level (my apartment is on the sixth floor) if these actual sources exist, as for the most part, they are projected sounds.

More games with reflected light off the nearby towers tonight, but not much of the pissing around with the light levels, as if the reflecting windows were moving, which they are not. This came after dinner and with an accompaning noise flurry. And it was at the same time I was reading some news blogs, the trial of Conrad Black is of interest to Canadians as he is a larger than life character facing a jury of supposed peers, bubble gum poppers included.

As I have read about him for over 25 years in his exploits of creating, and trashing, newspapers, and I wonder why the perps like me to read about this, and is there something about him that the perps have arranged, are monitoring, or somehow have a covert interest in? That is another unknowable at this juncture, and I have asked this question many times as the perps simultaneously noisestalk me (or plasma and maser beams, forced farting, itching etc) when I view other stories, particularly related to celebrities. Are the perps following all these people? I almost don't want to know.

Another "I cannot believe it"; the fuckers put on a suck job, what I call vacuum cleaning owing to its ubiquity, when I was moving boxes this morning, under the cover of maintenance cleaning of the hallways. Fair enough. But not, the fuckers have started up the vacuum cleaning of the hallway again at this hour. This is fucking idiotic.

And the hallway suck job was also a cover for laying out a kinked yellow covered extension cord the length of the hallway, and moving it just as we were exiting the elevator with our box loads.

The suck jobs will extend to excessively cleaning out the street drains with large truck based vacuum systems, and it is at least once a week when I see this going on, or at least the truck on a vehicular gangstalk. One can be sure that this city has the cleanest drains in all of North America, as it is their method to introduce localized vortex energies in my proximity.

Another stunt from this morning was having the female operative in the elevator shuffling binders as it was ascending, she "happening" to go to the same floor as I am on. There was a teal blue, an orange, and a white colored binder, and she "mindlessly" shuffled them like cards.

Another operative came in the door at the same time as me and this woman operative who joined me in the elevator, and he went to the mail boxes instead, and attended to that. When we got to the sixth floor, that same male operative "somehow" got ahead of us, and was appearing to be unlocking the apartment door, to the unit that is between mine and the daycare operation. There is no way he could of taken an elevator to get there faster as our ride did not stop, and the other elevator was unavailible at the lobby entrance. The "somehow" translates to this fucker teleporting from the lobby to the sixth floor, ahead of me and the female operative. In both instances of sighting this fucker, the perps directed my vison to his shiny bald head, and no doubt put on some extra plasma to ensure it was reflective and visible. I don't know why the perps are so heavy on showing me shiny bald male heads, but I am getting sick fed up of being hounded everywhere I go with this disgusting looking cast of sickos. More blondes!

And for two of the three loading trips this morning, the nearby (two apartments away) in-suite daycare "operation" had their children out in the hallway for my departure, waiting for the elevators. One of the children was dressed in this atrocious orange colored jacket, a replica of the same orange that is vogue with the gangstalking crowd in public locations. A large plastic orange ball was also added into the hallway while I was packing boxes. The odd thing was that this child gangstalking act wasn't there when I came up with the boxes, but only when I was headed down and waiting at the elevators.

Another game that is getting more prominence these days is for the perps to arrange mirrors and reflections for me to see either familiar figures, or else their fucking gangstalkers hounding me on the street. It is not enough to plant the fuckers everywhere I go, but in every possible reflective surface they have arranged and/or enhanced.

The perps are also putting me on an email drought; I communicate with at least six TI's, and they have all dropped out for the last week. Even my spam sender, Ms. C of the story, hasn't sent anything in a month, and perhaps that is all for the good in her case.

I was being lured (more like scripted) into reading about telekinesis, astral projection, out of body experiences and life after death. But only at the governed level as dictated by the perps; they allow me to get started for maybe 20 minutes and then lay on the vision impairment and cognitive impairment so the entire exercise became pointless. With all the noisestalking going on as I shunt these links about, or delete them, it seems that this action is what interests the perps the most. Though they also noisestalk me when I read about historical figures, long departed. And no, I have not partaken in seances and the like, though I am not a disbeliever. This site (SurvivalAfterDeath.Org) has what seems to be a gold mine of research and historical papers, and even some amazing photographs.

But it seems that I am being shifted onto more slothful activities like web browsing and bookmarking movies, something the perps have me doing in significant quantities.

"My" interests were redirected as I had surmised per above; the cinema websites I usually trove through were scripted for me to surf and find some new films to bookmark. That is how close I get to watching film these days, even if I live a block from two cinemas, it is another of those "doesn't happen" events, and instead, web browsing it what unfolds. Even watching trailers and other short video segments has been fucked with because the sound is not working on my PC, a recent "improvement" that "happened" when the two hard drives were taken out (as in sabotaged, one under warranty even).

It is time to blog off, and yet again, hope that the above is reasonably coherent, as my motivation to edit is being constantly fucked with, along with syntax and spelling.

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